She heard us in the comments buckos, expect consistent anti-capitalist work from this qt3.14.


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She seems to be influenced by idpol tho.

Fuck that shit.

Feminist garbage.

Who is she and why should I care?

Watch the video.

Not an argument, faggots.

I did and it was pretty boring. She doesn't have a lot of views and her content seems to be entry-level - so why should she be of us interest to us? Is she being memed somewhere or something?

You're right, it's a fact. Feminism is CIA funded garbage, and the main reason the left is universally hated.

go home Holla Forums

What's the point of fawning over her? Her vagina is reserved for Chad

go back to reddit SJW faggot.

Gloria Steinem discusses working for the CIA.

While we shouldn't allow ourselves to be subverted, it's pretty simple logic to subvert potential fellow travelers.

Because it's sexist not to forcefully include women at 51% of all viewed materials even when they have nothing of value to add.

Go watch some anime then.

Because her channel might have some potential of blowing up and turning normies, she lays out her arguments pretty well imo. Also, she really seemed to appreciate the commie feedback her other videos got.

But if you're one of the "let's just do nothing, guys" posters around here, then I probably wasted my time posting this.

Lmao i ate Chad, you're all my food user

Slacktivism and 5th column feminism is not "Doing something". Please feel free to show where you're running for government as a socialist of some kind or training for revolution.

You're not SJW retard, you're busy destabilizing groups for not being anti-male psychopaths.

Is discussing YouTube videos of unfamous and unintersting leftists your idea of political activism?

Is this whole thread COINTELPRO? Fuck off



If anyone's cointelpro, it's you, faggot


Don't get angry at the leftcoms, they're merely suffering from an infantile disorder. It's not their fault.
Obviously converting startup youtubers pays huge dividends over time, far greater than starting your own channel if spread out.

Jesus Christ, you're eating pure liberal ideology!

You do realise we're all brocialists here? fuck off back to reddit, cunt.

You must've ignored where I said training for revolution, intentionally ignoring that is clear proof you're running COINTELPRO Feminism.

Did you watch the video?

Just stop.


Whoops typo

the video OP linked deals with capitalism and everyone starts autistically screeching about idpol and feminism, something never adressed by the video creator or OP? Yeah sure seems like COINTELPRO to me.

I saw her discussing the "Patriarchy" that doesn't exist in the comments and couldn't, sorry. I'm not beholden to liberal feminist conspiracy theories.

Did you watch the video?

Top kek. Nobody is buying your shit. It's taken several fly-by comments to change the course of a youtubers output potentially forever.

I think you are replying to the wrong thread.

This. We've reached such an absurd point in time screeching COINTELPRO itself is a good COINTELPRO tactic.

autists that screech about feminisim is why Holla Forums is a thing tho


I made one comment and several reddit retard went full "NOT MY COMRADE", it's mainly not about the video at this point.

I'm jus sayin', fuck feminism. It's a liberal, bourgeois ideology and it's done nothing but turn the left into a massive joke that actively fuels the right.

Not an argument.

Did you watch the video?

Breitbart.com is now one of the most popular reactionary news sites in the world, why? Because it used SJW bullshit as fuel for right-wing hate.

And the real problem is, they're right. Either feminism goes or we all lose.

Nice try reddit, your side started with cointelpro. YOu can't deny that the most famous, entry-level feminist authors in the world worked for the CIA so you called ME cointelpro. Feminism is spook shit

No thanks, I lost my virginity a long time ago.

Most anarchist revolutions were full of flaming sjws, you have no clue what you're talking about.

It's not an argument, it's a fact,


That cleavage, lol. She knows her audience are horny 14 year old kids and no one would watch her otherwise.

Yes, nowadays. Now that Anarchism is a joke. Don't try and make revolutionary peoples the same as the "Women's Movements"

Yay, another feminist liberal "fast cuts" video bastardizing communism!

except most of us here are adults

It must hurt not having your precious downvotes and bans.

Just go back to spamming "NOT MY COMRADE" while explaining why everyone had to vote for Hillary Clinton.

I thought buckos were counter revolutionaries of various stripes. Hence the phrase, "We're coming, buckos."

But the channel isn't about feminism you incredibly dim sodomite, at worst it's a bit liberal woo oriented.


new commie mommy

Stop equating feminists to SJWs. SJWs are feminists but not the other way around. It's not the same thing. If you don't support Marxist feminism you're an idiot who has no consistent ideology. The liberation of all people concerns you as a socialist and to deny that women are oppressed under a capitalist system which forces people into male and female identities is counter-revolutionary.

Buckos are reactionaries and other kulaks for gulag'n

You're not even paying attention brah

Strawman, also they're both very much feminist movements, try harder.

You're the one embarrassing yourself by spamming antifem garbage. I could care less either way as long as she supports socialism. Kys you reactionary manbaby.

This guy gets it.

Here we go again. Just say it

ALL Feminists are SJWs, ALL Feminists deny the basic idea that the wealthy rule the poor. Because they believe in the totally false assertion that it's actually Men that rule the world, Men who suffer immensely more under labor, war, and all forms of strife.

Call yourself whatever you want, you're a fraud if you're a feminist.

t. derailing faggot who has just screamed cointelpro muh reddit its feminism cos tits from first post to last


It was actually the ones opposing me who did it, not surprising an SJW retard can't be bothered to read. You see a white male and you simply start shrieking.

Nah bro, the Women's movement in the US and Britain were strongly pro imperialist. They had no common ground with the Spanish Revolutionaries for example. They actively attempted to keep the poor out of having the vote while giving themselves the vote in the US as well.

look it up, white feather campaign

Minxy alone proves you wrong, kek.

Go eat cereal over Sargon of Akkad videos, nobody cares.

Notice how this will never turn into "Okay, let's put aside feminism and focus on real stuff" it's always a demand to equate feminism with every leftist movement in existence, a demand that everything immediately cease and no-one even breath while white feminists are busy shrieking the evil white males down to size.

This is 5th column behavior.

I hate that guy, and all 'gamergaters' actually. psuedo-intellectuals foaming at the mouth with IDPOL are the reason I hate feminists in the first place after all.

Notice how this thread has been derailed from the very first post to ´´discussing feminism´´ for seemingly no reason at all?

get a life

ITT, guy who posts "Not an argument" over and over again fails to make a single cogent point and denies literally all evidence that Feminism is worthy of hating.

SJW faggots, leave forever.

reverse idpol is still idpol

No reason? Because you can't let it go that someone hates feminism you mean. I'm not forcing you to post.

It's peak brocialism. Anyone associated with that word makes leftypol extremely buthurtt.

You've been doing this the entire thread, whining about feminism is classic right-wing idpol.

Stop being such a whiny little faggot, FBI.

My point exactly? I'm not promoting my identity as the reason for the argument, I'm saying fetishizing whiteness and men as the enemy are feminist tactics.

Not an argument.


stop replying

Here we go again, you're too fucking stupid to absorb a single point I've made. Which is of course, natural for a Feminist.

I've said this over and over and over, Feminism =/= Leftism. You can't decry me as right-wing for hating your shitty white imperialist movement where literally the most famous feminist admits to being a CIA operative.

Can you show me the part of the video about feminism?

Win an argument over the Feminist left, prepare for a shitstorm of retards to refuse to engage in a single fact, acknowledge a single point, and repost reddit memes over and over.

There's no talking to them, they're worthless and they turned the left into SJW faggotry.

Can you show me the part of the video about feminism?

You're braindead dude. I said over and over that I was replying to feminists ITT, you keep assuming I'm getting this over the contents of some dumb bitch's video. I've told you several times that's not the case. I don't know what to tell you anymore, you're literally mentally retarded.

Can you show me the part of the video about feminism?