Tfw still haven't gotten my Soros paycheck for joining antifa rallies


This post is satire btw, thought I'd point it out before some idiot socdem reports me

We should start a class action suit.

you're doing it wrong

Feels good to be a good Cultural Marxist.

I get paid by the post, they even kick white babies for every thread I make.

Soros just invited me to his personal mansion and he wants to congratulate me for being the best shill in the entire JIDF; we'll be dining on hwite baby blood ripped directly from a pure aryan woman's womb and discuss our plans to destroy western civilization.

Marxists are indeed cultured.

Hey i got that too! that was a fun week end!


Times are hard out here.

real change will never come to the united states

wait what. That's dialectics? That's problem=>reaction=>solution. Are they one and the same?

that's always been my understanding

it is agenda=>problem=>reaction=>solution

the problem in this case is either made up or capitalized on to fit the agenda

Thanks. I always thought it was more about taking two ideas and and making them work together, and I assumed it was two opposing ideas instead of the two sides of the same issue. But then I am a simple Holla Forumsack, cast out from the fertile plains of 4pol.

Doubtable, I don't see the sublation in that

Or Europe. Feels bad.

do you think with the brexit and the EU talking about maintaining a standing army we are seeing the rise of a militant germany again?


Come on, man. Pick up… just about any book on Hegel. The first thing they'll do is say thesis-antithesis-synthesis is something Hegel was explicitly against!

Got my invitation into the Cultural Marxist conspiracy to annihilate the white race, feels good.

How can we enslave the goyim?

You're an easily influenced stupid faggot.

Soros I hope you are reading this, I need your money to finance my weed addiction

Shit can I get in on this? how much does Soros pay and how do I sign up? Could do with paying off this fucking student loan

There should be a pamphlet explaining our program in your Destroying Western Civilization orientation packet

threadly reminder that this is how Holla Forums became Holla Forums

Check the dropbox. If it ain't there at the next gathering I'll make sure you get a brown qt to genocide the white race with, if you know what I mean.

I hope so, I haven't been able to miscegenate and participate in genocide in a while

is he /ourguy/?

Thanks comrade, gonna go pray to Satan and fulfil my daily quota of shilling.

Fuck off soros is a neoliberal piece of shit
He's right on social issues sure but he wants to only create change for his corporate and personal profits
I hate people like soros because they make you think they are on our side but really are our biggest enemy, far more then the far right

Daily reminder that Soros built his "Open Society" career out of decommunizing post-Soviet Eastern Europe.

Anyone else been initiated into anuddah shoah yet?

At least the left has a billinore sugar daddy the far right has to rely on it's own members wanting tacticool gear to fight back