Aut-rightist in my grad program who believes in racial hierarchies


b o o t l i c k e r s

a pronounced brow is patrician


Those are the superior white neanderthal genes at play user.

pls do not bully manlets


At least I'm not that fag or anthony burch

Capitalism is so powerful it can turn dangerous ideologies into fashion statements. That is why we must move beyond it eventually.

He's still a dumb fucking prole.

Absolutely pathetic post hun

I'd rather be short and healthy than tall and unable to run a mile.

And honestly I think the optimum human would be on the shorter side. Same brain power but requires less food and produces less waste, not to mention they make great astronauts as they take up less space.

Post pictures.


Nice meme

you don't want to be sub-5'6" as a male your chances of breeding go out the window and you are now too small to fight off apex predators. 5'8" is the sweet spot for useful manlethood and anything above 6'4" is going to lead to back and joint problems due to unsound structure and too much weight

Nice joke.

It's probably between 5'6" and 6'2" for men. Any taller you're a lanklet that's useless and smaller you may as well become a tranny.

The entire point is that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Read a book.

Have fun being a slave to obsolete biological urges hun.
Even a child can harness an AK.


Personal deficits of the adviser do not delegitimize the advice, OP.

>shitpost on the internet about it

when the robo-sex slaves and automated wombs are ready maybe




If you grow and prepare it yourself, sure.

5'8-6'4 ackshually but yeah its a limited range of height, bigger than /fit/ posters would have you believe but doesn't include really short or tall guys unfortunately as nature does not prefer them

Anyone who has genes that include balding before age 60 need to be aggressively wiped out. I applaud you OP.

I would hate short people too but short females are the cute ones and we need short men to produce short daughters.

We also need jews to stay around to create more female jews, which many find attractive.

You know how it works. Pictures with timestamp or fuck off.

Hi ugly

The argument is that white men need to become alpha again, you've misunderstood it a bit I think.

Again? The cuckrace was never alpha.


dumb lifestylist


Woha guys.
Nice thread and hard hitting theory you got hereā€¦.
Stop living plz.

Little white cuckball spotted.

nope not even veganism

Where does the idea come from that communists should have to live like monks?

Personally I've never had any apple products, nor do I wear fancy clothes, but there are more important things ffs

It's a strawman, and a shit one at that.

I dunno, 6'8" seems impractical. Either way I'm still in the range though.

Not every thread needs to be an armchair wank session. No go back to dreading your arragnged marriage to a dumb sow and longing for a homoerotic boyrfriend to read lacan with.

How did they take over the world then? Their technology was hardly even better then their competitors when they started. And it's not even that much better now (China being number two in high tech science)

That is not a contradiction, male feminists never get laid, not even by female feminists

Why are you judging him based on his physical appearance? I thought leftists were supposed to be anti hierarchy.

Huh it's almost as if you know caveman looking manlets are inherently inferior. Even when you try to escape creating hierarchies of humanity you do it anyway. I wonder how he'd be treated in an egalitarian commune.

Really makes me think.

Callousness, deceit, cruelty and brutality.

Wide-open, easily-traversable terrain = Competition.
Tough jungle/tundra/steppes = Isolation.

Competition = Incentive to develop new weapons and tactics.
Isolation = No such incentive.

See, when you're talking about success, most things tend to boil down to starting conditions and incentives.

Absolutely false. By time the Age of Exploration started, Europeans had good muskets and plate armor; the equivalent of plasma weapons and starships today. And the only reason they developed them is because they had incentive to do so.

that's basically being alpha in a class, especiallycapitalist society

We aren't. We're looking at him through his own ideology, and pointing out the glaring irony.

Damn right I'm implying that. Sun Tzu isn't nearly as underhanded as Machiavelli. Aztecs waged war to honor the gods. I'm not claiming other cultures were saints, but if we put them side by side, the European mentality stoops lowest.


Structural cultural relativism with added arbitrary moralistic judgments while relying on thought internal to same philosophical tradition? Sure thing kiddo, makes plenty of sense.


What's the source of that image?

50 replies and no links to any scientific journal

This is why racism is winning the cultural battle

Well they lucked into an empty continent because their diseases killed off the previous inhabitants and used all the loot from that to beat up the rest of the world.

Who cares? Both blacks and whites will be living together in slums in 50 years, they'll learn to cooperate. It's not Holla Forums's job to fight it, leave that for tumblr or whoever.
Why are you looking for science in a meme thread in the first place.

Come on my man.
It was Capitalism


So you're essentially admitting that capitalism is superior for harnessing and mobilizing resources?

Because capitalists have no good arguments so they just go "YOU USE THINGS THAT WERE MADE UNDER CAPITALISM CHECKMATE" and walk away


Welcome to "Holla Forums Genetics 101"

this is just your brain on 19th century scientific racism

he's right tbh
all baldies should be shot in the streets and mourned for being genetic deficits

And now they're being outsmarted by Jews and overrun by brown people.

Really makes you think.

Well fuck you too, buddy