Let's just take a moments to enjoy the perfect example of porky and a great picture

Let's just take a moments to enjoy the perfect example of porky and a great picture.

How are you supposed to believe people can be saved when they believe some obvious liar like porky?

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Actually the vast majority of proles didn't vote. Most of the people who voted for Trump make $72,000+ a year and are college educated.


Depends, it seems to reduce the higher it goes

That is why i consider the proletariat and amorphous mass that can be shaped in any way someone who is able to control them pleases


t. Dumb prole

More of that red and blue morality shining through.


Oh look, another butthurt libtard shills for Clinton thread. Do one you cunt.

Doesn't really say anything about the voter turnout.

Man rooting out Holla Forums was never easier

It is essentially what you're saying though no? Would you have been this salty over Clinton? Would black bloc and students have been out marching against her? I think not.

Anything you can accuse Trump of, Clinton beat him to the punch. So why were you willing to accept her?

you gotta admit this kind of thing is a little silly right

Trump already suggested armies to move in the states, Trump already pushing that narrative where he only knows the truth and everyone is lying, Trump also has a big part of the masses brainlessly indoctrinated while there are barely any clinton supporters like that.

So yeah Trump is far worse and that is also an excellent opportunity to promote communism without its name of course, and more with its meaning because some masses feel uneasy and worried and are excellent targets.

I just hope i didnt reply seriously to the Holla Forums "i am totes communism right xD"one

every porky has been worse than the one before him, because the power of the president has grown over time and rapidly so ever since 9/11

Trump will be the porky with the most power ever in existence, if he chooses to use it

Tell that to the people in the MENA region. Or to these incredibly confused Nigerians.

i don't think he's massively worse than what we would see had clinton won, but that isn't saying that he isn't horrifying and that there shouldn't be direct action and organization on the part of the left asap

This is what liberals actually believe.

Trump is good because he's glasses on, mask off hardmode. That's why this literal dog dick sucker and others of a similar caliber are having perpetual meltdowns. They can't ignore that life is actually serious any more and it's destroying their little dreamworld comfort zone.

Why are Holla Forumsyards so stupid to realize that this attitude itself is the mask, everyone will be busy with his autism to focus in what he is doing behind the scenes

Godamn since we became so big Holla Forums shitposters are everywhere

can you guys try to contain your autism for even one second?

Yeah seems pretty sane to me. You literally are a liberal, or larping as one, and keep trying to weasel your way into the left. Either way it's weird and you need professional help.


Is it because of this?


Oh yeah you got me. I just use the National-Bolshevik flag, speak openly about thinking Trump was a net positive, and frogpost as deep cover. The dedicated board Holla Forums detectives are always on the case and never miss a thing.

Hey not my fault Holla Forumstards are incredibly insecure and reveal themselves the moment someone says something bad about their daddy trump.

Maybe if you weren't so emotional you would be able to keep your cover, better luck next time

Not what I said. I said that the protests, if any, woulkd have been far less severe. You want me to be blunt? You virtue signalling libtard faggots barely give two shits about war or corruption as long as it wears a rainbow flag. As much as you love to think of yourself as the revolutionary, you and your ilk have done more to defend globalism (and thus hurt native working classes both sides of the deal) than 95% of Trump's supporters ever would. Now fuck off you self-righteous faggot.

This was not sarcasm btw

That starts to explain it but I don't see why the police would then attack them.

Funfact. twenty people were killed at that march.

Btw has anyone told him this is a communist board and not a liberal one? Because he thinks not celebrating trump means you support Hilary, really bad troll

I'm not talking about the whole board. Just you fucking hysterics.

Dress it up however you like. Clinton was objectively the worse candidate if you oppose neo-liberalsim or neo-cons. You obviously think having current year views on things like LGBT are more important. Deny it all you like, it's plain for all to see.

this is board for cryptoliberals and cryptofascists battling it out LARPing as anarchists and tankies, you newfriend! Back to Digg with you!

Because most don't believe him or particularly believe in him, even among those that voted for him. He was just the least loathsome option chosen by people desperate for relief from sixteen or more years of economic catastrophe.

If she'd got her way and we were in a shooting war over Syria yeah I'd be salty as a bag of caramels

Wants army in the states
lol I like this popular meme where/pol/ defends their boy desperately, Hillary is shit but people would be against her, since has only a small following unlike trump drones

Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

I'll ask again. Why are the people marching against Trump marching against Trump? Do they see sexism/racism as worse than warmongering? Do you?


Are you aware of the provocation coming out of the White House regarding China's build-up in the South China Sea?

What do you think about "you might have a chance to take their oil again" said by Trump at CIA HQ?

Is this not warmongering rhetoric? When will you admit you got fucking played by a conman?


Because they haven't suffer enough to see the system doesn't work. You just need to let it happen until it all comes crashing down.

that pic really fires me up. Author's intention???

yeah fuck those rich union workers in the rust belt and their big houses.

Daily reminder that if anyone says they support or like Trump and then cry liberul, they outed themselves as Holla Forums

I prefer capitalism without a human face. That is what Trump will give us. There will be propaganda, of course, but no fake professions of a bleeding heart Madame President would give us.

Accelerate it.

reference to 1984

derp, I meant animal farm

shoot me

I don't support Trump, but at the very least his presidency will end the pathetic charade of the Obama years that despite your lying eyes a recovery totally happened because look at these juked stats the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics produced! EVERYTHING IS NORMAL, DRUMPFTARDS BTFO

I have never seen anyone but a Trump supporter use that term for themselves

Actually they didn't. Clinton won the popular vote in total, and even won the white working class, just by a significantly slimmer margin than Obama did. Trump just managed to tip the working class vote enough in key states to win the electoral college, but the base of his support were actually porkies and petty bourg.

Most union workers voted for Clinton.

Officially the unions were for Hillary because she was the Democratic candidate, the actual union members however.. were not as convinced voting for her was in their interest.

I'm fucking sick of the liberals defending Clinton in here.

go jerk yourself off to muh privilege theory and roediger you fucking clowns

most of his voters were upper class whites without education, aka small businessmen and such. stop trying to make le proles love trump and knew he would save them a meme.

They are upwardly mobile minorities and gays who are clinging to the fact that within the last 40 years they can actually work within capitalism and achieve rather than lel niggers need not apply. They are wrong and destructive and counterrevolutionary but as a minority myself I understand why they cling so desperately to shillary rather than actually align themselves with working class.

They see racism as worse then warmongering, global capitalism because racism whether it was from unions or presidents stunted them from any worker's movement or upward job opportunities.

As to the white women at women's rally, they just want to hold onto their social capital and are much more sneering at the poor and imo are objectively worse.

ignore the fact that its tumblr but this is basically the women's rally participants: feelingpussy.tumblr.com/post/156318770851


I forgot the new term is "pee pee man" or something isn't it