This is what Americans actually believe


What an American name. You really are odd people.

Trump supporters are the biggest cucks. Poor white trash votes for rich white trash. Thinking a trustfund billionaire is going to fight for them


That's disrespectful to white trash
But I agree that porky Donnie is going to make them swallow their pee

And that is why Trump is worse, Holla Forums tries to pretnd that if you shit on Trump you are a liberul hillary supporter, but even though both are terrible, hillary is the lesser evil since she doesnt have such religious cult behind her.

Trump is far more divisive than clinton because fucking everybody would hate clinton at the end while Trump will keep a strong % of brainless drones behind him sucking his dick 24/7 and Holla Forums will attack you if you say anything bad about him

Socdem supporters are the biggest cucks. Naive pseudo-socialists voting for naive pseudo-socialists. Thinking a career politician is going to fight for them.

just no. Liberals sure as hell would start making excuses for her actions like they did to Obama. they would say she isn't perfect but she is experienced, empowers women and "helps" minorities etc and if you say otherwise youre a sexist, republican nutjob with a tinfoil hat

Bernie Sanders has been a politician for decades and he is authentic. Yeah he supported Hillary in the general but if he ran in the general, he would have split the left vote and gift wrapped the election to Donald Trump. This is largely why most progressives avoided voting for Jill Stein as well. Even Noam Chomsky ffs was calling for Americans to vote for Hillary. Is Chomsky a fraud?

First-past-the-post is fucked up. Especially the Electoral College. Proportional Representation would be better. But my concern with PR is that minority parties would either have a disproportionate amount of influence in the kingmaker role. Or they would be effectively swallowed by the larger party in the coalition. We see grand coalitions all the time in Italy and France. And the far-left parties join these centre-left coalitions and get watered down.

Nazbol dumb af

if you want inefficient socdems stabbing you in the back after you put your hope into them you might as well move to Europe


I like Chomsky, but I think he's wrong. He isn't always right and he'll even admit that. Appealing to his authority doesn't do much for me. Chomsky is really good at analyzing politics, but not so great at finding solutions.


Clinton has her own cadre of shills. They don't bother with this site as much because we're more resistant to their particular ideological pathogens/outside their target demographic moreso than those of the Trumpies. If she were prez they would still be screeching 'soggy knee' at everything that moved or disagreed.

This looks nothing like Zizek.



The social democrats in Europe have lost their way. They have embraced the third-way crap. In France, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Greece, etc. your best bet is to vote for the far-left. The problem is that the people continue to vote for the third-way social democrats in Europe. As a result, the far-left parties end up being minor parties in a coalition (coalition rule is common in Europe with the PR system) and have limited influence.

That all said, I probably would enjoy living in Sweden. They have better NEETbux and autismbux there. But I'm not a Syrian refugees. I'm a Canadian. They're not going to let me into Sweden.

I know they are, thats why I brought them up. You started defending Bernie all of a sudden after all, who would fit right in

'Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth'
Just look at Syriza.

Sweden, like any Western country, is dependant on exploitation of cheap labor in third world countries to keep their population complacent. Dumb socdem.

Bernie Sanders is an old-school socdem. Much like Jeremy Corbyn. They are not third-way.

Are you a Maoist Third Worldist? I actually started a thread about this just recently asking whether socialism really is more beneficial for the first world. As the Maoist Third Worldist position is that first world workers actually benefit more from imperialist capitalism than they would from socialism

Trumps cult of personality isn't that big outside of the cyber and some redneck towns. most people that voted for him did it because of their hate of Hillary.
you claim Trump is far more divisive then Hillary when his cult of personality isn't that much bigger then the zealous neoliberal democrat apologist

Btw on the topic of socdems in Europe: I know a Swedish guy with an autism diagnosis in Sweden who claims to make an equivalent of $2,000US/month in Kronor. Meanwhile here in Canada it's like $850US/month at best for disability. And I don't qualify for disability despite my autism because I'm not poor enough. I have savings and assets (like a car). I basically have to burn through my savings account and run my car into the ground before I'm poor enough to even have a look by the government.

If my Swedish acquaintance isn't full of shit, I would happily take what's left of Swedish social democracy over what's left of Canada's dismantled social democracy. Our social safety net has been run into the ground since the 80s.

More like Americans that are brainwashed by Reagan-Era propaganda that is still perpetuated in high schools to this day.

I'm an anarchist, and you're a capitalist, not a socialist.

forgot my flag

I am a socialist. I see social democracy as a stop-gap towards socialism. Social democratic parties at one point in history included Marxist language in their party constitutions. They have Marxist roots.

Ok so you're an anarchist but you use Maoist Third Worldist language. You say that the first world is dependent on third world exploitation to keep their workers complacent. Ok so let's say that we end imperialism and we have socialism in the first world. Do you then think that the first world would be worse off with socialism in the absence of imperialism compared to living in the imperialist capitalist society we have today?

Reformism is inherently anti-revolutionary. All socdem parties nowadays are hardline Keynesian at best and social liberals at worst.

We'd be better off with socialism. But the social democratic welfare states would collapse into fascism or regular liberal/conservative shit if we'd end imperialism.

I'd probably still be a socdem if you could cite me a time where this has happened.
Every socdem country I know of has been stuck that way for years and never transitioned.

Christ died for pussy grabbin'


go kick a trash can over, retard

Back to reddit, reformist. Don't forget to vote Hillary in 2020!

When has a country transitioned to socialism ever though? USSR, China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua don't count technically

I wouldn't say I'm a pure socialist though I don't think. I don't think that hospitals should be co-op owned. Or at the very least hospitals should have state regulations. Like if someone is dying and they can't afford to pay you, a co-op hospital can still just say "fuck you, pay me." There have to be regulations on health care to prevent price gouging. Or stitches R Us scenarios.

Chomsky's view is that both politicians were terrible and scary but at the end of the day if you lived in a swing state you should vote tactically for the lesser of two evils because at the level even a small difference in policies will have large implications, I.e. save lives, for the people.

I understand Chomsky's point of view. But he keeps saying vote Democrat in swing states every election. And the Democrats take our vote for granted and things don't change much. Something has to change. People need to start voting for the Greens and Socialists. But they won't because they are afraid of the Republicans winning.

We need to just fucking scrap representative democracy and have direct democracy. In the age of the internet and cryptographic blockchains with public ledgers, there's no need for mandatory representatives. I would like to vote on many issues individually and have a designate vote on my behalf on issues I don't give a shit about.