Is Trump the Gorbachev of the American Empire?

Is Trump the Gorbachev of the American Empire?

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you can't be a revisionist if there's nothing worthwhile to revise

that depends, trump ever do a pizza hut commercial?

Trump is a living commercial of that counts.

first as tragedy, then as farce

Gorbachev was a misguided but well meaning leader. Even after he was ousted from power he still tried to do what he thought was best for his country and I genuinely feel bad for him when I know he predicted and tried to stall a lot of the problems of modern Russia to no avail. He was a good man at the wrong time and place. He had problems and excesses but considering what came before and after him it's hard to feel hate.

Trump is an opportunistic moron with daddy issues, who wont do the right thing because he is motivated by money and money doesn't want good things right now. He is Reagan 2.0 only even dumber and more shitty. Clinton was pure cancer and i don't think her intentions were any better, but Trump is already symbolically showing with a lot of bills that he intends to be an odious prick for the long haul.

I'd say more Yeltsin.

No. Trump is Hindenburg.

Gorbachev was a wannabe Pinochet, with no morals, no conscience, and no intentions to do anything but to profit himself. His only problem was that he simply didn't have the balls.

He was a confirmed liar and a criminal, who attempted to establish dictatorship in USSR to avoid responsibility for his crimes. Stop eating from the trashcan of Western propaganda.

Frankly, I don't see Trump bombing Capitol Hill to stay in power. You think he'll do it?

Oh look Holla Forumstards keep trying to push us suck the pee pee of their daddy like them.

Sorry, he is just another shitty rich person who lies to morons who believe that and made a cult out of it now, he won't do anything good long term, because he is what he is

He pulled america out of the TPP.

Lmao, stop it.

That's a nice question you put there OP. You see folks, the joke here is that all the people liking Trump hate Gorbachev, and vice versa. And if you hate both, you can only be a tankie.
So no, he's not Gorbatchev of USA.

Also to the user who's been stealing my golden dvach webms, I'd ask you to stop. I don't go to your home and take your furniture with me do I? webm unrelated

Lmao, no argument

I'm not who you were replying to. But the "he pull out TPP guys" is starting the be meme'd. It made me laugh the way you used it against that poster, but since it's not true, you can stop.
Obviously it was dead before he assumed office.

Holy shit you are keep pushing it.

Btw porky gave you a day off, go suck his dick because he did it for you ;^)

There is no 'days off'. I'm NEET.


I'm not the poster he answered to either.
seems to me you're juts biased

They weren't able to pass it in Congress. Public was so against it, as well. Sometimes that doesn't matter though & they pass these trade agreements, anyway. But it wasn't able to pass Congress, even during the lame duck.

How do you think Trump "killed it"? These things never truly die, anyway. It will just be rebranded as another alphabet soup acronym & tried again. You have to be forever vigilant against these deals, in a capitalist society, especially in the US.

Don't bother the Holla Forumstards or nazbol who are pretty much poltards at this point unironically believe Turmp cares about them and will fix the world for the good of the proletariat


There are so many newfags here, I think it's time to include in the FAQ that NazBol flag is mostly a shitpost flag.

Trump is America's Silvio Berlusconi. Nothing more nothing less.

Once you engage them more seriously, the shitposters usually give up. I'm starting to treat everyone as serious, so I don't get annoyed & because we have a good amount of new people around. If we meme back at them, it usually derails the thread to a point where it's unsalvageable, which is likely what they want. This thread isn't top notch to be saving though, at the same time. But it's a good practice.

Yeah, there are one or two good nazbols around. The rest are using the flag because they probably don't know what it means or thought it was the Nazi flag.

Anfem used to be, too, until Asian anfem adopted it for reals. That's been.. Interesting.



I forgot to add, ignoring them is usually the best policy, though.

of a decent nazbol, too