Trump administration going all out against climate change reports

What the fuck is going on

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The death of our ecosystem


Now this is actually going against freedom of speech.

Holy fuck man. Trump wtf is your issue?

Gotta get some public backlash going.

We're boned.

Only once the earth becomes completely unlivable will porky do anything to stop climate change. But by then all the rich people will have fled to Mars so we're screwed either way.

The CEO of Exxon is part of his cabinet. I don't remember Bush going this wild on it honestly.


He is in an echo chamber of oil&gas industry people, they don't give a fuck if we all die

actually government employees do not have the right to say anything they want with official PR accounts ;)

No one cares we're not liberals

Ok ancrap.


Right-wingers will think that's great because climate change and global warming are all lies made up by the Soros-led globalist elite.

Bright side beach front property for everybody left.

Tillerson is not a climate change denier.

stupid underage posters

you caught me, I'm actually 7

Actually climate change is real. But if you look at the effects that it will have on the world it will predominately hurt shitskins. America is almost miraculously going to come out of it 100% okay.

You poor fucks are about to endure what Harper did to Canada for 10 years.

The great cuckening is upon us

and they say the democrats buy into manufactured narratives as long as it fits their world view

So…. you're okay with it happening then?

Nothing like having your currency cucked to the extreme when the oil runs out. We'll probably all be dead by then though.

All he did was place a media gag. Nothing's been shut down, defunded, etc.

The EPA has caused major ecological disasters when they're supposed to be helping. They collapsed a dam for fuck's sake. They've been asking for a serious internal review for years. Did anyone not expect Trump to take a hard look at them and tell them to sit down and be quiet until he's done?

america is gonna get fucked up by climate change you mongoloid


Shh don't tell him that it'll be funnier that way when it hits.


No it won't you dumb fucking snownigger Nazi

Guess what happens when brown people can't live in their current countries due to global warming? They come to your country. Now, unless you're prepared to sit at the border and massacre them by the hundreds, which you are not because you are an autistic NEET too afraid to even talk to a female, you should at least care about trying to prevent global warming.

I'm not the one posting with a Nazi flag.

If an agency fucks up, it gets put on a leash. That's all.

Yes because all the signs logically point to a media gag meaning that not he is about to go Micheal Meyers on their ass and doesn't want them screaming too loudly.


Which means that they're going to start flocking over to other countries. You're basically going to have a giant financial crisis on your hands. But hey, they're niggers. What do you care?

Dude he froze EVERYTHING. The government isn't even allowed to hire right now. Everything's in lockdown, and yeah, he's had an eye on the EPA for a while. Even if he goes "Michael Meyers" on the administration and replaces it with people he feels are more competent, he's not going to disband the agency.

Are you seriously implying Trump replacing the whole agency because this retard thinks climate change ain't real is ok?

You should blow up some more garbage cans comrade that'll get trump impeached

No. I think having a rigorous evaluation of a troubled agency is okay.

If they find out some shenanigans have actually gone on, then sure, axe the lot, because they weren't doing their jobs. Otherwise, maybe just find a way to make them not regularly fuck up everything everywhere they go.

Nigger why do you think I voted for the guy who said he was going to build a wall??

When's climate change going to cause a major epidemic already? I'd be happy if nature wiped a bunch of people out about now.

I hope you realize it isn't just one agency that can't talk about climate change on places like social media


Climate change is good! It means more trees!

Mandatory watching.

If not doing so means starvation, they will dig under the fucking wall or go around it by boat.

I mean we all know you're pathetic idpol fags you didn't have to keep repeating it

We're sending most of them back. They don't belong here.

Yes the Nazi masturbation fantasy is coming dude. I think it's time you admit that Holla Forums is always right

We have the most advanced military on Earth. You think a bunch of shitskins are gonna outsmart us and our technology?


weak bait, see me after class


More carbon dioxide means plants need less water to survive. It has the exact opposite effect the climate cultists are trying to sell. Deserts are greening because of it. Climate catastrophe is a scam, nature has many checks and balances and like user said nothing is happening like they said it would.

Isn't Mexico due for a revolution?

HAHAHA, criminal gangs have absolute power there. Sort of like what has happened in Chicago. We can't let more of our cities fall to these people like Chicago has, or our whole country will be a drug state like Mexico.

Mexican here, I'm just waiting for NAFTA to be repealed for shit to absolutely go down

But that's not the only reasont this is being done, he's surrounded himself with people who want the arctic to melt so land for drilling for oil and gas and minerals is available. the guy put an exxon man in his cabinet and a goldman sachs guy as well.

Trump should send Delta Force down and raid the cartel money vaults, use half to help Mexico crush the gangsters and the other to build the wall.

This thread proves once gain that Holla Forums is just reformist SJW libtards LARPing as communists.

Or we could not risk white lives, build the wall, and let them kill themselves instead.

I'm not sure I follow your logic. Please do explain.

Not from co2 bud

ye from co2

lol at believing this, its real and we will all die from it if we keep doing it you idiot


Not entirely, sure. We've been exploiting the natural world to exhaustion ever since we speciated. Climate change is just the final end game we've been building up to for a long time.

Climate change is good because it will put huge stress on the capitalist system (especially American hegemony.)

You're right, ecosystem moves on with or without us. But if you want to live comfortably in it turns out you need to make sure it's sustainable for us

No, fisheries are still a very significant source of world food.

did you miss the lesson on the food chain in elementary school? Maybe that tiger controls a specific population of herbivores and without it the herbivore population explodes which depletes certain plants which changes the CO2 composition of the surrounding atmosphere and so on and so forth

Because beavers are a vital animal for freshwater retainment and vegetation.

They've done experiments before introducing beavers to dry arid/desert creeks and they literally transform them into oases with foliage and larger animals.

And since beavers create such amounts of vegetation that wouldn't otherwise exist, this means they affect the rest of the planet by trapping CO2 in carbon sinks.

you could at least pretend not to be totally stumped by fourth grade concepts

yes, a single introduced or removed species can have catastrophic effects on an ecosystem, this is some ecology 101 shit

Have you heard about photosynthesizing?
Look for it on wikipedia. Chemistry and biology basics.

Holy shit. I didn't know people can be this stupid.

Not climate change related but I'll post it here to avoid creating yet another Trump thread.

Doesn't he want to ban martial arts as well?

Oh nope, it's not bad in the eyes of reactionaries.

This man makes me platinum mad.

Holla Forums already hates video games so I guess this will only intensify their support of Trump

Trump is actively making China overtake the US as a world superpower both technology-wise and economic prowess.

Goddamn, it's amazing how dumb everything he's done in the past three days has been.

This kind of fits with the accelerationist theory. Remove distractions so they can't escape to a safe space and are forced to rebel after seeing the bullshit he's been doing. Porky wants you to have your little distractions and venting for violent urges.


Climate change is nonsense, sometimes it's warm sometimes it's cold it's called the weather.

actually unironically ths

b-but 97 percents of capitalist science men agree you climate revisionist!

guess youre not laughing about the wall now

China is a nation of a billion. Why do you care if the US is #1? And is the cost of staying #1 even worth it?

Stop deleting the posts you braindead hotpocket, some actually want to read the entire discussion itt


That mass migration mostly affects Europe (see: African/ME migrants) but no, the wall isn't going to keep Mexicans out and is going to be a massive waste of (American) money that could be better spend elsewhere

"I didn't evolve from no monkeys!"

that's u


^ you

Do you even do science? (not engineering, but natural science)

I know about corporate interests hacking the issue, but it's far easier to manipulate the public about climate change than manipulating actual science.

They do it the same way as they've done with tobacco-cancer relations. They are doing it since the Kyoto agreement. At that time the public held more radical opinions about the need to address climate change.

Look up skeptical literature. I recommend Michael Shermer.

I want this to be real. Holla Forums is full of vidya addicted losers

Ironic coming from a guy who told his supporters that it's oke to punch people.

This coming from Mr. 'we are too politically correct, we care too much about hurting people. Punch him in the face and I'll defend you in court'?

A good doc to watch about it sometime is called Merchants of Doubt.

They'll just justify it like they do with everything their God Emperor does.
Pretty soon on Holla Forums πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€video gamesπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ will be considered an ebil degenerate Jewish plot.


The CEO of Exxon is in charge of foreign policy. He's not the one responsible for denying climate change he's the one that will blockade China to secure Vietnanese oil contracts. Splitting hairs I know.

Thx, I'll definitely check it out.

Shit, bro, you could be my dad.


If the US can't print the world reserve currency it is fucked. Do you really want to see imperialism with Chinese characteristics?

Where did you read that, what the fuck?
Carbon dioxide is NOT a limiting reagent for most plants, there is no reaserch indicating it is, and it's toxic to some.


t. poo in the loo europoor in the 18th century.

No, you fucking hippie.

It's about as old as Darwin, watch the video.

On the bright side, we'll finally own the means of production.

Actual science has a lot of nuances, cause and effect don't always imply the obvious thing. That's how you get pseudoscience like Al Gore's documentary.

There are more pressing issues than climate change that humanity will need to solve. Deforestation is much more of a danger to humans in the near future than climate change will be. Yet whenever green parties in Europe make green policy it just involves them raising taxes on cars, road tax or plane tickets. Then the money just goes into general government budget and not towards incentives to improving climate change.

I came across some studies and I've seen ones disagreeing with the notion that climate change is man made as well as agreeing. If it isn't man made then nothing humans will do will improve it. So then you also can't make policy.


Feels good. Fuck western Europe.

I wasn't clear, sry. I know about science because I'm learning it (currently BSc, physics, meteorology specialization - not climatology, tbh).
Scientific consensus says the climate change is anthropogenic. There are studies which can be considered proponents and opponents too, but at large scale, climatologists seem to agree on the issue.

I don't know if climate change alone is a really pressing issue, but environmental protection deserves much more effort in my opinion.

Al Gore's documentary is not the same as scientific literature, which is at the consensus that increased CO2 is causing warming. Whether you want to pin that on it beings the fault of humans or something else (it was out of our control, we can get around it etc) is another discussion.

This is what accelerationism looks like, buckos.

Trump will be denying ecological crises in the midst of tapwater being flammable, keystone species going extinct, all standing water blooming with algae and the entire west coast being on literal fire.

Just keep in mind that it was always going to get this bad eventually and because it's getting so bad so fast, we're skipping generations of exploitation under capitalism that we might have otherwise had.

Well, we had a good run. Modern industrial civilization even managed to put people into mutherfucking space.

Take that bears.

Yeah, I mean it's only our food and water supply, and the air we breath.

If I'm going to shill for anything, and I mean anything, it's going to be science.

Polluting the environment is good for business. Not only can they make huge profits in the short term by disregarding EPA rules, they can increase those profits later on by selling goods people need to survive in the hellscape they created.

I see a bright future for air filters and bottled water.

Oh shit also water filters? It's all becoming clear.