This video is for those sell-out "Satanists" and so called "White Christians" who have now education and literally...

This video is for those sell-out "Satanists" and so called "White Christians" who have now education and literally claim that Nazism is non-satanic and basically the same as right-wing Christianity as if they couldn't agree with phony White Power rednecks and neo-Marxist "historians" and liberal capitalist journalists more. SHAME ON YOU! The Curse of Lucifer is on YOU right now!
It can happen to you, too. lol

Lucifer is a real being and is also called ENKI - the first dark Nephilim Lord of the Anunnaki species who created the white Cro-Magnon as a hybrid of neolithic and Anunnaki genes, the Nordic Race is Lucifer's work.

Evidence he helped the Germans in WW2:…

Thus Satan=Lucifer is the God Ea, aka ENKI, one of the first Nephilim to arrive on this planet, establish the first civilization and create human pale hybrids known as Nordics. In Sumerian mythology, Enki's symbol was always the serpent and the he-goat's head. The serpent represents the DNA, the life force and the kundalini and has survived as the emblem of the American Medical Association and Veterinary medicine, where it is symbolic of life and healing. Only with the coming of Judeo-Christianity, has this sacred symbol been desecrated and blasphemed. Enki is Lucifer and Lucifer is the True Satan, a HORNED extraterrestrial who created the first White Cro-Magnon.

But YOU my "friends" are in bed with the enemies of Luciferianism and with every single retard on this planet. LIARS, LIARS, LAIRS! But talking to you is a waste of time. So now here's evidence that not only right-wing "Satanists" of the intellectual Middle Ages, fake "Nazi" Christians are wrong, but also "out of Africa" liberals and neo-Marxists:…

Zeus with horns:…

Wotan with horns:…

Egyptian Amun:…

And so on and so forth. Different names, same being, Lucifer=Enki and his comrades. If you want to keep supporting the false theories of the oriental reptilian species, the enemy of Lucifer the Creator, then do it. But don't wonder why they want to erase your genes, fools. I tell you right now: These reactionary anti-luciferian people with all their false ideologies, even if they claim to be for "White Power" whatsoever, are enemies of the Nordic Luciferian Species. Nothing has changed, it's all a gigantic deception.

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Either this is one of the best shitposts from a nazbol I have seen, or this is Holla Forums.

Either way, bravo.

You think my ideas are not serious? Ypu think it is all fun and games? People have died over this!

Lucifer is the good guy in the story of the bible since he wanted to impart knowledge on to people whereas "God" wanted people to be his ignorant slaves but he's not a physical being. He represents personal enlightenment. (i.e. Lucifer = Light = Enlightenment).

So this is how leftypol dies, not with a bang, but with polyps using nazbol flags to shitpost eternally

Good job mods

Not the OP btw. Different NazBol.

Foolish white power redneck! This has NOTHING to do with christianity!

I wish the only NazBols here were the ones who read Dugin and not the ones that wanna combine racism and leftism :(

You have not read Dugin, shut up liberal!

Report submitted

I don't care about your alien conspiracy autism anyway.

Reported you right back.

Dugin is anti-racist though.

Yeah? Well I just reported everyone in this thread, and when I submit this post I'll be reporting myself.

Yes, he defines racism differently though

Satan comes :)

You're confusing Satan with the "God" of Christianity.
Go learn about gnosticism.

Sorry, turd-positionist garbage goes on >>>Holla Forums

All I know is that he has argued that race is insignificant and relatively unimportant culturally and socially, that ethnocentrism can be successful if purged of racist elements.

Fuck off faggot. Go back to reddit. I haven't broken any of the rules here. If you're butthurt by my flag than that's your problem.

Thats not how it works cointelpro

Thank you OP for bringing this important subject to our attention.

Also, I find it suspicious that since you made this post, all of the links have been taken down. Yet another example of liberal capitalist redneck christians trying to cover up their plot to erase our genes.

I hate your guts so goddamn much.

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I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and nobody else but you

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Again, brain dead faggot, the problem with the so called antifa is the lack of continuity and proper theory, proper violence against the ruling class and the state is and has always been a significant aid to the movement, there is a reason jihad is the most prominent radical movememt of the past 20 years

The working class is a traitorous class, it has no revolutionary potential

Methinks you're preaching to the wrong crowd here. Holla Forums is full of Christians. Direct this there, they'll be triggered.


I am report everyone in this thread including myself

take your meds

Read Sorel then talk to me about revolutionary violence you dumb faggot. Until then, your opinion is of no value to me.
Jeez, I wonder who's behind this post.

What do Nazbols think of David Myatt?

The working class is shit, shit

I spit on every grave of every worker who ever existed for not revolting against their masters

Every worker that complied with the bourgeoisie deserves everything bad in the worldz as they themseves accepted it by becoming compliant

The working class is fucking shit

Prove me wrong, working class, rebel against authority, do it, dont ask for permission, prove you are not fucking shit!

This entire post reeks of liberalism. Not to mention, how do you expect the working class to revolt with absolutely no organization or leader to rally behind?
If you hate the working class so much then why do you claim to be a socialist?
Not to mention, what are you doing in a shitpost war with me and every other nazbol on this board if you're so concerned with rebellion? It seems like you'd be out doing something productive if it really mattered to you that much.

Call it whatever you want kid, it doesnt matter to me

Facts dont lie, if the proletariat had any revolutionary potential we would be living under commumism now

Never said so however Marxism-Leninism is revisionsim, Lenin never put the state above the proletariat, when the proletariat must be the one above the state

I hate the working class for what it is, not for who it represents, the problem here is every try at emancipation has been kidnapped by marxists and their workerism identitarian trash

Because they are spreading their nationalist shit like wildfire all over the board

"""Anti-authoritarians""" really make you think sometimes.

This is due to half a century of anti-socialist brainwashing. Not to mention, you clearly don't understand how revolution works. If people aren't organized you can't have revolution. One guy (or even a group of guys) going out and committing acts of violence with no actual objective will not lead to revolution. The fact is, revolutions don't just spring up out of nowhere. They take money, organization as well as the ability to win hearts and minds. Even Lenin was supported by the German empire financially. (even if it was to bring down the Russians to get them out of WWII)
Say what you want. The fact is, the USSR lasted much longer than any anarchist "revolution" throughout all of human history.
I'm not a Marxist and I'd much rather team up with Marxists then autistic Anarcho-Nihilists. Even AnFems are more respectable then you because at least they're able to engage in a civil conversation most of the time. Not to mention, there's nothing identitarian about recognizing class struggle.
I rarely even talk about nationalism unless it's brought up. It seems you just get upset at the sight of a black hammer and sickle overlaying a white background.

Meant to write