Textbook fascism

Textbook fascism.

wtf i love fascism now


small government/states rights conservatives piping up in 5…4…3…

conservative civil libertarians voicing major disapproval any minute now….

when he sends in the national guard, we isolate chicago like Dark Knight Rises and hold it hostage.


wtf i love baneposting now

We will destroy Chicago and then, when it is done and Chicago is ashes, then you have my permission to die


Nearly all of these killings are from illegal drugs gangs fighting over territory. If you legalize all drugs along with prostituation you bring these out of the black markets and these gangs are no more. Of course the cucked state would never do that

It isn't like these guys just jump around like apes and shoot random people like Holla Forums seems to think

I mean of course pol has never met a black person. They are too busy obsessing over their dicks

its kind of sad that the same sympathy for unemployed whites is not extended to urban youth who also are unable to get jobs with real wages

Shhh, people on this board can't think beyond 1 dimension

Are you literally retarded?

This took me far too long too make and its god awful but a dream of a communist chicago was too tantalizing

I was laughing pretty hard at this too, like wtf hahahahahahahahha


didnt attach like a dickhead

Explain to me what happens when tribal gang color wearing retards find themselves in a position when their main bread and butter revenue stream can be bought at Duane Reade and the hookers don't need pimps any more.

The city burns down.

Censorship is laaame

really hoping they strong arm robbery your faggy ass. then fuck ur bitch of course

Actually true, since you can arrest the extremely violent kinds per-emptively before they commit a violent crime

You enforce the law.

Then there is open warfare against police and or army happens and with their source of income gone, gangs lose the war of attrition.

Ideally, yeah. But strong arm robbery and other types are crime are barely done compared to drug dealing. It's dangerous and extremely easy to get caught

But drug dealing operates in the shadows, and the more people "employed" in the black market means the less people who work regular jobs. That means more crimes and less business. Which means more people in the drug trade. And the cycle continues

The way to actually fix these ghettos is to first legalize drugs and then incentivize businesses to go there. More money and more capitalism means better living conditions

No one but the scum of society gains when transactions happen in the black market


He's saying that they'll no longer be able to sell drugs, so they'll turn to armed robbery and so on.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.
We actually just send in the blue eyed blonde women to pacify the peaceful negro population.


Legalize drugs and the drug enterprises will be able to subvert competition and interfere in product, resource, and labor markets more efficiently in terms of a cost/benefit analysis by lobbying and using the state machinery than they would through "simple" forms of violence. There's a reason GM doesn't have gangs of AK-toting men in balaclavas patrolling Detroit.

All big enterprise uses the State to aggress against others, and will create one if none exists or if the existing one does not recognize their "right" to do so.

The natural course of capitalism is fundamentally hostile to free markets, which themselves are basically good.

Why do you think that is?

As long as drugs remain illegal Detravius will wisely choose to sling a lil bit of heroin instead of beating you to a pulp for his next air Jordans.

No drugs for him to sell and you're getting mugged every other day.

With mods instantly banning contrarian posts or shitposts for that matter, comrades may become insulated to alternative or retarded thoughts held by the commoners. This is a dangerous path the mods are taking, but I'm specifically calling out one board vol that was most recently enlisted. Think through the bans before deciding, vols.

strong armed robbery is something junkies and loners do out of desperation. gangs will kick ur as for that shit. it draws too much attention to them.



What did he mean by this?

Right, which is why you incentivize businesses to set up shop there. People adapt to thier economic circumstances. I don't believe people in the ghetto are inherently violent unlike him perhaps. All you have to do is make whatever the market offers more tantalizing than what the black market offers.


Very few would turn to robbery. It's a whole different ball game from drug dealing. It's extremely dangerous and you get caught easily.

More than likely gangs would just operate legally now and they would have no need to kill anyone. And everyone else would get a real job because what's left of the black market is simply too dangerous

Of course, you see black people as unthinking and violent animals so I doubt this means anything to you

I had a mod do that to me too in one thread. It's super irritating.


Lolberts are half right on this but they don't understand the fact their communities are totally destroyed, because they are social illiterates. An inhuman prison system creates monsters, you either become a monster or die, few make it out of that environment not scewed up. Surgically removing a major source, the Drug War, is the first major step but you need a plan to assist them through the transition.

Did you read any of his posts?

le tred snek mem
They'd be beaten out of the market in a minute if they went legitimate. Engage your brain for a moment.

You enforce the law, then you educate the population, then they set up a co-op or some shit.

It's a tough balance to strike. If they delete too many shitposts and Holla Forums maymays we become an echo chamber. Too few and we become a Holla Forums colony/echo chamber. I'm honestly am not sure what should be done about it.

your brain on capitalism ladies and gentlemen

My inclination is against that but I do see your logic

I reported the post that was deleted. It was basically just "lol niggers" and it didn't seem like anything out the ordinary that Holla Forums vols haven't deleted before. Posting contrarian opinion /= low effort shitpost that adds nothing.

Black market drug trade seems very dangerous as is, doesn't seem like much of a deterrent

You can't arbitrarily remove one problem without looking at the full scope. You can't undo a half century of social decay instantly by removing the historical and ongoing major source of the problem then ignoring that history's cumulative effects.

Textbook diversion. We'll see how it plays out. If nothing happens after one of these spooky tweets has received news coverage, he was probably enacting new censorship or expanding surveillance power or robbing the reserve in the meantime.

Am I the only one who'd be perfectly fine with this?

I mean granted it's probably a retarded-ass idea in practice, but I can't help but get justice-boner at the thought of commissars rounding up gangbangers and putting a bullet through their brains.


No, no you aren't.

Yes! Yes!
Wait, what?

Never trust a SocDem.

The libertarian position is honestly one of the better ones on this issue, far as mainstream politics go, but it still basically reduces to "turn the recreational drug industry into Big Pharma." The sort of idyllic Smithian perfect competition you have in mind simply isn't possible because we have market power as well as market forces in play, and the daily ongoing accumulation of the former.

Gangs wouldn't have to shoot people for dealing on the wrong turf because the cops will fine them or throw them in jail for lacking the right licenses, in turn because the "gangs" have lobbied the State to do so. If you're familiar with Molymeme's "do you support me getting shot" reduction, basically it's that in reverse. The people who literally shoot you now no longer have to, because the rules and regulations of the State now freely respond to their business interests.

Not to mention criminal wars overseas to fuel the industry demand for petroleum-derived feedstocks, and so on. So it's never strictly true that people will stop being killed, at least not indirectly, by these gangs of private ownership

see which I guess you just missed

Gee, for having such strict gun laws, Chicago sure has a lot of gun violence…

they buy the guns in indiana

Yeah, and then they bring them into Chicago and run amok because the law-abiding citizens can't defend themselves. It's basic fucking logic that having gun control leads to more gun violence because criminals don't fucking care about the law.


It isn't common for random people to get shot tbh. It's most often members of random gangs. Of course when a random person does get shot it's hyped up like crazy so everyone thinks it's more often than it is.

I live very near to the south side of Chicago. Born and raised here. There's some weird fantasy of getting shot by evil nigger gangbangers for no reason. But that rarely happen. The worst that would happen is a mugging, really.

Rival gangs not random gangs

or you know educate the masses and break their rent-slave chains by giving them real opportunity in a system where workers own the means of production. legalizing drugs in a system like this and making crack legal in chicago is still gunna cause poor dis-enfrancized people to kill each other




Says the tankie
How's the krokodil situation going, fam? Those soviet-era policies are really paying for themselves, huh?

Soviet-era policies? you mean post-perestroika russian federation policies?

lol, implying the drug dealers are going to get a penny a day job at mcdonalds instead of just robbing you for your jordans. you have no clue how rigid class is or how our economy even remotely functions the more "free" it becomes

Wait, what's wrong with legalizing safe-ish drugs to starve organized crime out of cash and then putting the boot down on those that choose violent crime instead?

this is why fascists/libertarians are fucking retarded

It's a holdover from the state-sponsored stigmatization of narcotics users, which was absolutely disastrous from a harm reduction standpoint. Drug policy hasn't meaningfully liberalized since '91.

but they were? so it is or isn't soviet policy?

Well, send them to gulags for some corrective labor?

The post-soviet policy is, essentially, the soviet policy. Serious complications from unsafe injectable drug practices are a major public health issue today in the Russian Federation.

(pic related is of advanced necrosis from impurities in "krokodil" and poor injection technique - graphic)

did he died?

Civil War Round 2 soon


NazBol shows true colors

Reminder that NazBols ARE NOT leftists, and will be going up against the wall when the revolution comes

Alright we don't need this meme

see this is how i can tell you've never been out of your fucking suburban home. gangbangers shoot other gangbangers. shooting civilians brings about unnecessary attention from police

Is there any real difference between a Nazbol and a Tankie? Is one more ethno-centric than the other? Nazbols seem to love Stalin so the lines get a little blurry at times.

regardless I still agree with you that both deserve to be walled

Chicago is already a horrid mess. You wouldnt have to destroy much

The problem I have with total drug legalization is the "what happens next". The Gangs and Mafias will still exist, they'll just corrupt the now-legal drug market. You'll have no greater legal edge on them than you had before, because they are still flush with cash (and seeing how the minimally legal weed market is doing, they'd be even richer if there was blanket legalization). They'd still use their weapons against each other in one way or another, just like how even after prohibition, the Mafia still found things to corrupt and kill each other over. They still do it to this day.

Prostitution should be legalized though, with no pimps/brothels allowed

What is the bourgeoisie, really, but a network of mafias with subtler, more nuanced avenues of violence?


I dont trust Trump to do this, but Id be okay with an increased police presence targeting gangs in Chicago



Any form of government, whether it be made up of the common person, a small coven of super-elites, to a single Omnipotent cyber-emperor, requires the ability to enforce their will and rules. If they cant enforce laws and rules, what power do they have anyway?

The ability to enforce laws/territorial claims (borders)/etc are essential for a country and it's government to assert itself, lest other nations fill the void.

Ultimately, there has to be some consequence to breaking a rule or a law. Enforcing this punishment is only really doable by forcing the punishment on the offender (criminals dont often punish themselves or can be convinced to do so), and what is the thing people will obey the most? Force! 9 times of out of 10, force will get people to endure the punishment for breaking rules

Now sure, in some ways, gangs operate in very similar ways. They kill those who oppose them and kill those who infringe upon their territorial claims. The problem is that they are trying to enforce their "governance" against the state's authority. The Gang is countering the state's laws by means of brutal enforcement. The state, in effort to assert itself and it's legitimacy as the righting enforcer of law (Which, who would you side with, the Federal Government, or Crips?), must suppress the gangs

There isn't really.

You got something against the most revolutionary class?

So is it going to martial law or what?

We are in general terms supporters of Coup attempt of 1991 and anti-party group following Stalin`s death. Nothing more than hardliners who stand against revisionism.

NazBols are something of synthesis between Leninism and Nazies.

But Stalinism in itself is revisionism.


Socialism in one country in 1925 did not mean establishment of single central soviet federal unitary state. Original book where it was published as theory for first time it still called for internationalism.

Seems legit.

I see no problem here you get the possible planet of the apes scenario and we get to watch Chicago burn either way.

Daily reminder Trump supporters are not communist