What the fuck was his problem?

What the fuck was his problem?

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He was a manlet

Closeted homo.

Micro penis

He had only got one ball

He went full emo when his artwork was criticized.


He hated blonde people

Now having blond hair makes you Hitler no matter how leftist you are

Cant think of a single blond dictator.


Fegelein got him banned from Xbox Live

Tbh strangly enough even though I'm a leftist I've always felt a strange connection with Hitler. When I look at his face I just see this tragic idealist character, he appears so melancholy in every picture of him and it makes me empathize with him.

But he didn't. He was told that his skills would be better met as an architect since Hitler loved drawing buildings and drew them almost exclusively.

Was that made to piss everyone off?

Haven't watched it yet, but since we're on an imageboard and not discussing porn, I'll take a wild guess and say yes.

Now that you mention it, there's very few pictures of him ever smiling.

He was mad that he had such a small penis

It was made to be lulzy

This was because of brand management mainly, it's also why there are very few recordings of him speaking with his natural voice.
Although he was regularly beaten by his father so much that by the age of twelve he had learnt not to cry
Same for Stalin, but when Stalin was twelve instead his father died in a fight. This is why Stalin took on the name Koba, the main character from The Patricide. It's thought he did this in order to give the impression he killed his father, which made him more intimidating and allowed him to run a local numbers racket.

Jewish girl laughed at his benis when he was a teenager

tbh that's a nice way of saying he fucking sucked at perspective and he would be better off doing things not intended to be pretty on paper





Damn he sounds like the definition of a lost soul

Yeah I actually feel sorry for him. I think Goebbels and Himmler were the bigger evils but I don't know their backstory. The real problem was how the people of Germany elected such a person and chose to follow him.

Hindenburg and Papen fucked up


Starting a violent revolution during wartime doesn't fit that description at all.

Hitler is the most hated man in history

Well it's impossible not to emphasize. I emphasize with Stalin on a daily basis despite not being an ML.



Stalin did nothing wrong.

He should've treated Zhukov better.

The corrupt previous government.


lol this

Poor ignorant fucks. This is what you get to learn you history form memes and not books/reliable sources.

The USSR actually won that conflict and annexed a part of finland so get fucked lol

Fascist Finland and the rest of the axis were defeated in the end in WW2

but finland was allied with the axis in ww2 user

I think he meant Stalin was stupid for hurrying and attacking Finland nearly without preparations

Are you fucking kidding? I see the same shit I see in Holla Forums - failures who can only blame others for their own uselesness.

Winter War was disastrous and hilarious, fuck Stalin and the USSR

This and the purge of his officer corps and putting commissars in joint control of units. I should have put a 1939 somewhere to indicate I meant the Winter War, since as pointed out, they fought again in WWII.

>here, let me link you the TRUTH!
King Pyrrhus would be proud.
Since they were in the process of creating a Finnish satelite/puppet government, somehow I doubt that was the original plan.
Historians aren't sure though

[citation needed]

top kek

Finland still lost which is the only thing that matters

and no amount of butthurt will reattach Karelia

not losing as badly as they could've still doesn't add up to victory lol


Satire only works when it's so true it cuts :^)

Neither does taking a small chunk of the territory you originally wanted after being so humiliated internationally that Shitler thought he could kick your ass.

I heard he didn't like jewish people.

was a big chunk for Finland ;)
what can i say, haters gonna hate
lmao Shitler also lost so hard he an heroed


how different would WWII have been if Hitler understood dialectics?

Actually was a small but nice chunk. Had a lot of their industry in it iirc. Way to split hairs about relative units of measurement tho.
Holy shit the levels of non-argument
Yes, after being pushed back in a long, costly war that might have been avoided if the USSR hadn't done so poorly in the Winter War. On the other hand it was also a spur for Stalin to reform the army and showed him where it was defficient in semi-controlled/lower-stakes conditions. Honestly, who can say what would have happened if the Winter War hadn't?


sure it was a victory in your mind
butthurt entails no arguments
come on who's splitting hairs now?
probably same thing tbh, it wasn't a very relevant conflict all in all

During WW2 the Soviet Union was in negotiations with fascist Finland over the security of Leningrad, which has almost as many people as all of fascist Finland itself. Considering the importance of Leningrad they had reason to be immediately concerned.

"The Soviet – Finnish negotiations were begun recently on our initiative. What is the subject of these negotiations? It is not difficult to see that in the present state of international affairs, when in the centre of Europe war is raging between the most powerful states – war fraught with great surprises and dangers for all European states – the Soviet Union is not only entitled but obliged to adopt serious measures to increase her security. It is natural for the Soviet government to display particular concern with regard to the Gulf of Finland, which is the approach to Leningrad from the sea, and also with regard to the land border which dominates Leningrad some 30 kilometres away. I must remind you that the population of Leningrad has grown to 3.5 million, which almost equals the entire population of Finland, amounting to 3.65 million." - Molotov

You're the one trying to turn the international embarrasment of a world power by a backwater country into a victory, m8.
How is AH specualtion splitting hairs? Stalin Leeroy Jenkins'd into Finland, took extreme losses from a comparatively ill-equipped army, took a small chunk large chunk two islands, a peninsula, Sata and as you mentioned, Karelia. The poor performance of the Red Army led to a lot of things, including those I mentioned. The war is still studied to this day as an object example of how and how not to run a war. I wouldn't be so sure that it wouldn't have changed the course of the next war.
Wow great counterargument, with all the facts supporting it and everything

You keep saying that like it's true just because you keep saying it over and over.

Ah yes, Molotov, the guy for whom the firebombs are named. He is surely a trustworthy source.

m8 it was an unimportant conflict with an irrelevant country that people only remember when they get butthurt about USSR, or stalin and need ammunition for arguments autism. may be you're a Finn so it's the Greatest Struggle of your National Epic, or whatever, but like 2 years after WW you have WWII, which, you must admit, was on a slightly different scale and has had a bit more impact in the general scheme of things

from the military perspective, a smaller force that knows its land and has a defender's advantage repelling a larger force? wow that sure has never happened in history before

let it go m8

anyways i have to go wageslave so i guess you win

meant Germany invading USSR, which might as well be the start of WWII proper, everything else is either prelude or filler :3

[citation needed]
[citation needed]
Nog an ardumind
Well yeah, people generally use somebody's notable fuckups as arguments that they fucked up.
Word filter?
I'm flattered that you think my shitposting is up to their standards, but you're incorrect.
Yes, and I've been telling you that the Winter War probably had an impact on WWII, and mentioned how. Your scathing counterargument has been 'nuh-uh! ur just mad, Pekka!'
Against tanks, aeroplanes and motorized infantry I'm pretty sure it hadn't (might be wrong). And even for having the defender's advantage, the casualty ratio seems pretty disproportionate, especially given the Finns' lack of proper equipment. It was also a good lesson in winter warfare, iirc it was a factor in the Soviets replacing the Budenovka with the Ushanka.
That's right, it's because of that and not the fact that you haven't made any arguments, just repeated your position over and over without presenting any evidence.

He was too good of a goy and misunderstood by the masses.



super insecure, high need to belong, and he couldn't handle rejection. He probably had trauma from childhood, and PTSD from the first world war. He was also homeless for a little while, which probably gave him a different view of the society he lived in. I wonder how things would have turned out if he had actually seen a psychologist

He could've seen Freud in Vienna if that cigar smoking cunt wouldn't charge such exorbitant prices.

Fuck you Freud, this is all your fault.

Since you use wikipedia as a source here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Comintern_Pact this describes how Finland was in the Anti-Comintern pact with Nazi Germany, Japan, and the rest of the fascist powers making it fascist.

There were of course numerous fascist countries at the time like Japan, Spain, Nazi Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc all aligned with one another and they all were very different, Finland of course was different from the other countries in the fascist bloc but it still was aligned with them and it shared the anti-communism common to all fascist powers.

That's not how that works. Finland was according to wiki a constiturional monarchy during both wars. Not Lefty, but not fash either.

They weren't part of the Axis during the Winter War either.

And would ya look at that, they joined up to avoid being rolled by Stalin.

Sure it is. Every country in the anti-Comintern pact was fascist.

Fascist is of course a word, from a communist perspective Finland was certainly fascist, it banned its own communist party and it was a right wing anti communist bourgeoisie dictatorship.

Fascist Italy wasn't always aligning with Nazi Germany either, Britain and France wanted fascist Italy on their side if they went to war against Germany again as they were allies with Italy in WW1. Just because different countries aren't aligned yet doesn't change their nature.

Bullshit excuses for fascism. These are the arguments of a bourgeoisie anti-communist fascist sympathizer. Finland could have peaceful agreed to make security guarantees to the Soviets so that they could protect Leningrad which had as much population as all of Finland itself, but they wouldn't because of their anti-communist (e.g fascist) orientation.


No it isn't. Your government structure doesn't change based on who you sign a treaty with.
Yes, one with a definition that Finland doesn't fit.
Oh, so you're using it to mean 'thing I dislike', got it.
Can't find a reference to that. Sauce? Also that doesn't make it fascist.
[citation needed]
Wow, with the USSR breathing down their necks. Unprecedented.
Bullshit. They were a constitutional monarchy. They had democracy. It might have been porky, but that isn't a dictatorship.
Not an argument. You made it sound in your previous post like Finland was in the Anti-Comintern Pact before and not after the Comintern invaded them as part of your victim-playing narrative.
You're right, they should have just rolled over and let Stalin do whatever he wanted.
Not fascism, and you're using it (poorly) as a buzzword for 'thing I dislike.'
Blow your ad hominems out your ass and argue the fucking issue.
Meaning give up territory
From what?
Not an argument, just you parroting a propaganda line from 70 years ago.
Anti-communist =! fascist.

Didn't say it did. They joined together because they were fascist not the other way around. Also as explained the leader Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim was a fascist who was friends of Hitler, etc.

He was a stooge placed in power by Hindenburg to prevent the rise of communism.

It took 4 election within 16 months to get him "democratically" elected. Even after communism was banned on the third try, 12.3% still dared to vote for them. And the Nazis and Hindenburg reactionaries were watching them over their shoulders, so there were consequences for them. Unsung heroes, all of them.

I know who Mannerheim is, but 'buddy-buddy' is pretty damn vague. Care to actually specify their relationship, or just keep using mass media weasel words?
That doesn't make them fascist. Just reactionary.
While irredentism is usually part of fascism, not all irredentists are fascists. Or are you calling Palestinians fascist too?

Also so we're clear, this is what I'm talking about when I say 'fascism.' Not quite sure what you're on about.

In what way does Finland fit that description?

See (You)
Forgot to add in my previous post that Finland was strongly right-wing pre-1944 and even if not fascist (be it due to facts or your convenient semantic weaseling), it was certainly as close as it got.

Or Finland breathing down USSR's neck with Nazi support. Finland sent volunteers actively to participate in anti-bolshevik ethnic rebellions to achieve Greater Finland. Google heimosodat, if you will.

Are you retarded, user?

Better a socialist regime than a capitalist one. There would've been absolutely no need for the winter and continuation wars, if Finland would've allied with the Soviet Union. But it didn't due to its right-wing "not-fascist-cuz-muh-narrow-definishun" govt.

Sure, arriving to Mannerheim's birthday specifically signifies in no way their relationship or if you're not willing to accept that as the reason, the relationship between Nazi Germany and Finland. Either way, your bs is bunk.

Replace the Palestinians with the actual irredentists, namely, the Israelites, and you'd find me agreeing.

Happens to this day from party politics to simple grocery shopping. Finland above all, they say. Support Finnish, buy Finnish.
Google Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, a 'centrist' president who led Finland from 1956 to his death with practically unlimited terms and a personality cult continuing to this day among Finns (alongside that of Mannerheim's).
Check, with our mixed economy policies and horrid domestic policies, eugenics regarding deaf people and treatment of homosexuality as a crime as well as sending Jews to the nazis, to name a few.
Done to anyone essentially not supporting Kekkonen.

Seriously. Do some fucking research about Finland before you start spouting shit. Snownigger out.

Crystal Meth


Anarchist saying that, not surprised…

Hitler's art isn't bad actually, at least his architectural paintings anyway .

It isn't good either. He was just butthurt that the squiggle drawing impressionists could actually paint realistically if they wanted to : ^)

rampant drug abuse, mental issues and a whole gagglefuck of british handlers