Shooter at Anti-Milo Rally Identified

The person who recently shot an IWW member at an anti-Milo rally has been identified.

Let's make this piece of shit famous, and hope that he gets what's coming to him.

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I like how he claimed that he shot him because he believed the IWW comrade was a fascist. He knows he is going to get bashed and is desperately trying to pretend that he isn't a fascist. Good thing it isn't going to work.

Photo of him and his wife at the rally.

This is why dorks shouldn't be allowed outside.

So this is the power of the alt-right.

Lie pic related?
Jeez this guy is dumb

He knows. He just doesn't want to end up in a bloody heap once he gets fully doxxed. The guy was openly communicating with Milo on FB after all.

Lmao, fat Ness lookalike cried to police after shooting an unarmed wobbly. Milo's fans really are physical and intellectual powerhouses.

Fake news. Ecelebs are fucking losers. Go to reddit faggot.(THAT'S IT! YOU DID IT! YOU WIN THE PRIZE!)

Hello Holla Forums.

This isn't the right guy.


What are your alternative facts about it? :^)
>>>Holla Forums


What's worse is that the guy he shot was trying to break up a fight. He wasn't even bashing anyone.

Did you guys know that you can remove ballistic evidence from a firearm by scratching out or removing the barrel, and also removing the firing pin?

He was a pretty long term street medic too as I've heard from people in his chapter. This shit stain shot a literal medic and was acting like a victim.

Seriously? About what?

That's a great way to make sure your rifle doesn't function.

Obviously you would do it after you shot the rifleā€¦


Yeah the only fascists ive heard commenting on milo were slagging him off for being gay with black dudes.

Milo is where the overton window stops.

What if you believe they believe fascist things but actually they dont believe them?

just shit like "I'm at your event but there are a bunch of protesters who stole my hat, can you sign a new one for me?"


That's a cute hat.
I wonder what drives someone to do something like that. I hope he realizes what he did was bad. I hope we can forgive him eventually.

If you enable fascist politicians and policies you are effectively a fascist.

Look.. I believe that you believe that they believe fascist things but the question is why do you believe that?

You could argue we all enable fascist politicians.

So does that mean you are fair game to be hurt?

please leave sir,your obvious attempt at subversion has already failed

I think being this much of a reddit tier pedant means you're fair game for being chemically castrated.

You could but it would be a bad argument. Everyone is figuring you out Holla Forums. You are a bunch of post-modern fascists who don't believe in anything except harming whoever threatens the status quo. We don't care what you believe. We just care that you exist.

My point exactly.

Why not instead of attacking people for what you presume they believe, attack them for their actions?

No thank you kill all fascists

Stop putting so many breaks in your post, r/the_donald

Nah man that's weak. We should find a dead cuckold porn actor to blame.

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Yes, please send a group of unarmed limp wristed white college boys to go bash this armed alt-light Hawaiian faggot. Anyone that associates with Milo deserves a good fag bashing, and anyone in antifa deserves to get shot. Best possible outcome.

t. Holla Forums

we can only hope

You're genuinely triggered right now, aren't you?

Ah that would explain Holla Forumss insistent shitsmearing where ever it goes

He's a big guy.

Is this why you identify with the "little white cuckball"? Because you're both round?

Tell me. Which one would you prefer I bring?

I wish I was American, my country cucked us on guns

Leftists can't. They can't hope for anything.

I'm the least triggered person on this board right now.

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Britbong here,tell me about it.Fuzz here can just say you don't need a gun and then you just have to deal with that

Im not the one who must spread verbal discharge where ever I go

I'm not getting that vibe from you.

I'm not the one obsessed with such things.

Kek bless this post.

Probably because you're autistic

We should send his dox to the big list of redditors in the antifa doxxing thread just to see what happens.

Autism is the European way, friend.





when your entire argument is just shouting,maybe you should rethink it a bat maybe?


Quit while you're ahead lad.

It's a good idea to donate to /ourguy/ if you haven't yet:

Considering that Holla Forumstards on this thread are getting triggered; I guess this guy might be one of them.

He looks better than that guy that got shouted down by Shia though.

this is not a bad idea



Haha, great meme!

like Richard Spencer did?


Ive watched plenty of forensic files to know thats not true

that pic made me just a little bit more excited for the upcoming ground war between fascist and communist organizations
See you in the streets, antifa

No antifa here just home grown good'ol boy redneck.

Like communists would do anything other than complaining on the internet. It's always the anarchists who are willing to do the dirty stuff.

yes but if you look at the alt facts it's actually dying

These are the altfax.

I'd attack actual fascist if they had any chance of gaining power. The state has a monopoly on the use of violent force, so I think bashing their heads in before that happens is a valid option.
That being said, I agree, Milo is just a useful idiot for more dangerous tendencies.

Bring the sniper rifle and deliver the JFK experience

Unfortunately that is just a cheap little .22 caliber rifle that I plink around with.

Please don't bring Ness into this. I love Ness.

If you swap out the barrel and the firing pin you've effectively removed everything that leaves marks on a bullet.

The only other parts in a gun it touches wouldn't leave marks, or they wouldn't be identifying.

The guy that was shot basically forgave him and wants to have a chat with him. I dont think anyone should do anything about it.

Targeting someone who has a concealed carry permit, and who has just gotten off scot-free for shooting someone, probably isn't the best idea.
Anyone who's entertaining the idea of harassing this fat turd irl is probably going end up getting shot themselves, and threads like this are going to insure he gets away with it again.

I'm not in favor of what he did, but drawing this out any further isn't going to undo anything, or prevent things like this from happening again.
In fact, it raises the odds of it happening again, and next time, whoever gets shot might not be as lucky as the street medic in question.

Yeah, from the sounds of it the shooting was probably an accident.

He shot a socialist hacker?

Source or it didn't happen

It's in the article linked in OP

Then why did the guy lie that he shot a white supremacist?

Interesting that this gets posted, and now the front page of Holla Forums is getting slid so hard.


Goodness, I think the violence will simmer down when people experience what prison is really like. When you're at the mercy of the police, the justice system and prison gangs, you get a new perspective on non-violence.

Looks like the mods cleaned that up pretty quick

Maybe he thought it could get him out of trouble?
Not every criminal is an hard headed monster. Some people realize they really fucked up badly and try to fix things like they can, in panic mode.

Nigga I'm an actual fascist, Trump is a moderate republican.

Alternately we get a new communist prison gang sweeping the nation.

Fucking commies have shit taste.


*twink faggot assholes

In between the sexual assaults, physical violence, drug abuse and coercion I'm sure scared political activists can sneak in conversations about their preferred ideology.


My budget has shit taste you ass hat. It was the cheapest 5.56/.223 weapon in my area at the time

Exsctly. That's why we show up to Milo's events. We want to know who you are.


Bruh he's a nigger cock loving faggot, the only people at milo events are moderate republicans, probably the "fiscally conservative, socially liberal" types.

Your lying, you can go to any gun store/order online and get an AR for cheaper than a mini-14. Unless you need to do private trade because your a felon.

1. I ain't buyin a gun from a store so that when the fed looks up my name they see commie and owns a gun fuck that shit.
2. I bought it from a family member for dirt fuckin cheap. I would like to have an ar but it aint in the cards right now

Good point, hopefully we start purging soon. It'll be fun to take you guys on, I've always wanted t see how good radical militias hold up in a time of crisis.

Ok, that explains it, Mini-14's are usually pretty pricey.

God the alt-right is so cringe worthy.

No, it was intentional he shot him but he mistakenly thought he was pulling out a gun or someeting like that.

1. The feds do not have a gun registry. When they give you a background check, all records of that background check have to be destroyed within 3 days. Instead the police have to go to the gun seller who is required to keep records for 3 years. Of course they wont know which seller you got your gun from unless they are in possession of your serialized gun.

but mini14s are pretty rubbish. action is not at all reliable.

The mini14's action is the same as the m1's though. Its a rotating bolt action that is pretty reliable now the accuracy without barrel stabilization on the older models that is rubbish for the most part

and that's why it's rubbish.
this action consistently jams with even the slightest bit of dirt.

You can't make this shit up

wot? It is literally a self cleaning action though.

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