Holocaust Denial thread

Do you believe the original story? Do you believe Holla Forums? Is the Holocaust inflated to ridiculous proportions to push an agenda or is it stupid to assume it would be false? Also what do you think of the trailer that came out?

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jesus this is some high-level autism

Is that supposed to be David Irving?

It was real in their minds

Five seconds more footage say it is. Is this film trying to make it look like he was the big evil law abuser?

I dont deny that it happened but I have been told that the 6 million figure could possibly have been exaggerated, due to various census figures of jews in europe.
does anyone here have information on that?

Reported ;)

The jew woman is blown out of proportions in the movie as well

I do have to say I disagree with how 14 countries have made it illegal to deny the holocaust.

Theres no laws anywhere denying that the turks genocided the armenians.

Not necessarily but the narrative about it is intellectually dishonest to single out the Holocaust as an unique event and especially guilt tripping the Germans into classcucks. Germans weren't even the main perpetrators considering how multicultural the SS was in the end. The Holocaust wasn't just such a unique event, it's industrialization wasn't that much of a thing as well - it's ridiculous, liberal historians declare the Holocaust to be a singularity but at the same time have no problem with admitting that most death occurred through shooting/starving and not through gaschambers in response to deniers.

That's why it's dishonest. You either admit deniers have a point or you admit it's not a singular event at all. Holla Forumsyps are too stupid to see this bigger picture and instead go on about ridiculous conspiracies and forged evidences by trying to attack the official numbers which have been proven to be more or less correct in multiple attempts.

I believe that there's sufficient evidence and testimony from even the nazis themselves, but even I am sceptical about unconfirmed kill numbers since they are so often changing.


Concentration camps were certainly a thing, and the Nazis were not particularly gracious. But I do not think there were mass executions of any sort, let alone gas chambers and incinerators. You see some stories about it that are just ridiculous, like one that describes a minecart system where the Nazis would sit a lot of jews in a cart and then drive it through an incinerator, then at the end it would dump the ashes and circle back for more jews. Shit like that is obviously fabricated, like jewskin lampshades.

A lot of people definitely died in Nazi Germany's concentration camps, though. What the history books rarely mention is just how many died from Allied bombings. They also don't mention that the Allies had concentration camps of their own. Prisoners also died from starvation, because Nazi Germany was starving towards the end of the war and prisoners are not high priority in that case. And they also died from disease, because infrastructure was fucked and doctors were stretched incredibly thin.

There is absolutely no evidence to support the narrative of an industrialized genocide. Nothing but firsthand reports, but so many have been found to be completely false already.

This is why you have to bash the fash.

What does that have to do with anything? The Allied forces also had concentration camps. America imprisoned all the Japanese in their country. The only difference between then and Nazi Germany is that the Nazis lost, and couldn't take care of themselves, let alone their prisoners. There's no evidence whatsoever to suggest they wanted to genocide jews and gypsies, everything says they just wanted them to leave.


not an argument

Ja, absolut keinen, bis auf die Billionen an vorliegenden Quellen und Beweisen du minderbemitteltes Amischwein.

If you were wondering that was German. You're retarded and should kill yourself. I've personally studied the Holocaust extensively for years and people like you drive me crazy. It is perhaps the most documented and talked about event in human history and the proof that it has happened is undeniable. But who am I talking to. I had this conversation often enough to know that fascists cannot be reasoned with, only killed. I hope you try some kind of uprising anywhere, I'll personally join the fight to kill as many of you as I can.

That smug pic really showed me the evidence.

If you look at it and read what the Nazis actually did, they wanted all the "undesirables" to leave. Genocide was not part of the plan. Again, there is no evidence for the genocide camps we so frequently hear of. Nothing but firsthand reports when many have already been found to be complete fabrications.

I came to this conclusion after looking for actual research myself. If you have info on the subject, I'd be happy to read it.



I mean I am the first to say "bash the fash" but the nazi were not comics villains nor the allies were heroes.

The war was a punch in the guts of humanity, but as we know it's the victor that writes history, so the allies crimes will remain only a footnote.

Ich weiß. Aber ich sehe nicht, wie es deine Argumentation betonen soll.

Surfing Holla Forums and shitty Stormfront blogs does not count as research. I have info on the subject, literally every library has info on the subject. There are a million sources you can study. But you won't, because actual information scares you. Because you reject it, it threatens your carefully constructed narrative of victimhood and framing the Jews yet again as masterful manipulators.

Hitler was clear in what he wanted. I've read it all myself in its original language. Make no mistakes, what the Nazis sought was the absolute extermination of the Untermensch. Some races they didn't judge as harshly as the Jews, yes, such as Slavs and they even saw potential in them to work together, but the Jews, no, there was no saving for them and they must be eradicated.

Haben sie dich im Geschichtsunterricht gehänselt und deswegen hast du Würstchen Minderwertigkeitskomplexe entwickelt? Oder nichts anderes als Hauptschule genossen? Muss ein schweres Leben gewesen sein.

Selbst der lachhaft spärliche Wikipedia-Artikel liefert dir genügend ´´Argumentation´´ welche die gezielte Ausrottung von ungefähr 6 Millionen Juden durch das NS-Regime unumstößlich aufzeigt. Aber dafür müsstest du dich wohl mal in eine Bibliothek setzen und die Quellen nachverfolgen, wirkliche Bücher in die Hand nehmen, die Bilder anschauen, die Briefe lesen, die Unterlagen lesen, die Aufzeichnungen durchwühlen. Das würde echte Arbeit erfordern. Zu viel für dein Spatzenhirn.



Thanks for the images, I hadn't seen them before. It is interesting noting the language Hitler and other Nazis used in regards to a mass extermination, but I think it says something that they were talking about hangings, not giant incinerators running 24/7.

But aside from that, not a single thing in those smug images present anything approaching real evidence. Every concentration camp they that gets examined is found to lack the facilities for the genocide we so often hear of. I really can't stress enough just how many firsthand reports of the Holocaust have been found to be complete fabrications. And even the Red Cross thinks the 6 million number is a gross exaggeration. If you look at the timeline of the Holocaust, you'll find that all this stuff appeared a long time after Nazi Germany was defeated. What could that mean?

Again, I came to this conclusion after researching it myself. It wasn't long ago I believed in the Holocaust at face value, like everyone else, and thought Holla Forums and other LARPers were bullshitting and just being edgy. But the more I actually looked into it, the more I saw that the whole thing was surrounded by lies and fabrications and there wasn't a single shred of hard evidence for it.

Wie viele Implikationen gleich. Habe ja noch nichts gesagt.
Mach dir da keine Sorgen, ich bin da bestens informiert. Was bist du persönlich denn so aufgewühlt? Bist du judisch oder was? Haben die Nazis deine Großmutter als Kind sieben mal vergewaltigt und zerstückelt?

Ach, entschuldige, dachte du wärest gewesen der daraufgehend noch mal in Deutsch geantwortet hat. Und nein mir macht es nur Spaß Nazis zu beleidigen.

The holocaust is easily verified with a shovel and a trip to Poland. fuck off Holla Forums

I'm not a Nazi and I don't speak German, but I'm getting decent at Russian.

Except it isn't, that's the whole thing. Somehow the extermination of 6 million jews and 10 million or so other races produced not a single shred of industrialized genocide.

Sorry meant ´´alt-right´´ instead of Nazi. Obviously two completely different things you fascist pig. Here if you want to spend the whole evening debating a website: hdot.org/debunking-denial/

Is gut, mir auch

then where did all the jews go, Holla Forums?




I don't think anyone here is denying the existence of the holocaust. I for example have no doubt it happened and that it was one of the worst crimes committed in all our history.

What I don't like is the demonization of Germany and the implication of purity of their enemies. The allies killed hundred of thousands, if not million of civilians with their indiscriminate bombing. Not to mention their own concentration camps. Their own persecution of undesiderables.

The official narrative counts the number of Jews in Germany before the Nazis, and the number of Jews in Germany after the Nazis, and says that every Jew that disappeared was certainly genocided. But how can that be the case when Nazi Germany told them several times that they had to go back and what would happen if they didn't? At least some of that change comes from Jews just leaving, but the 6 million number counts on bullshit like that.

I'll look at your site. But I'm not a fascist either, more of a nationalist libertarian.


No matter what you call yourself I'd put you to the wall. Try an actual book instead of the site, by the way.

Jesus, this is the level of argument you present. Most fascists have the decency to hide themselves behind delusions of Jewish world conspiracies and you start off with a clear sign of retardation. Do you have no shame? Come on, admit already that your ´´intensive research of the Holocaust´´ amounts to jacking off to compilations of David Irving screaming into the mic.

Sorry Ivan, I'm still at a novice level. Been reading Russian chans for practice, usually can't keep up with those crazy fuckers.

I've read many books. Again, that's what brought me to this conclusion. I'm not trying to be edgy or anything, not a fan of the Nazis, but I can't get over how little actual evidence there is for their supposed 12 million person genocide. You'd think something like that would leave some hard evidence somewhere, but all we have is masses of firsthand reports, many of which have been found to be completely false or impossible.

6 million person Holocaust, 15-20 million people under the duration of the NS regime. At least get the facts you deny right.

Do you deny it? Pretty much every official count of "Jews killed by Nazis" uses that metric. The number of Jews in Germany before and after the Nazis, and for every less Jew at the end, a number is added to the genocide count.

Reported for pol subversion

that was bassically my point
get off 2ch. and stop posting my memes. they're mine

Not by actual historians. Your silly holocaust denying ´´reformists´´ do not count.

Literally the most basic research is too hard for you. One quick look into the most simple and prominent online encyclopedia would have cleared it up already. Since you're apparently too smart to navigate there yourself: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Holocaust_denial#Death_toll

But you know

Bash the fash everyone.

You can't just assert shit to be true and it magically be true. Post some sources for you're claims faggot.

But don't you get it, he has read BOOKS.

Alright man. People like you are the reason Holocaust denial becomes the new hip thing.

I wewed




Oops wrong quote but whatever, evidence of holocaust both first and 2nd hand. Honestly holocaust denialism is a religion, it doesn't matter how much evidence you show them they'll scream about how it was doctored or you can't prove it was from the 1940's or whatever. Fuck even if you invited a time machine and took them back, they still wouldn't believe it. It's like trying to argue with an evangelical that the jews didn't built the pyramids.