Ready For The New House Un-American Activities Committee

We all know the feds are going to get more active under Trump. What measures should we take to prevent Holla Forumsetariat from getting arrested?

For one, I've decided to make an explicit rule against loli illustrations and shit like that. It usually isn't a problem here, but I want users and mods here to know that it has to be deleted. There are comrades from all over the world here who don't have lenient laws and can't risk it. Pedofags deal with it.

Also, I want to know what you all think should be the limit on incitement of violence. We're a revolutionary forum, but I occasionally see people posting very direct incitement of terrorist acts and so on. Do we draw the line somewhere?

I want your input.

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You're fine because of the disclaimer at the bottom of every 8ch page. Don't threaten to kill people you disagree with on 8ch and you'll be fine.

I'm of the opinion that everyone should get to draw their own line as far as what they want to risk getting prosecuted for. Its not like loli where you can get I trouble for just having seen it on your computer, LOOKING at incitement of violence isn't going to get people on trouble.

Direct incitement should be kicked off immediately. 'Kill porky' and 'Bash the Fash' don't count, though.

I think you should put up and pin a thread on how posters can efficiently protect their identities, although if state agencies are after you chances are they will find you. I know Tor posting is forbidden here and that is probably a good thing, since Tor alone is not enough. Short rundown of an ideal setup: Hardened Gentoo with FDE running on a Libreboot system ideally being connected to either a public or cracked WiFi, you can also use SIM cards that are not traced to you, run Whonix, connect to VPN, connect to Tor, connect to Socks 5 proxy or RDP, everything bought with anonymously acquired BTC and obviously don't leak any identifiable information. Ideal would be burner phones that can not be tracked back to you. how far you people want to go in protecting your privacy is up to you.

Other than that everyone needs to know how comfortable they are posting here, I'm not from the US and don't plan criminal behaviour so I don't even worry about it.

This basically

I don't want to ban incitement to violence. We're revolutionaries here, not reformists, and revolutions have casualties - besides, we're on a site which doesn't care and which doesn't display usernames, and should take advantage of that fact.

That said, comrades, don't be stupid, know your local laws and/or how not to be tracked, and stay safe.

As a lolitfag myself, I agree with the decision. And in fact, I would love to see the board gain a stronger stance vs shitposting. I'd hope to see more education threads and less larping.

As for incitement of violence. Well, perhaps implication of revolutionary violence, especially as a reaction to clear and direct oppression and exploitation as opposed to "hang porky's kids xD" might be tolerable, but i'm really not certain on the legality.

One big thing I want to see is a surge of education based threads, perhaps one or two can even be stickied.
I've been thinking about starting a reading group. Yeah, I know, another failure in the making. But shit's got to get done. I'm hoping to just start something for the many socialist here (including myself) who aren't well read. Compared to the average 'murcan, or canadian in my case, I've got a better grasp than most because I've gone beyond both propaganda and internet memes. But by no means do I, or lots of others here, have a truly solid foundation in leftism.

Finally, as much as I love Holla Forums, and I do, despite the bitchfights I get into with one or two regular posters, it's the only non-idpol far left discussion I can find it's really not suitable for truly revolutionary organization. For that, we need our own site, built explicitly for that, and it may in fact have certain features inherited from image boards, but it needs to be purpose built, and imho, that's the best thing that could come from Holla Forums.

What I recently noticed on here is Holla Forumsacks LARPing as leftists and screeching at every mention of sexism and racism as being ´´identity politics´´, just now there is a thread on page 1 being derailed and spammed with this. I don't think we should tolerate this, just as much as we ban liberals COINTELPRO'ing with endorsements of idpol and neoliberal agenda or SJWs, it's a tactic used to derail threads and shitpost them up. I would like to have discussions about the revolutionary potential within movements like BLM, which does have socialist personalities among them who are trying to lead it into a Marxist direction instead of being co-opted by the liberal agenda, but you have to be lucky in that the thread does not get raided and derailed.

Good point. I think Holla Forums can be a great way to introduce people to leftism and memes, but I think banning the shitposts is essential for that.

Chances are if America or whatever goes full right-wing authoritarian they will just try to shut all of Holla Forums down for promoting porn, piracy and political extremism.

Does this affect shota as well?
And I don't think you can realistically ban calls to incite violence when discussing revolutionary politics. Maybe if it isn't generalised? I.e, someone telling us details of an individual or group of people such as personal information or a time when to attack - and anything highly specific like "on this date, bomb x building" - not that I've ever seen that here.
And don't forget, as long as we're on 8ch, the actions of other boards will have consequences for us.

Get the fuck back to reddit.

This is what I mean.

Dude, he didn't even mention feminism. I mean, come on.

I would assume shota would be included, you just don't see nearly as much of it.

A bit too big headed to think anyone even knows this board is here or cares. You'd only have to worry if Holla Forums formed some leftist activist revolutionary organization but i certainly dont see that level of cooperation and coordination going on.

Speak for yourself. revolution doesnt equal violent revolution by default.

What you mean to say is that you have no idea where you are and you want to ban opinions you don't like.

I too have wanted to start a reading group - but with my person situation at the moment it will probably take me a few months to organise anything.

Should this site ever get shut down, I assume we regroup on bunkerchan temporarily?

But that's what I want to see happen.
But it does include it as an option. I'd rather not limit myself, despite preferring as bloodless a transition as possible.

Is there the possibility of creating an encrypted forum for separate use for the good denizens of Holla Forums?

If it can be organized within the year I'd be happy so long as 5+ proles can git read. I just want to know the basics, build a foundation.

Typing this at liberals is one thing but trying to derail legitimate conversations about racism or political organizing by yelling "idpol" is stupid as hell.

As a lolicon, I'm perfectly okay with this. We're a leftist board, not a kink board. Already plenty of spaces for that.

As for incitement of violence, I'm actually not sure what the laws for that are in the US. The board itself can't be targeted for that can it? If not, then I'd say leave it up the individual posters to risk it or not.

I am pretty sure anti-idpol has been written down somewhere as a wedge issue for us, and instead of trying to bring idpol into the situation to divide us it's instead being used to call as much idpol as possible in order to derail discussion. There was just a thread derailed by one sperging autist who got in as early as possible with "Feminist garbage" (the Mexie thread), and then played victim and vanguard of the board against feminist subversion when people told him to shut the fuck up.

This site was the subject of an actual FBI investigation, and one of the biggest neonazi forums on the internet. Yeah, visiting 8ch puts you on a list for sure, and the feds are at least aware that Holla Forums exists.

How specificly can feds track an individual? How easy to see what specific board or even posts they've made? last few months have had me fear I'm becoming near paranoid.

From what we know it is mostly automated and feds don't waste time into tracking you individually unless you are actively being investigated. Unless you are acting criminally you shouldn't have to fear anything and if you're acting criminally you should anonymize yourself anyways as I outlined here

There are ways for them to compile the posting of habits of people that don't use https without compromising the site itself, but they would have to have a reason to target you specifically to see what you post in the first place. Unless they just target everyone that posts on 8ch wholesale.

Thank you. Nothing criminal or unamerican, but the world seems to be headed a little topsy turvy, so I want to be secure. Bunkerize my computer and whatnot.

I figured as much

This. They're the ones screeching the idpol shit in the first place.


Just keep in mind that too much security can also bring attention to you if you do it wrong.

Keep in mind that hiding from authorities makes you suspicious in the first place.

I thought they at least would distinguished between individual boards and I thought they would focus on 4chan more for being more popular but perhaps they would look here more now I guess now 4chan is more moderated? Or maybee im just saying that to myself to not feel all paranoid. Would they be capable of seeing posters IPs without much effort?

First of all, catgirl illustrations have got to go. Catgirls are an expression of woman hater objectification.

There's a danger of taking away too much freedom here in an effort to curb risks. Recently the mods have been a lot more trigger-happy and it's been derailing discussions. I've seen a lot of posts that had actual effort put into them get deleted, not just random Holla Forums shitposts. Someone on the mod team needs to be reprimanded or removed. If people seeking freedom from the strictures of Reddit or other more mainstream sites come here and see that, they might just abandon leftism altogether.

That said a loli ban is probably acceptable. It's unfortunate, but then again so is other legally mandated censorship. The Republicans are even trying to criminalize peaceful protest now. At some point people just need to stand up and say "this law is bullshit and doesn't deserve to be followed." That's probably the point at which the shit will hit the fan. What form that'll take is impossible to say right now.

Are you brain dead, namefag ? He said loli illustrations, not catgirls.

Soon they will be, since intelligence agencies no longer have to go through court to collaborate.

Now when we say loli, we just mean loli porn right?

So does that mean 2D loli is banned, BO ?

Not your job. In the end its what Jim, Codemonkey, Hotwheels has to say.

IMO aslong as we aren't plotting terrorist plots we're fine.

BTW does anyone know who runs leftybooru? There's some shit on there they probably want to take down.

If they wanted to and were willing to deal with it potentially fucking up their court case, they're totally capable of compromising 8ch on a number of levels. Basically, "When your threat model is Mossad, you lose. Period."

What else could it mean?

Could mean Karen :^)

Yeah I just meant porn, I don't mean any random anime kid character.

I was hoping that was just fake or misreported news. It's too creepy.

OP: start posting with a PGP hash signature. get legal services, memorize your lawyer's number, and start a community fund if you need to.

I'm not sure I've ever even seen loli porn here, and I've been around since the first few months of this board's existence. Is this really a problem or is it about to become one because you brought it up?

not frequently, and almost always spoilered. But I have on a few occasions.

I've seen more frequent spams back when this board was newer.

If you suspected they were up to something couldnt you just do a full board purge of all posts to quickly make sure you dont leave anything behind by accident that would bring bad attention to the board and its users? Worst case scenario of course.

Pretty much this. How many new rules can we expect to have? This board must continue to be a free speech board. If it doesn't we might as well just post on Reddit.

I was wondering does the not posting loli rule also apply to the ideology catgirls?

And to deal with shitposting why not make a designated sticky thread for it? I remember there once was one stickied in the early days of Holla Forums

Can we put more control on the moderation team ? Lately they're a bit more ban happy towards non-shitposters.

wow you sure told me

Well, the thing is, I am muke tier in my own readings - BUT, I do have a degree with first class honours in politics, so it won't be difficult for me to organise a reader seeing as I am a speed reader used to flipping through multiple texts to find value and linking texts together. I figure at the very least, learning together and discussing works we find is a great way to develop ideas. I'm happy to even do tutorial style questions to stimulate discussion so it doesn't turn into "here, read this".
Not to mention, despite the stereotype, there are well read types here who I'm sure would love to assist.

It doesn't work that way, and it would be destroying evidence in any case.

I don't really have any other rules in mind.

I don't care if you post adult Alunya porn or whatever, but don't post porn of her as a loli.

Hows the worthless degree working out for you? :^)

would anyone really care about a bunch of NEETs jerking off to anime girls

I'd be up for this.

On Monday I'm starting a graduate job at a federal government department with a starting salary of 60k.

why do we allow porn at all? this is a board about marxism, and we list ourselves as SFW. I don't quite see what porn adds to it all.

And yes, I am going be a part of big gubmint
(Police pls go)

Oh hi FBI agent Bill.

Cool. As I said, starting a new job next month and moving this weekend - to a new city no less, so give me some time. I'll do what I can for preliminary research. I'm happy for others to contribute as much as they please, I have no interest in being some notorious namefag.


Oh hi GCHQ agent James

It would only be destroying evidence if an actual crime took place and if you knew it was evidence. although not being in law I suppose neither of us would know what can count as a crime.

Since the topic is brought up often. You might want to read up on Title 18 of the United States Code about Criminal Anarchy. I dont understand legalese well so im not sure if it applies to words alone or if it only counts if someone actually acts on something.

I'm all for a loli ban, and maybe even a porn ban in general. As someone else said, we are a SFW board and it doesn't aid discussion or anything.

However, I'm really wary of BO's call to limit incitement of violence. It seems too vague and slippery slope-y, and to censor revolutionary rhetoric and the discussion of avenues through which to pursue direct action seems wrong to me for a leftist board. If we can't outrightly support violent (i.e. revolutionary / agitative / accelerationist, etc.) action, then those brands of leftism that find it central to their praxis are effectively neutered on this board, and that's fucked up. We're here to organize and find solutions, and sometimes discussion of actionable violence is central to finding those solutions.

Since when can't you post from Tor?

Might be a good idea to sticky this thread, so that everyone notices it and can discuss what they think.

This. Am I to be censored for posting Chris Hedges talking about the necessity of revolt?

Removing posts on a forum through an administration interface isn't destruction of evidence. Or at least, it's not here as you don't have server control. (And even then it might not be, depending on where the server is located and depending the server hardware.)
Like others have pointed out: what you've brought up is the problem of the server admin (and the server owner: Jim). Not page moderators (you).

If you want to censor questionable content to protect your visitors, then more power to you. That said, I imagine most people who come here in jurisdictions that have laws against said content already have to use proxies (or other circumvention means) to access 8ch. (At least the few nations I can think of already blocked 8ch.)

What I would recommend is adding rules here: so there is a better understanding what users can expect of moderators and vice versa.

Unless you go in the full 100%, you can't protect your identity. (And good luck finding that level of information alone.) A GNU system isn't going to protect you against a government bureau (especially the FBI), no matter how many layers of red herrings you hide behind. At best you can make it marginally harder, but that is (sadly) about it.

The FBI wouldn't have a case without something actually happening, anyway. And if people are genuinely intend on committing an act of terror and plan it on here they are humongous idiots for putting their plan out in the open.

are you fucking kidding of course not. if needbe just put: the works on here are a work of fiction. on the bottom of the page like on 4chan

If that is what concerns you then
There are enough boards to be a racist in on this website

kill yourself pedophile

I'm not interested in touching kids. You kill yourself.

why not allow spoilered porn tbh

I haven't made a rule yet. I'm not sure what kind of criteria would be banned anyway.

You can, there's a TORposter in this thread.

Grim truth. See also "parallel construction", where inadmissible evidence is searched to find ways enforcers *could have* found it, to support a plausible narrative for prosecution. For instance, NSA or GCHQ analysts feeding an anonymous tip to the DEA about an otherwise secure drug run, or unlawfully intercepted Stingray signals containing time/place of a planned crime where they can "serendipitously" witness suspicious circumstances.

is probably on DOJ or Soros' payroll.

Wholeheartedly agreed. Glad BO's paying attention to everyone ITT.

Spoilered porn seems like a happy middle ground to me.

The name he is using is the one of the mod that banned catgirls in r/cointelpro

Also I am suspicious as fuck over the very recent broadening of what constitutes idpol. Whenever I see these users sperging out they are suspicious as fuck and it's bordering on fellow kids material when they do.

I'm convinced it's a tactic to derail threads and disrupt discussion by Holla Forumsacks. Along with "Go back to Reddit". It's dangerous because if spammed enough it will make newcomers believe that it is part of the board culture and will manifest itself.

I tell people to fuck off back to reddit myself, but it's pretty fucking obvious they've recently cottoned onto it as a strategy to shit stir.

What about using using the word filters to soften some words to not sound as threatening but not to the point it sounds coded ( thus suspicious sounding) and isn't really censoring opinions or how someone feels? So basically using words or phrases with a same or similar meaning to what it replaces.. This would be especially with words that would clearly trigger some automated system that can't distinguish jokes or venting from serious plots. Some might say that is going too far but there already is a lot of annoying word filters as is might as well make better use of it.

I agree with the people saying it's not the BO's problem; it's the 8ch admin and owner's problem. That said we'll probably be fine if absolute retards, and it's not like they're hard to spot, are deleted/banned for obvious COINTELPRO activity. This should be a place where you can talk about things but not plan them, and there is a difference. There was a thread just recently where some Dutch were talking with a Brit about him having a Direct Action holiday over there. Obviously they weren't willing to plan anything on a leftist mongolian catgirl board. And shit like that should be fine. People can hook up but they can't plan.

As for the loli I couldn't give a shit since I don't post it. But the real pedos don't post it anyway, they're dead set on being the creepiest motherfucker in the thread through text alone.

Genuinely asking. Why are we worried about all of this now? Do you really think Trump is going to crack down on dissent to the point that he's going to go after a bunch of shitposters on an image board? I'm genuinely curious.

Such as?

this please

bomb/IED -> pressure wave maker
direct action -> directX
privacy -> safety of identity

something along those lines

Not shutting up about muh white males to the point of becoming retarded seems to be the major red flag, as well as anyone but Nazbols calling people SJWs, who are a dead meme. I still have the thread open and pic related is pretty much the intellectual peak of the thread, a mod deleted it in its entirety it was such a shitshow. Still have the thread open if you want to see more.

Here is the video URL

Ban anyone using a anfem, nazbol, ancap or nazi flag

Actually get useful mods

Make posting certain topics that suhvert the board a bannable offense

Please go back to fucking reddit.

Further proof nazbols are cointelpro


You're easily the biggest faggot on this board.

Good! This board has grown to complaint to shit heads like you

Learn proper grammar.

I think it would help if you posted laws and rulings that could potentially get people arrested on this board and advise people to be wary of what you post.

I haven't seen people here actively calling for organization of assassinations, or murders, or even violence, but it's important to be cautious since we have Holla Forumsyp shills for the Trump administration posting on this board ready to jump on anything they could use against us in a court of law.

Learn proper theory


This, honestly.
I'm not sure if we should ban them, but it's become a problem we should probably address

That's the plan. Remember kids:

"When 8ch goes under
Seek safety in bunker"

Not everyone who posts with a NazBol flag is a Holla Forumsack.

There are a number of you who are, just saying.

One of the faggots is in the mod thread too

It's a shame because some of the Nazbol posters crack me up.

Lmao, of course it is a revolutionary act to trash trashcans faggot, the problem is the lack of continuity from these so called anarchists

There are 260 people going to jail, and they are too stupid to do something significant

Of course you lack any revolutionary insight, because nazbol faggotry is just controlled opposition, they even tried to form a party and take part in bourgeoise politics

You are a fucking faggot, kid, I wish you ill

Friendly reminder that this poster is a NatSyn, not a NazBol, and uses the NazBol flag to stir shit.


Yes, thats how it has always been


It's always funny how every topic you don't like is magically unrelated to leftist politics.

Good one you dumb faggot.
More evidence that faggots like you have no revolutionary potential.
I'm a Sorelian you dumb faggot. I just use this flag because it makes your ass so incredibly hurt.
I curse you, your future offspring and your entire family. I say that with every ounce of loathing and hate I have in my heart for you.

I don't think we need any more rules. I'm not particularly in favor of a loli ban either as long as its spoilered. But then, I'm an idiot nobody with nothing to lose.

Everyone just needs to remember their official Holla Forums handshake for identifying comrades in the pokey. There's also the complimentary cyanide capsules that come in every Holla Forums starterpack.

Anfem flag has been compromised, brocialists and polyps use it to stir shitt up now

Feel free to prove that teurd-positionist trash is in any way related to leftiam


Kek, remember the only thing nazbol has ever accomplished was taking part in bourgeois democracy


I prefer "brocialists" to libfems any day tbh.

I think we need the ability to have shitpost free threads, I don't mean all threads, I just mean there needs to be threads that are enforced against shitposting so people can have honest discussions without faggots shitting them up.

I've been thinking of this for a while now because this board is going to shit with all the liberals, random morons, and Holla Forumsshitters coming in and shitposting everywhere. I think if we could have some sort of flag for serious threads or whatever that mods can come in and enforce honest discussion and remove bullshit, I think it would help a lot to make the board better.

We still need room for circlejerking and shitposting, I'm just saying we need the ability to make shitpost free threads, maybe limit them to a few topics a week, but we need them.

Read a fucking book.

Libfems are easily triggered and scared away, brocialists are harder to sack off

fuck off Holla Forums

Given the above I don't see any good reason for any censorship what so ever.
Censoring stuff it's the first step in the failing of every image board I've ever seen.

But that's good for me though. "Brocialists" like NazBols like to bully me and I'm a masochist so it gets me off quite well.

I won't bully you AnFriend.

Don't say that to me ever again!

Me too but i know the guy behind the monitor is a stinky larper, and im not into that

I agree with this post. If you make a thread and you only want serious replies I think OP should be able to determine that. If someone doesn't like it they can just make their own shitfunposting thread.

if that was your metric for purging then everybody on Holla Forums would have to go



Please enlighten me (in general too; you seem like a pretty intelligent guy) are you the poster that has posted Minka before?

Got to work harder, Skeledude…

I'm not.

Ban everyone who complains about NazBols more like it. They're too autistic to be meaningfully engaged with.

18 U.S. Code § 2101 - Riots

(a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including, but not limited to, the mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, with intent—
(1) to incite a riot; or
(2) to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; or
(3) to commit any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; or
(4) to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in or carrying on a riot or committing any act of violence in furtherance of a riot;

That's the tricky part. Maybe:

Sorry I cant think of good examples right now. I was hoping others could expand on the thought to decide if it's any good.

Delete the Nazbol flag.

There is also 18 U.S.C. § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or

Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or

Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.


No, this limits discussion artificially in a way that banning loli or porn wouldn't. It's important that discussion is not artificially limited in any way.

Just advise people promoting violence to use tor.

You know what?
Why don't we resurrect the king George III and give the US back to the British empire? Overthrowing a government it's clearly the worst thing ever and the US independence was a mistake.

How about you fix the fucking top bar so we can a strong string of leftist boards

Better backup than Bunkerchan.

All the acts I have proposed have been non violent fams. Property is literally not people. You can't be violent towards it. Also a fed case would sure get our numbers up

like potery.

To be fair, Trump is something new in the American political landscape so burger comrades don't really know what he's up to beside promoting American Capitalism.

A disclaimer "no shitpost allowed" in some OPs? Worth putting into test imo. Altough there could be only so much thread like this going because would be exponential work for the mod team.

Our defense methods should come from whatever to use to persecute us.
If this chan is compromised we leave. if our private communications are compromised we will come up with an ecryption network and so on.

While it theoretically could happen it would be rather unlikely unless the userbase increased a dramatic amount. Due to the international nature of the board the chances of a large enough group of people to start something real in one area is small.

cheers owner, I unironically appreciated your wholesome post

Don't worry you can be arrested for just as much here.

Yea I think we are too spread out here.

Which bring up a point about "inciting of violence". This probably isn't the channel to do that anyway, since distance inhibits coordination. If there were regional channels that might be a better way, but at the same time I don't even want to suggest that because coordination on the internet is too easy to track. Too much of a "papertrail" of sorts.

Don't call for violence, call for organization


I'd be pretty proud of that if I was Snowden. Stick that shit as my banner.

this is photoshopped right

We have four or five troll flags and we still can't get an eco-socialist flag? What's with the prejudice?

We don't need another troll flag


I can understand that seeing as lots of loli is traced from cp and certain countries are including it as obscene (and shitty places like upsidedown-landia).
But what about some good ol' fashion cuties?

I feel like you're talking about me when you say this post.
Anyhow, same reason I am willing to make such posts, I say NO.
The FED and other "organizations" have no power unless there is physical proof.
Because of this, the responsibility is in relation to the individual viewing the content to ensure such, as to encrypt their computer, run in a virtual machine, or use tails.
Till the Government, or 8ch, smashes your shit screaming "STOP," then don't.
There's no reason to.


Even this though I'd say do the same way as what I said regarding incitement of terrorist acts.
Maybe require it to be spoiled as it's not SFW I suppose, but beyond that it's the fault of the viewer. If they know it's illegal and view it they can choose to take measures to ensure their safety.
If not, that's their choice.

Not that bothered if your creepy alienating obsession is quietly shown the door at the same time tbh.

Pictures of little children are punishable by death in my country, please remove this individual from the board, thanks very much comrades!

Where do I find more pictures like this? Just cute girls. They make me feel fuzzy. It seems that it's always CP or some shit that people suspect you of and I don't want to risk searching for it.

Based moderation. Just stop unbanning him please, thank you. Now I must not go the our national death camps and be worked to death.

The hell is wrong with you!!??

Not this poster, but BO, I'd like to see your input as to this fine young user's statement.

As long as you make sure to only delete files and not posts. I really don't want the loli policy to be a way to content moderate. Like

IDK about US, which means this is totally irrelevant, but locally you can't be charged with destruction of evidence if said evidence might implicate you.
It's pretty awkward, since your lawyer will have to argue that you shouldn't be charged, because you might have been complicit, or committed another crime that the court doesn't know about that's related to this destruction of evidence, which makes the destruction alright. But that's how it works locally at least.
But beyond that, it has to be proven that it was done with intent to destroy evidence, and not through negligence or by accident, which is near impossible in this case.
In any case, is right, since police can still get access to server logs.

fucking truth

Well after reading what people said ITT, I've decided the mods here shouldn't bother deleting "inciting" posts. A lot of those posts are just shitposts. However, I encourage everyone to call out FBI-tier incitement if they see it.

Yes, having Republican dominance in every branch of government is going to lead to more overt suppression. Just look what they're doing to climate scientists. Look how the Dems have treated the BDS movement. We can expect more of that now.

Nazbol flaggers and similar posters already do get banned frequently.

I actually like this idea. What would constitute a no-shitpost thread, and what would constitute shitposting in it?

I kinda want to do this, but I don't like having to judge whether a board is deserving of that place.

I think flag uploads are still broken? Not sure though. If you have a correctly-formatted eco-soc flag, please post it.

The rule is only against porn.

Some sites do it by having the OP write [serious] in part of the title and moderate all serious threads more strictly not allowing personal attacks, trolling, or shitposts in general.

This isn't Holla Forums, stop with the kid shit and post about leftism.

I'm starting to think you're a Holla Forums plant here to make us look bad.

send nazbols pack to Holla Forums please

This, plus perhaps stickying one or two serious threads that show promise. Shitposting would be anything that doesn't correlate to the initial post, or is intentionally derailing into an argument. If I want to read about anarchism, I don't want to argue with a stalinstache about why it's wrong.

From what I understand, incitement to violence has to be specific in order to count. In legal context (at least in the US) I believe that means specific in the sense of who is targeted, when, and how. So saying "we need to drag porky into the streets and literally slaughter him, like, yesterday" is kosher but "Bill Gates is attending [function] at [location] on [date]. Someone should [method of assassination]" is not.


I'd go with the classic:
Maybe with some modifications.

An OP could signal a shitpost-free thread with the subject, like put [NO SHITPOSTS] in the subject field when there's something serious to discuss.

Anti "trolling" and "flaming" are the worst fucking forum rules in existence. They are entirely up to subjective interpretation by the observer and inevitably end up being abused to crush uncomfortable opinions.

So this is basically an anti-free speech board? What constitutes "hatred"?

Being a nazi faggot like you. Seriously fuck off back to Holla Forums.

That answer is very intellectually stimulating.

Im against allowing direct incitement of violence, since leftpol isn't tor friendly, but hypotheticals, slogans/memeing, and linking to pages or chats with direct incitement should be. I am against bans for it, although 10 min bans might be okay if mods get overwhelmed.

Ideally we could have completely free and open discussion, but without stronger Identity protection, i think the risks are too high.