So we know what yesterdays distractions were about now

Trump set to make sweeping executive order lifting ban on CIA "black sites" worldwide and handling/interrogating detainees

also paving the way for "enhanced interrogation" again

NYT has a copy of the draft order:

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Well, I don't know what I expected.

Se all you there comrades

He is literally asking for terrorism. FFS man the world is literally crumbling before our eyes we need to DO SOMETHING

how about we accelerate?

Agreed, comrade! Now quick, get the keffiyahs, flags and slogans!

You need a movement to really be able to accomplish anything.

You need to build a movement before you have a movement.


You're an idiot if you think it ever went away

The government wouldn't need an executive order basically legalizing it again if it didn't, would it?

Assuming that a "movement" like the ones we've seen in response to Trump thus far can be substituted for proper party politics? Nah. Any proper response must be disciplined. Smashie smashie on the streets will do nothing but legitimize classcuckery.

wew lad. Coming a little close to Holla Forumsyps who save cuck porn to their hard drives for the purpose of "just shitposting" there.

What if we smash really hard?

Your ignorance and attempting to associate arabs to scare people is why I consider you a Holla Forumsack.

Huh ? When did he associate arabs ?

keffiyehs are worn by arabs, as well as other people but it's mostly associated with arabs.

One in the same in that they're fundamentally reformist approaches to a pseudo-problem rooted in no theory whatsoever. And don't discredit anarchist prose in the birthing of anti-fascism either.

It is. Any kind of reformism is. And pulling Leninism out of nowhere already properly indicates that you can't even tell that Marxism itself rejects anti-fascism, as it does all reforms to ultimately be carried out for the safeguarding of the bourgeois state.

I'm not the one who decided smashies should wear keffiyahs as their favorite accessory when they go out in the street to sperg out, buddy.

ecks dee

definitely gets those neurons boiling there



Are you saying you wouldn't associate with a member of the fluffy proletariat?
Sounds bretty spooky.


Before anyone gets too excited, Trump's Press Secretary denied the contents of this as having come from the White House.
I watched the conference this afternoon, multiple reporters asked him about it, and he denied the WH had anything to do with it, and while he didn't call it an outright fabrication, he came pretty close.

we'll see

keep in mind the Press Sec is the same guy who has no scruples about lying for Trump's ego, even stating obvious falsehoods as proven recently

But to be fair, the press isn't much better.
It's basically a tossup at this point in terms of who's more (or less) believable.

Not really. The press is definitely the more reliable of the two.

Which, tbf, doesn't say much. Trump lies a lot even by political standards.


see also "import tax on mexico"

Ayyy they also use this technic all the time in my country!

They're practically a nation unto themselves

The best part about that second pic is how Trump actually looks embarrassed to be there.


its called a deep state for a reason. has its own economy, politics and religious beliefs. totally above our exoteric discourse and understanding of governance

Trump is right wing deep state's wet dream

that's not what is meant by the "deep state"

That makes the press more dangerous though. With Trump's press secretary you know you're almost certainly getting pure bullshit. With the media it's a lot more complicated. They deceive by lies of omission, distortion, and the like.

yes it is, the deep state is a state within a state where unelected officials and insiders using their own supply chains, logistics and system of laws and codes govern the exoteric government the public believes is in charge. the deep state is mostly made up of ex-military officials, defense industry personnale, spooks, ex-spooks, finance magnates, oil industry insiders and social engineers. The deep state could be considered to be a shadow government as they do indeed practice governance but using rules and checks and balances we the people are not privy to. They are an esoteric establishment. Figures like James Woolsey, Henry kissinger, John Deutsche, David Rockefeller and David Armitage would be publicly known deep state figures or at least people who are one degree of separation from the deep state. Families like the Harriman's, Hunt's, Russell, Mellon and Warburg clans would be prominent enclaves of deep state power.

yeah but they don't have their own economy or religious beliefs

most of them are just careerist goons on GS salary

please tell me GS isn't george soros

You realise these people run drugs all over the world? It's nearly the second biggest industry on the planet behind food and oil.

yes they do they use black budget funding and illegal drug trafficking and arms sales to fund secret wars in asia and africa
yes they do. some of them are LHP satanists who want to rule the world as a fief as living gods. others are apocalyptic utopians who want to establish a NWO of one people under one government ruled as a state capitalist utopian dictatorshup ruled over by an enlightened caste of elites and their correlate ai's which would take care of the petty logistics of governance. if you deny this you're a secular fag and puting your head in the sand

these people are not only religious they invented our religions and use numerology and symbolism to hypnotize the population and schedule world events. they are different factions and clans, so no illuminati conglomerate exists

but this is all real its been exposed a thousand times by Thule Society, Black dragon society, fabian network, apostles, lunar society, pilgrim society, skull and bones, highlands forum etc etc etc

its real, they're a different breed of human which is traced in their physiognomy which is distinct. many of them are almost directly related to royal bloodlines (hapsburgs are most obvious, Li bloodline) or entrenched castes (Russell's, Sinclair, Reynolds, Oppenheimer, Sassoon, Gates, Perkins, Kennedy; all merchant class)

Very deep area of research as foreshadowed by the name "deep-state". they are very much religious and they do believe in karma and blood sacrifice. some of them as i said are satanists and straight up insert satanic imagery into our culture as has been proven literally hundreds of times by hollyweird and music industry creeps (its absolutely undeniable, if you deny it you are denying something as well documented as the holocaust or existence of Kaiser Willhelm II)

guns is a huge part of their supply chain and you can trace every big arms dealer back to the deep state which most anons on here should know.

No more Noam Chomsky MIT (spook central) bullshit. We are fighting against a second society that is not one we were ever a part of. These people are barely homo sapiens and they should be dealt with as if we are dealing with an alien force. Uncomfortable for many people as attempts to humanize adversity is common for mankind, this is a negative manifestation of intelligent life that will keep killing until there is nothing left. Dyson sphere tech is indicative of the mindset of these psychopaths

Wait, why the hate on the Dyson sphere?

Did they build one around the planet while everyone was asleep?

dyson sphere will destroy viability of organic life in any stat system it is set up in and will destabilize other star systems as gravity shifts. advanced dyson spheres will harvest galactic core energy and destroy entire galaxies. the harvest-extraction model for energy is unsustainable and will literally lead to the death of all life in the galaxy and possibly the known universe. dyson spheres are satanic they do nothing. but destroy and take resources, leaving nothing behind. we can't regrow stars

more importantly they require constantly colonizing other star systems and blocking sunlight/emr emmissions to other planets and will probably culminate in simply harvesting whole stars and galactic cores. our energy needs especially for sentient super AI will be astronomical (literally) and will require stellar bodies to satiate. this is evil and will lead to either destruction of our galactic environment or severe conflict with other spacefaring species. nerds are autistic and do not think in holistic/naturalistic/biological terms.

Oh, they left that minor problem with the idea out of the wikipedia article.

I do wonder what the fuck happened to the security services, at which point they became so alien to their initial function they ceased to exist in any meaningful way beyond physical. Do they have goals? Do they know their goals? What do they do when they become the major threat? Are they capable of internal civil war, and if so what would they even bother fighting for?

You're right in them pretty much being a different species, they probably feel the same way about us.

Breh the Dyson sphere doesn't speed up the natural life cycle of the star

no it's civil servant salary. i forget what it stands for

seek psychological help.