Who to join?

I'm a demsoc/socdem in Southern California, and I want to join a leftist organization. I don't care really about their ideology as long as they are having some positive impact on the community and getting stuff done. Does anyone know of who's most active here? Not looking to tear apart some rival group, I just want to know what's available

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If you're demsoc consider joining DSA, they've been very active lately.


contact your local DSA

DSA. They have leftists of all stripes. IWW is also a good one, if you have a local chapter. They do a lot of community work, campaigning for unions, etc.

Join DSA. Also apologize.

I'll consider DSA, but what is the IWWs ideology

For what



Syndicalism. They're the original One Big Union.

Cool, I'll check them out

Just join the Democrats already to make the process of inevitably ending up there less arduous.

But theyre not socialists. If they were, Id probably join them, but thats never going to happen

You called yourself
and are complaining about the Democrats not being socialists? It's a perfect fit for the tendency you introduced yourself with.

But the Democrats arent socialists and will never be. It'd be useless to expect anything from them

Neither is the theoretical core of
You can't have your cake and eat it too, so either become a proper communist or join a liberal pseudo-radical org like the DSA and slowly slippery slope yourself to the Democrats already.

Im not a communist though and don't agree with communism or marxism but Im not a neoliberal or sympathetic to the democrats

You are; you just don't know it yet.

oh please

No, seriously. Drop the illusions and join the American Democratic Party already.

So you're a fascist?

Yes, if I'm not a communist or a marxist, I'm a fascist.

But they're not socialists and I don't agree with anything they do.

But you're not a socialist either.

Not a fascist; just a run of the mill traitor to the working class. Pic related illustrates that to be a fascist you need more than just the desire to be one, but the proper historical conditions and connections to finance and the state that let you merge it. The best you could be is a brown shirt LARPer.

Neither is social democracy or democratic "socialism". Once again, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

DemSoc are different from SocDem technically whether memes are funny or not.


This is why no one takes Marxists seriously.

If by "no one" you mean practically the entirety of the intellectual left which finds its roots or at least its largest influences in Marx, then sure.

Start producing results any time now, lad. The working class is only waiting to be betrayed again!

In what way are you a socialist? Lay it out.

There is no Marxist movement left in the world of any consequence, a few well paid academics isn't what I consider "taken seriously"

Argh, if only I could kill Rosa Luxemburg again.

I believe in a socialized economy

Like? How do you plan to end labor exploitation and production for profit?

Yes, we can thank you (the pseudo-revolutionaries) in large part for that, thank you.

And yet it's all there is. The Zizeks, the Badious, the Zupancics, while barely getting by financially, are all that's left of the left's intellectual tradition, while refomist pseudo-movements and smashies form the brunt of the rest of the left's nothingness. Do keep taking pride in having nothing more to show for the working class than a big middle finger and the patronizing language of half-reforms!

Like pottery.

Thank you.




I don't actually agree but I don't mind that there isn't a Marxist or Communist movement left, since I don't agree with them and they had disastrous results. So a win/win if you ask me.

Well those are well paid authors and professors, and that's all that's left of "Marxism", so yes, not taken seriously, unless you're on an imageboard making anonymous memes.

I don't care about her personally, but she's a 100 year old dead communist, get over it.


This sounds like a good basic idea.

Let's hear it, lad. Tell us, in your own words, what "democratic socialism" is.

Zizek is basically an entertainer who's not exactly orthodox. Badiou's good work was on topology as ontology, which Leibniz basically already said would be the case if you were paying attention. Zupancic is a literally who.

Your shit is beyond dead. Try not to suck your own dick too hard about being a member of some intellectual sub-clique. It makes you seem like a faggot.

Me on the left.

Okay buddy.

No doubt, but at least things are produced from the comfort of our armchairs, unlike the pseudo-activity SuccDems/DemSuccs burn calories over.

Assuming your flag is genuinely unironic, you obviously know what the future truly holds for us. And I mean this quite sincerely.