Organization is literally the only thing that matters

Organization is literally the only thing that matters.

I think people like me, who radically challenge their political views like I did, are often shocked to realised how much the "other side" is exactly like the one you the stood by for years.

They're just as funny, just as intelligent and just as "moral" as you were. A liberal will watch the Daily Show and SNL mocking dumb republicans without realising they're the butt of the joke of thousands of right-wing talk show hosts, comedians and youtubers. You'll read a lenghty critiques of their ideas and feel good about being right, but they have critiques of yours that make their side feel just as right. You spoof them, mock their repetitive behavior and codified speech, but if you take a look at their social-media they're doing the same to you. You read screencraps of stupid things someone from the other side said, and they will do the same to you. You'll be morally outraged when they celebrate some new law you consider inhumane, but they'll do the same when you celebrate something you consider righteous. You'll consider yourself a victim, someone who is besieged, and see them as the true holders of power. They think the same of you. You feel like your side has consistently lost and been deprived of a real chance at power for decades. They feel the same way.

The psychology is the same, the mindset is the same, and the means to articulate those are the same. What isn't the same is how we organize. Our hability and efficiency to organize should be the focus of our improvement. Only through organization we can translate ideas into actions.

And we even need organization to help our attacks reach the target, because what's the point of making criticism and satires of our opponents if only we will get to listen to it? If the masses of apolitical people will never read it? It's just a perpetual cycle of telling ourselves we're right.

Self-isolating bubbles telling themselves they're the coolest, smartest tribe never get anywhere.

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Theres a ted talk all about software bubbling people.

I think we need a proper online organizational apparatus, but I have no idea where to begin. It can't be too hierarchical lest we go full /r/socialism, can't be void of enforceable rules or it'll just devolve into infighting. Can't be too hidden or nobody will find it, but if it's easily accessed prepare for cointelpro and shitposters from Holla Forums.

I lik dis tred.

Online is bullshit, its only good for internal organisation of IRL groups and networking between groups.

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It's a general sentiment at best.

so many words to convey a basic idea

language is funny

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i honestly think the fucking pretentiousness surrounding leftist academic circles is one of the main reasons class consciousness is so low

when youre talking 24/7 about marxist ideas but no prole will ever understand you of course there will be no revolution. its not like these are awfully complex concepts we are dealing with here either which warrant the usage of very careful and abstract speech, no, people just choose to look smart instead of TALK GOOD

its why i like zizek, beneath all of his different speech impediments that are on the verge to retardation lies a sort of populist, perhaps at times uncareful, but still precise way of communicating ideas


People interested in organizing should check out Democracy at Work's action group network

OP is right, and the only answer to this is getting offline and actually doing stuff with other people.

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Is there a list of organizations or something? I don't think there is anything close to where I live.

there's not even a DSA chapter where i live

Could you not type like a teenager?

See if there's a [email protected]/* */ action group

Was thinking about hitting up a local Socialist Alternative meeting tonight. Not my group of choice but at the very least I thought I'd see what they are all about, give em a chance.

I think we need a healthy balance of theory and activism. Armchairs don't win revolutions, aimless revolutions win nothing.

Where are you from?
Someone from here might also be from your place and could give you pointers

His ideology is not stringent enough for proles to understand. He goes full Stalinist at one point, then he goes fill AnCom SJW at another point. He's an intellectual and not made for communicating with the masses. Besides the awful fact he adds "I have no idea what to do" to the end of every debate or lecture.

He really just says one or two outrageous things once in a while to sell his books.

I'm sorry to say man, but organization is worthless without opportunity. We were born at the wrong time to contribute. Unless one of us happens to be a genius whose work will, decades from now, inspire the second wave of leftist insurgence.

You can start being active in leftist organisations and parties and help purging them from within from reformists and IdPol. Even when there is an opportunity (and in some countries that are getting fucked by neoliberalism, there is, like Greece), if you refuse to help building up the groundwork all you will get is fascism, because guess what, they outpace us in terms of organizing right fucking now.

and opportunity, an unknowable future fortune, is worthless without organization.

This. You have no idea what will happen over the next year. Don't let 2008 happen again.

We organize differently because we aren't supporters of neoliberal capitalism. Seeking a psychological equivalency is disingenuous when one side has the power of the bourgeois state at their back.

Fortunately, we aren't reddit.

Why? It's just some smug sperg's polemic.

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Try the Catholic Workers, or any "Help the Homeless" type of group. They're often a type of beacon for leftists. Also, try a black church or mosque in the ghetto. Again, beacon for leftists.

I feel like you bring up an interesting point OP, but I wanna give my opinion of why I think you might be wrong with particularly the left. Granted I'm bias, I'm aware of that, but hear me out.

You're perfectly right that all sides, not even liberal-conservative but everything under the political compass and beyond will follow the same patterns of making jokes about eachother, making themselves feel right, surrounding themsleves with people who agree with them - I mean, while everyone has different political opinions, we're all humans after all, we're all going to act relatively the same. The real difference between being an blind idiot and a little more mature about it is realizing this in the first place. The former are usually the 12 year olds on reddit, honestly.

I think with the left there's a difference though on some of the points.

I dont think this is strictly true. I think it's more objective that the hard left is pretty damn weak today, but do we always see ourselves as the victims, on the losing side? No, I would say we take great pride in the achievements of the left throughout the 20th century, and the gains of class struggle even today.

Do we think our opposites are the ones truly controlling everything? No, I dont think so. Our 'polar opposites' or whatever would probably be Fascists. I think we mostly agree here that, ignoring some recent developments in the US and parts of Europe, Fascism is extremely fringe and has no real power. We dont really consider any one ideology to be in power, but rather the Capitalists to be, and they do not all have one ideology, although they tend to be liberal/conservatives. Really society is most geared to the liberals/conservative dichotomy, and I actually think most people would agree with that. The far right might call liberals socialists, but we all know who they're actually referring to. The liberals might say the conservatives are in power and the conservatives might say it's the liberals, but this only really backs up my point when you realise both their ideologies are extremely similar.

I dont know, I felt like clarifying that tbh. I really do feel like the far left sees the bigger picture most of the time, and wont make out our 'enemies' to be part of all powerful conspiracies that control every part of our lives and THAT'S why things arnt the way we like.

In fact, we even admit Capitalists themselves are often powerless over the system of Capitalism! That really is what separates us from the rest.

Again, I'm very bias here, but still I think my points are valid.

Organization is LARPing at its finest. Either do revolution, or stop embarrassing yourselves


Initially I think its a good idea to organise around a study group, then have those members of the study group attempt to recruit people, then once there are a good few people start translating the ideas of the study group into IRL actions

The study group can create a catalogue of information so that comrades can learn from each other and we can expose businesses and leaders we may have missed on our individual search for information

Revolution happens with revolution, not dinner parties or book club meetups. That's anarkiddie tier logic.

name me one revolution that popped out of the ground like you describe without popular agitation

Well, in your eyes, no successful revolution was "real communism", so it matters not what I tell you, you'll just shrug it off because it didn't pander directly to you

No, tell me.

For a sect that is apparently "the most consistent Marxist", you sure are contradicting Marx here.

No literally, give me ANY revolution that happened with no prior agitation.

like, from the left or right. Any kind. I won't question what it did, I just want to know that it happened

I dont have to prove anything to you guys. The fact is, the burden falls on you opportunists to prove that tea parties and waving signs around is going to accomplish anything. So go ahead, do revolution. I'm waiting.

armchair intensifies
Party politics involve PR my dude.

you better not be a yank.

Revolutions are caused by people, not by

Cool sit there then

IMO I completely disagree, the left right now has a startling lack of theory that accounts for the complexity of producing modern technologies, intellectual property, etc that can thus offer a cohesive plan of society fit for the modern era. If we just assume that after armed revolution, we will magically stumble upon a great system of management, we are only deluding ourselves.

But yes, organization is massively important right now for opposition. But if we want to stop being on the defensive and make more offensive gains, we have to offer more than a critique.

Actually attacking is the only thing that matters.

insurrection and dual power>revolution