OK what's with all the Sharia law stuff from the left lately?

OK what's with all the Sharia law stuff from the left lately?

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Not sure. I was to busy organising for rational and ethical law.

tbh I find Islam amazing.


if you mean all the apology for it coming from certain vaguely left circles recently, it's mostly idle exoticism coupled with tribal contrarianism to the right using it as a boogeyman.

Sharia law as it exists in places like England are just a religious civil court outside the normal law. It's voluntary and just so muslim communities can settle disputes among themselves
Now, I'm still against them in that it's people can be compelled by them our risk alienation/being shunned from their communities and families for not following them. I don't know how much they happens though

Other religions have the same thing

Me too. That's why I'm asking about it.
NPR was promoting it today and one of the pussy hat ladies is all for it.

Libs gonna libs. Either that or "if it's against the US it can only be good cuz antiimperialism and shit"

That's just vulgar tankies


Libshits buying into whatever gives them those woke points
WHY can't everyone just agree Democratic confederalism is just 3 million times better for the middle east?

Holla Forums is that you?

You make it sound like it would stay that way over time. Do you also think conservative western christians are just small voluntary cultural systems, or are you ready to acknowledge that all religious groups seek total domination of society.

I think you'll find its actually all religious groups with the sole exception of the Sikhs.

nah sikhs too. Just look at sikh history. They had an empire fam

The non-muslim preachers of Sharia think they earn "Diversity points" that help cure them of their white guilt

The muslim preachers of Sharia are (mostly Saudi funded) subversive wahhabis trying to advance their geo-political agenda

Reminder this board is for Hezzbollah and Kurdistan posters no sharia allowed

So no one?

They had an empire with religious tolerance as an explicit principal, both protecting themself and Hindus from persecution by Muslims, and also protecting themselves and Muslims from persecution by Hindus.

pick one
Hezbollah wants Shia interpretation of sharia. They are ideologically the same as Iran. Come on mate.

This is just sikh propaganda. The sikh empire wasn't some bastion of love and tolerance. They opressed and slaughtered the muslims under them. Why do you think muslims tried to rebel against them if it was all good?

Sikhs and Sikh Empire
Following the Sikh occupation of Samana in 1709, the Sikh army participated in a massacre of the city's residents. 10,000 unarmed Muslim men and women were slain.[39] Following the Siege of Sirhind, Banda Singh Bahadur ordered that all men, women and children be executed.[39] All residents of Sirhind, whether they were men, women or children were all burned alive or slain.[39] In December 1757, Sikhs pillaged the Doab and the city of Jullunder.[40] During this pillaging, "Children were put to the sword, women were dragged out and forcibly converted to Sikhism" and Mosques were defiled by pigs blood.[40] The body of Nassir Ali was dug out by Sikhs and flesh was thrust into it.[40]
Ranjit Singh went to Peshawar and pillaged the city, cut down trees for which the city was famous, burnt the palace of Bala Hissar and its mosque was defiled.[citation needed] Diwan Chand became the first Hindu Governor of Kashmir after 1354 and enacted dozens of anti-Muslim laws. He raised the tax on Muslims, demolished the Jama Masjid of Srinagar and prohibited cow slaughter. The punishment for cow slaughter was the death penalty without any exception. He abducted all the Pashtun and Uzbek women and infamously sold them at Hira Mandi, a very popular market in Lahore (the Sikh Empire Capital).[41][42][43] Maharaja Ranjit Singh in lieu of helping Shah Shuja the grandson of Ahmad Shah Durrani asked for the ban of cow slaughter in Afghanistan and with Ranjit Singh's help, Shuja regained the Kabul Throne and imposed a ban on cow slaughter in Kabul.[44]
Sayyid Ahmed Barelvi declared war against Maharaja Ranjit Singh and recruited many Muslims from madrassas. However the Yousufzai and Muhammadzai Khawaneen didn't like his egalitarian ideals and betrayed Sayyid Ahmed Shahid and his army at the battle of Balakot and supported the Sikh Army in the Battle of Balakote in 1831, and Barelvi's head was severed by Sikh General Hari Singh Nalwa.[45][46]
Muslims still revered Sayyid Ahmad, however he was defeated and killed in the battle by Sikh Forces commanded by Hari Singh Nalwa and Gulab Singh.[47] Raja Aggar Khan of Rajaouri was defeated, humiliated by the Ranjit Singh commander Gulab Singh and was brought to Lahore where he was beheaded by Gulab Singh of Jammu.[48]

10 invisible virtual cookies for whoever can actually grasp what he really meant:

"The Soviet Government considers that the Sharia, as common law, is as fully authorized as that of any other of the peoples inhabiting Russia.

If the Daghestan people desire to preserve their laws and customs, they should be preserved.

At the same time, I consider it necessary to state that autonomy for Daghestan does not, and cannot, imply its secession from Soviet Russia. Autonomy does not mean independence. The bond between Russia and Daghestan must be preserved, for only then can Daghestan preserve its freedom. It is the definite purpose of the Soviet Government in granting Daghestan autonomy to single out from the local forces men who are honest and loyal and who love their people, and to entrust to them all the organs of administration in Daghestan, both economic and administrative. Only thus, only in this way, can close contact be established between Soviet power in Daghestan and the people. The Soviet Government has no other object than to raise Daghestan to a higher cultural level by enlisting the co-operation of local forces.

The Soviet Government knows that the worst enemy of the people is ignorance. It is therefore necessary to create the greatest possible number of schools and organs of administration functioning in the local languages.

The Soviet Government hopes in this way to extricate the peoples of Daghestan from the quagmire of ignorance into which they were plunged by the old Russia.

The Soviet Government considers it essential that the same autonomy as is now enjoyed by Turkestan and the Kirghiz and Tatar republics should be established in Daghestan."

even when I was a christfag I couldn't wrap my mind around how some christians were so appalled by muslims wanting to convert the world.

"No shit, so do we. We both legitimately believe it's in the best interest of everyone"
t. me at 18 in my head in response to my mom

obviously muslims want to take over the world, what healthy ideology wouldn't?

>>>Holla Forums

No, I've heard plenty of non-muslims praise Islam as the "peaceful religion" of the world, and praise it's tenants

Islam is Hegelian and compatible with Leftism.

Here on Holla Forums we prefer Shia Islam

I prefer Martian law. Who will be my knights of Mars?

Hello Holla Forums.

You mean liberals that pretend to understand Islam? Sharia law is a fucking garbage and has no place in with the left.