Does anyone else here feel hesitant to join a communist party because they're afraid it is secretly a honeypot for the...

Does anyone else here feel hesitant to join a communist party because they're afraid it is secretly a honeypot for the secret services? Or because a prospective employer might find out and not hire you or whatever?

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Just use a fake name. That's what I did.

no, i'm just socially awkward and can't deal with that shit

Use a fake name, and remember: anyone inciting any illegal activity is a cop
You'll be fine

don't worry, no one gives a fuck about 10 larping college kids and decrepit fucks. I'm sure subway and mcdonalds won't care lol

Sick burn.

the right isn't funny

Take that you dumb proles

How are you supposed to build real relationships with your comrades if you set up a fake identity which is to be kept separated from everything else you do?


Hellllloooo FBI!

Tha's me, I'm fucking scare of political persecution

spicy projection mate

They'll find your real identity if they really want to lad, unless you've been dark on the clearnet for the past 10+ years.

Maybe it's an unknown fetish you have. Let me put you in bondage and you can be my sissy tbh.

Lol you people have such a persecution complex

Said fuck it and joined CPUSA a while back (I know they're shit but at least they're active in my area) and it's been pretty positive so far. Wish I had used a fake name but there are worse mistakes one can make.

they're literally just a fed outpost

Don't worry. They already know.

I know that feel

I know that feel because I plan on joining the military in a month or two and you have to fill out papers, one of which has a question that literally asks if you are, or have ever been in a group that sought to overthrow the US gubbermint. I'm putting all my chips into joining the military because living in the Rust Belt with a job at Walmart sucks and joining feels like the one viable option to begin my life

I don't because every time I find one they're all just authoritarian larping liberals who are cool with mass murder of people who disagree with you.

For everyone else:

No need for them to know your name.

Also a plus to have a lefty with military experience

What's it like to be a part of the deep state, Mr. Fed?

user what you wanna do is join an easier branch like the Air Force or Navy and then focus as much on science as possible. If you get lucky you can land an easy job in a blood processing lab in hawaii or some such.

kek this

lame ass

I don't want to take any significant role in any communist organizations because I know it would be far too easy for the CIA to blackmail me or reveal information which would discredit the entire group.

Fucking this. There is no rational reason whatsoever to join the Army when the Air Force exists.