Holla Forums choir- Let's go! (tankie anthem)

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pretty gud.

I love this kind of threads but why OC? Just post dank memes and if it's OC you just say is OC

Cheers fam

I guess it's a bit like /his/, in the sense that we enjoy history and the memes we can make from it.

Oh ok.

Is there a source for all of these Holla Forums choir videos? I don't want to lose them.

Just my chanel.


You fucking legend

Also, Could I upload it to my chanel

could use the lyrics


(Chorus): Well, I punched Richard Spencer
It felt like cottage cheese
His face smeared all over my hand
As he fell to his knees.
I had a mask on at the time so
Nobody'd recognize me.
And nobody can prove it now,
Not even the police.

(verse/same riff):
Well, it was inauguration day,
Everyone was ill
And all their biker fags were out
To give the liberals chills.
It could have been just any day
'Til black bloc hit the hill.
And I punched out that fascist fuck
And haunt his nightmares still.

(repeat chorus)


both 10/10

shouldn't it be "sung"?



at least the nazbol one was humerous, this is just bitching about MLs

come on lad…

fire my comrade




Good one

meant for


If Stalin is a "revisionist" and "made this shit up", then please someone explain this:

State and Revolution
by Lenin
Chapter V: The Economic Basis of the Withering Away of the State
Presentation of the Question by Marx
The Transition from Captialism to Communism
The First Phase of Communist Society
The Higher Phase of Communist Society

Memes and OC are alright with me but at least try to be coherent and not such blatantly obvious newfaggot cancer. Jeez…

Hey, does anyone have that one picture with the hippie in the sunflower field saying something along the lines of, "Don't step on ants. They are petit workers"

have a stupid cat.

I guess some right wing cringe?

Wait until you see the leftcom memes breaking the theme of the meme itself just to insert Bordiga in.

This is so good!!! I loved this, please make more.

Someone with photoshop skills put the antifa logo over Orwell's face like in those Jeb! edits

So cuteeee

Was gonna - what should the next one be about?
Srs suggestions only plx.

OC edit


Fun fact: Mussolini was killed by communists and hung by them from meat hooks

flag checks out, sectarian cunt

Here, ftfy





Loved it.

I'm pretty sure they're calling Lenin the revisionist from Marx.


Here's my new dank OC for you

Admin of the GETchan YouTube channel here. I usually don't take requests except for those made directly on GETchan, but I figured I'd take some requests from my Holla Forums comrades today.

Any music compilations you guys want to hear?

Also, a preview of one of the next videos.


what pepe is that?

This is Bookchin-sensei

never change Holla Forums

plz no Ceaușescu was a failure to socialism and communism in every possible way imaginable.

The majority of those songs are actually from Gheorghiu-Dej's time. Only the last one is from Ceaușescu's. And besides, it's not like Trei Culori is about Ceaușescu anyways.




This is beautiful…


Are the spoilers even working today?





it sucks, it has the finesse of a autistic hippo , most of the so called OC here is kinda shit


t. Holla Forums

See you in gulag.

I actually thought about that but using imperial sounded better in my head for that sentence

I like it. I really think we should give one of them a different name, though. Calling them both Rodina just complicates things.

I'm thinking each calls the other just "Rodina" or "Other Rodina", but everyone else probably has nicknames for them. Just trying to think of something that's not just "Big Rodina" and "Lil' Rodina".

I've always thought that Otchizna would be a good name for Big Rodina. It's literally just a synonym for Rodina. Alternatively Domovina for Little Rodina, which is the Serbo-Croatian translation, seeing as she's supposed to be half Yugoslav.


Not bad


Dr. Pavel, I'm NAP

I like these names

you drawfriends should get together, like kinda a Proletkult group

from what i've seen on picarto artists seem to get along with each other pretty well and always help each other out

KEK, really good one

we already all know each other I think, except for the Bookchin artist guy, idk who that is.

(although I'd like to bc he seems baller)

Could you find more instrumental songs?

that's neat.

consider making threads of yours to share stuff and let all know what you're up to?
or any other means of keeping track on you guys?

Make more anpac memes, Holla Forums.

can you find more like this?
like, played with "Schalmeien"?
tried to translate but it gives me different instruments with the english term

That's just as wrong, as Lenin is very much and throughoutly basing his work on Marx.

Who ordered some privately owned gulags?

This. Its the only remotely funny thing I've seen in this thread. Step up your game you unfunny faggots.

Anything specific? Music for user.rar

Here you go, user. I hope 1 and a half hours of schalmeien music is satisfactory. Some are different recordings of the same songs, though. I hope you don't mind.



Bless you cat user. You are the greatest OC creator on the board.

Cheers lad, have another


Updated version of previous meme

Could you make a video of leftist music in different genres and styles? I've been scouring the internet for leftist EDM music, for example.

I was actually going to do a video like that two years ago about the Soviet Anthem, but it turns out that a lot of the renditions in different styles are made by ordinary people in their free time, and it would've been a pretty big dick move for me just to take their work and compile it into my own video for views. It's not the same as using songs from professional choirs who already got paid for their work 70 years ago. I could ask for permission, but it would be a lot of people I'd have to ask. And also I honestly don't know a lot about different genres of music. Revolutionary songs are my passion.

Regardless, I can look around to see what I can find for you. Something like this?

Bad term, fämalam. From what I know lots of DJs are fairly left-leaning - or, at least, liberals.

Awesome Stirner and spook

i got a book so i had to meme it over

I don't know wether you're a guy or a girl but you a cute

MtF tranny actually

Of course


still qt

You look like Muke.

Camarade transexuelle est multilingue?


this is probably late but do iraq communist music

feels bad


Can you make an instrumental version of the "red army is the strongest"

alienation under capitalism maybe

Why another thread?

I just did this

Leftypol choir- "READ BORDIGA"

We should get Holla Forums Sings going again. Maybe this time we can have it be more than just me singing.

This is my first OC :/.

Changed it.

That'd be funny actually. Though what song?

could be the War of the catgirls as an anniversary anthem

Holy fucking shit. Holla Forums is LEGITIMATELY retarded.

How long till you reckon people realise that they're spouting bullshit?

Anyone with half a brain already realizes how tenuous their rhetoric is.


is cat or snek


lel, I love you.

en effet

How about we make a song where we do a training montage to make all the Reddit refugees not so cringeworthy anymore?

There are a lot of Aut-right kiddies who unironically think Star Wars was "RED PILLED' and the empire were gud bois who dindu nuffin

I tried

Bunch of nerds

Should say "Conschider the following"

Wait, really

OK, that SOUNDS fake.

Will update. Should I make "the" into "zhe"?

Somebody needs to whip up some OC about the alt-right cultural appropriation of works of fiction made by people who fucking despise them and everything they stand for. Metal Gear is another particularly egregious example of that, as we discussed in the videogames thread.


They did the same with plagirising the colours of anarchists (black and red) which was funny.

Someone has a webm of it, somewhere



There we go

Made some OC with osu

As dumb as it is, I still love that the "good guys" get fucking stomped hard.


The bootleg makes it look like a Roger Corman movie reusing the footage


Nazbol Gang OC

Hi, my name is Roland Barthes, and I have this lil friend called the Death of the Author, you two should really meet

Here's a thingy for y'all to succ on

At the bottom it should say "Poor Calloused Proletarian Flavor"

Holla Forums in a nutshell

Pomos? On MY board?

Few fresh tankie memes


Who's the dead guy in the third pic?

I've been wanting to do both Iraq and Pakistan for a while. I'll look into it.

I'm pretty sure instrumental versions already exist, though.

Yeah, here's one:

We would probably start with the ones from last time that didn't get finished. Especially Albanian Nights and Albania, Fuck Yeah. I'm sad those didn't go anywhere.

Just noticed that for some reason that video cuts off. Here's a full one from my comrade YugoslavianHeroes:

I believe that's trotsky.

Trotsky on his death bead cause I was feeling edgy

Icepick memes are the left's "helicopter ride" tbh
And not in the good way

It's funny we don't even have an equivalent for a polar opposite ideology. I guess calling them kulaks would do but we don't do it much.

I know was just making it for shit post anti trot reasons tbh

Just made this to

Anti-trots are the real meme tbh
Read North

Albanian nights was done. But I could do a better version

I'm the one who sang that. I still have the original files and everything. I just don't like how it turned out. The lyrics were finalized later, I actually have a good mic now, and it was meant to be more than one person singing anyways.


we did it Holla Forums!

Saw gerrera is a real revolutionary at least

Now those are some repeating digits…

It's pretty decent
One thing I can pick up on, you seem to be singing from the throat near the end of the long held notes (albainian niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights,) if you make sure you have enough air and diaphragm support then just relax everything upstairs those will come out a lot nicer
Or you can move it down an octave like the Holla Forums guy if that's more comfortable for you

Does someone have the drawing of Holla Forums. On the left side there is a guy going full 🍀🍀🍀GLOBALISTS🍀🍀🍀 Nazi masturbation fantasy etc. and then on the right he's like super scared with doe eyes claiming he didn't want to hurt nobody and everyone should be allowed to say his thoughts.


I'm completely up for it, on the condition that we get enough people. I don't want a repeat of last time.

Holla Forums btfo tbh

Requesting tankie version of this:


love it


For shitposting tankies

wish someone screencapped 1917…


Not bad

What would baathist catgirl be like ?

Not bad…


just add some cat ears to this.


just found this ebin thread on 4/his/

Sealab 2021 Red Dawn

And this part from Vacation

have potential. I'm going to try to do something with them later, but I don't know how to into webm so if anyone else wants to use them, feel free.

Do you have a Kurdish version?

Wut, I downloaded every episode and this wasn't in there. Fucking revisionists!

Somebody should webm the first speech by Comrade Murphy.

Does anyone have a picture of Alunya and Rodina
with their backstory/details written in text next to them?
I saw a picture of it a year and a half ago so I hope someone saved it.

This one?

That's the one!
Thanks user.


Is Alunya about to rape Vivian?

god I hope so



Got a pdf/ebub/mobi?



Updated version

What about Asseristcat ?

Or nazbolcat ?

Some drawfag should get on these quickly

too sleepy to bother finishing this now



I love you

Trying to kill us, user?






How mad did the autists on Holla Forums got?

she'd be supposed to be buffer than me then, what

My first OC Holla Forums.



literally me

Absolutely based

Someone cap this. This is golden.


Papa, you gotta do a version with a red star in stead of the green heart

hadn't seen a trotsky version of this one yet

Absolutely amazing.


Hey, so I was lacking in ideas for another one of these, 'cuz people liked it apparently.

This is me:

Yeah, so then I was thinking today or last night or something that I DO have one or two political tunes in my backlog that I'm probably not going to perform for anyone. And this is maybe the next best one I've written about something I was interested in, with a political overtone. It came to mind and I wasn't sure it was relevant enough, and then I remembered the lines and thought it probably was. 'Cept it was written the day after the Orlando attack about the Orlando attack and the reactions to it. And it's crude and self-important and goofy and grabs vaguely at all the religions and partisanships and government power interests.

So until some other asshole gets punched in the face and gives me a good new topic, here's an old song about shooting up gay bars and shooting up countries:

Does anybody have the "academia must be on the side of common sense!" Image?

You should join Bat'ko and myself to regroup Holla Forums Sings.


Ok, so what the fuck would that entail?


I am pretty sure this is polytonal, which is bretty impressive for EDM.

Hot off the presses

10 gorrilion hours in MS paint etc.

pork laughing pixel gif




It's amazing, my sides were in heaven during that thread, I still feel sorry for all the lonely people are there.

High quality edit meme, do not collectivize.




Baťko, I love your stuff, but can you please post webms here? It's quite uncomfortable to download your song from youtube when you could have post them here.

If only you had heeded my warnings when there was still time…



Holy shit my dude. What up with that forest down there?

cats are furry


I wish humans had fluff instead of hair…


they'd make for some pretty sweet vidya enemies

like some sort of RPG or beat em up


I confess I don't recognize the gray user, Gommienaut, That Duck, Jimbo's Pigs, Pus, Reggie and Cat Autist.

It's a reference to Jim owning a pig farm and Reggie is Sir Reginald of the Brown Pill Society. Not sure of the others you mentioned.
I assume Renegade Drawfag is the guy on Holla Forums who makes OC to troll the fuck out of everyone.

Why would Jim's pigs be a villain then?


Daily reminder Jason Unruhe is a cop:

Is that satanposter girl?

If anyone cares I found this that would suit a webm well.


My bad this is it.


enemy types are needed, easier to just take a "us vs everyone" approach and have representatives from anything regardless if positive or negative

Any idea where the footage is from?


for real though this is Kino. I can get behind these smashies.

dank anti-fascist song I found

Oh that is good.


Fresh out of the oven

who dat fam

Antonie Pannekoek

Here you guys go


accurate depiction

Forgot I "made" this a while ago.

what is this 2013 ?

French labour law riots earlier this year

what do you think japanese leftists would think of the catgirl comic ?

I'm starting to fall in love with a lesbian…again.




Here is the POL button Template

This would be cool but Im not very good at it lol


Can someone make into Workers of the World United?

That'd be dope.



why tho. Isn't she just a reporter?

because anarchists


reggie is some scat porn actor who gets posted in dead boards

Debord was a Marxist

bumpingwith OC, just fooling around in photoshop, I was bored

What anime/mangu is that from?


don't know if it's from an anime, but original art is here

checked and thanks

If you think this amounts to détournement you need to reread Debord.

One for my ancom comrades, I'm still bored and can't sleep

Who said Redditors can't make decent OC?

Pretty good



reddit obesity

Public Obscenity

First of all, gimp's GUI is a dumpster fire being put out with a piss fire hose by gay furry vores.

Second of all, everything gimp does with color is swimming pool full of shit with a gaggle of aut-rightists running a train on each other inside.

Finally, I didn't buy it. I mean who buys software anymore for personal use?

here's an edit



what do we call the type of anarchist that murderbates and basically takes violence too far out of rage and revenge instead of targeted precision?

Those were already in the original picture. Feel free to edit if you have any ideas.


Here's some Russian civil war OC

i need that webm with ass

this is a good way to get the normies to support our cause actually. get this on twitter

Rebelious Autism

I reworked a somewhat old Holla Forumsish meme.


consumerist desires you mean


mein gott/ 10



You should do a follow up to the first one of Alunya petrol bombing girl dumbass.

That sankara is supreme

it's already a follow-up in the first place

Saw this on my twitter thanks for drawing my design btw

it's good stuff man and I want general coverage of all Holla Forums characters which is why I avoided the dirtbag left cat- I've really no idea there, feels completely awkward to me since it's by someone who by all appearances isn't even aware of us

I'm thinking of working on Nestor Makhno cat and a subcomandante Marcos cat

Go ahead, you've more theory knowledge and knowledge overall than me. The only think I could think to add would be a retarded Kekistani cat in the tone of 4chan's Keksandra, but I don't want to bother with that can o' worms.

Who now?

do what you want, lad
keep up the quality work

Someone on twitter made a dirtbag-left cat as fanart to Rachel after the whole r/socialism ban fiasco. I'd acknowledge her in with this whole cast we have, but I'm not comfortable since, you know. Wasn't made by us.

Who cares? It's like the whole Rodina thing. Intellectual property is a spook; if you want to draw something, just draw it.

I do. I don't mean in an intellectual property sense, just in a sense of comraderie or culture? I'm not saying others can't just go and use the character (Rachel herself went and drew her), just that right now to myself it feels off. Personal thing.

Why not just ask for permission then?

Here they are!

the thing about online discourse is that you have to make your point in two tweets max. The most effective way to do that is to cite the author. Also i dont think that anyone who is aware of Barthes is stupid enough to subscribe to that dumb reading of 1984

Gf material


why the fuck do people have any respect for these pieces of shit?

Is that a joint? Because cigarettes are bourgeoisie as fuck.

it's trap powers man, idk

How are cigarettes bourgeois ? bro what the fug
do you even gopnik


I want to fug her.

lel, I was in that thread
Anyhow, Blair didn't like Stalinism; the book was not about a "far-right" society.

As an outsider to both this board and Holla Forums, it's interesting how both of you have the wrong idea about your opponents.

Calling Star Wars "redpirred" is retarded but the Empire literally dindu nuffins

Holy meow that's as cringy as the decadence of this board.



Thank you for that.

If anyone is curious, there's a Warband mod from the Red Wars mod called "The Parabellum", and you can play as a red against White Patriots and with Red Khergits and so on:

these turned out so good!!! I gotta draw em both soon…

A lot of what is said in this WEBM is true but the documentary is not well-sourced and is amateur made. All you can find if you look for it online is some flimsy "top documentaries" website. Wouldn't spread that around too much as an argument unless you find direct sources to accompany the WEBM with; might discredit us instead otherwise.



I guess you're right, i mean i stopped smoking and went onto vaping now thank god, what's good is that you can just make your own juices and stuff and you can buy peer2peer instead of going directly to a company it's fucking s i c c d o o d

Shouldn't it rather be POUM flag? They were the trots

What anarchist force/army/movement is the black and red ball supposed to represent?

Ancoms in general who united with the predominantly Marxist Reds. A lot of anarchists joined the Bolsheviks early on under the assumption that a united front was necessary to defeat the Whites, with people like Victor Serge being one of many examples of people who had chosen that route. That tendency faded as the civil war dragged on though, as the Bolsheviks took actions that were considered by many to be against the goals of the revolution itself and subsequently those critics face repression.

Makhno's anarcho-communist free state.

is that billy mays?



Hey that's pretty gud

I'd make a fighting game out of this.



Is Holla Forums waking up?

They'll just blame the Jews and move on


This is a lewd i can support.

ha, he uses the nap to kick people off his plane for trespassing if they don't tell him about the masked man.

Is that a magic penis?
Did it get magically stuck on Alunya's hair?

Better than nothing, all we need to do is shift it to porky now. I suggest conflating porky to the Jews, and slowly stripping away the Jewish element of the character.


Hard to do when most of your porky memes are already copy and paste Holla Forums memes except with a pig instead of sholmo shekelstein.

Your memes are lame.



Speaking of this image, I figured it was time to update it. OG Rodina's name has been changed by request of the original artist. Her name is Domovina now.


I want ustashe to leave pls.

Wait, what?
That's Rodina.


Made this today

I can change her to Domovina in the comics too, just so everyone will be happy. Compromise: Can her name be Domovina Rodina for continuity? :p

Nvm, it doesn't matter either way, I'll change it just because the original artist wanted it changed, which I wasn't aware of…. I just thought the person who was complaining about it was just one unrelated guy.

Hey while you're here, I'm thinking of providing a Makhno Cat and a Zapatista cat.

I'm not sure about the adding Makhno cat because you already have two anarchist cats and the Zapatista one would bring it up to four.

I thought he changed the name so that your rodina and his would be seperate characters.

also is the new catboy circumcised?

Hey nerd, the Comic's called Political ideology catgirl, not Historical movement catgirl.

Honestly people should just be able to make whatever cats they want, you don't need my permission guys! It might be something I use in my cast or I might not, idk. I'll likely take a ton of ideas from here as I thought that was what this was all about.

Why does it have to be such a rigid system? I DO DECLARE that everyone make whatever character they want and have fun doing it.

d-do u guys like my "political speech voice" ?

And honestly? You guys know that Ancap Naga Girl that there were a few iterations of? I'd love to see that idea explored more, or maybe monstergrills representing philosophical concepts like Being or whatever too. I just love to see new artists coming here and posting stuff.

becauses girls who have beliefs make sense, but girls who personify some historical struggle with circumstances they are completely divorced from does not make sense. it's just like hijacking the aesthetic rather than making a character. Like maoism cat being chinese or Sankara cat being black. muh essentialism.

also I do declare sounds like something a southern racist would say.


:( I am from the south(west) so I have some yeehaw in me, sorry.
It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense, it's drawings on an anime politics image board.

Like shota Lenin traveling from Zurich to Petrograd, but constantly being stopped along the way by monstergirls who are desperate to hold him down and milk him of his surplus labor, but he has a benevolent monstergirl companion named Marcella Pozony who sometimes reverse exploits him?

I've come here to tell you all that this Bourgeois yapping about copyright is annoying.

Have some non-original content from 60+ years ago.

Pretty gud tbh

I mean, probably.

I think the whole point was to ensure that they have different names. The whole thing is a bit confusing.

Possible Encounters for Lenin
Italy: Bordiga
Switzerland: ???
Austria-hungaria: Nationalism, Pacifism, ???
France: Blanquism, Liberalism, Mutualism
Germany: Autocracy, Porky, Aristocracy. Fascism, Socdems, Luxembourgism
Finland: ???
Russia: Green movement, Russian nihilists, anarchism, Mensheviks, Monarchism, Tsar Nick
Companions: War Communism, Right communism (NEP), Left Communism, Council communism
Hidden encounters: Islamic communism, anarchronist maoism, Syndicalism.

having trouble thinking of what monsters to represent each with. Monarchism can be like a byzantine eagle girl, and Greens can be like elves or something.


they're drawings on the internet you massive spergermeister

Daily reminder from your friendly neighborhood mods to spoiler your porn.

No, it's some Spanish politician, I think from the fringe Vox party.

Is this thread OK with requests? I'd like to have the old slander of alcoholic Zhukov replaced with Zhukov drinking the white coke.

Something like pic related

Someone has been reading Journey to the West

Would you ever draw lewds?

that was beautiful

anyone have the non-lewd pics of anarcho-hoxhaism?

what no

if there's an established character named rodina

and a new interpretation that's pretty divergent also named rodina

and it's later established the new rodina is a separate character

why the fuck would you change the original character's name and not the new one's? (change neither, just say it's the new one's nickname)

Günther Simon was such a great actor… My favorite movie with him is Krupp und Krause.

meant for

fresh off the presses
apologies for no bind, wasn't able to find an image of it online


We had a poll in early January looking at the ideologies of Holla Forums where we got an extraordinary turnout. Thought I would take a bit of time to dress up the results for future reference.

I am looking for the Max Stirner Eva meme someone please help.

thanks fam

I think I'm in love

Fucking 10/10


Don't forget Illegalism in Fance-Belgium

oc do not steal

haha jk so called "intellectual ""property""" is a spook

giga lenin

Please do a recording of the old CPUSA rendition of the soviet anthem.


that is great

Your mascot is now a classic housewive.




Cute/10 :3


fucking weebs

she is cute tho 10/10

yall got any of them chords?

Why a housewife instead of a computer programmer or even a revolutionary fighter? Women are valuable comrades in the anti-porky revolution and tying them down at home is just cruel when they have so much to offer our cause.

because it's the same drawfag that drew her being fucked by porky for money. It's Holla Forums stuff.


bump for OC

i love you

House work is just as valuable as any other type of work

Like Izumi?!

excellent point

That's pretty gud

Naxalite waifu when?


do you mean she was paid to draw it, or that was just the premise? I assumed those drawings were comissioned by some butthurt fag because the art seemed horribly off model, and they didn't care. It's something you notice in comissioned art usually.

you guys have really bad memes

Naxalite waifu when

Thanks, check mine out

I mean the drawfag drew it for fun. As for being off-model, he draws faux-realism very well but has issues going into anything cartoonier, hence the off-model. Just as in the drawing posted in this thread of Alunya as a house-mum.

comfy jeb!

One of the drawfags from Holla Forums is friends with drawfrags from other boards on Holla Forums and they draw stuff for each other for fun.

Alunya gets posted on Holla Forums alot too because she causes large amounts of butthurt, and hence the Alunya/Vivian images.

I knew he didn't know any real theory.

Based :3

Contra booting


… because how else will we get a 2,1 children/couple rate? Not much use to communism if humanity dies out.

Your complaints will become valid once we don't NEED women to make people anymore.

Go start a death-cult somewhere else.


i've been working on making 1920x1080 wallpapers out off old Cuban 1960's post-revolution propaganda posters, cause the art from that time is fucking sweet.
here are a few


I know the picture is supposed to be cute and all but I think he could use a few more wrinkles.


Is that supposed to be a Resistance member pepe? The black beret was a fascist milita thing in Italy.

and happy smol eyes ! :3

Hold the fuck up! Are you telling me that there were people living there? Holy shit you blew my fucking mind mate.




these are fucking great.