Labor laws and other socialist policies are hurting india's potential

Ironically, it is those very laws that are pro-worker (anti-business) that are stifling india's growth. It simply isn't economical to hire factory workers in a country with first world tier labor laws, so the entrepreneurs stick to china and the rest of south asia.

Its a damn tragedy. A country with so much potential (labor power) is being stifled by the wannabe commie indian union leaders.

I remember this board was celebrating when india had the largest labor strike ever. But in reality what that event showed was a non willingness of union bosses and indian workers to take the route paved by china and industrialize. If based modi had his way he would be able to underbid china and bring a huge industrial boom to india. And maybe the india superpower 2050 meme could actually come true.

India needs more capitalism. That much is obvious to any thinking human being. But once again socialists ruin everything

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Is there an IWW-like organization in India? I would love to see them skin Modi alive if he tried to do anything like this.


Yes there are many, dumbfuck. Socialists/other far left in india have a good amount of support and sway.Its one of the main reason why its such a shithole


That fucking is only nice because literally a third of its gdp comes from repatriation. Its wealthy and probably the best state india because capitalism abroad gives it lots of money to spend on services and whatnot

*fucking place


Do you think lolberts know how stupid they sound? Is it like one of those things where your voice always sounds different when you hear a recording of it?

Look at how great India was under capitalism

They unironically believe that the """free market""" leads to higher wages or at least that's what they say to get you to adopt it. Then when it fails they blame you for not trying hard enough.

There's a reason they call it the eCONomist.

Socialism keeps poor countries poor.
Which country with low economic freedom would you like to live in?


Sankara's burkina faso

What a relevant example, some place no one has heard about
I'll take New Zealand and Switzerland

A fucking dictator, ha ha.

The seychelles look pretty great.

You fags didn't seem to mind Pinochet.

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Yes India should adopt terrible neoliberal policies that have failed everywhere else instead of treating their workers like human beings.

India is "socialist" like Detroit was "socialist". Not at all.

When libertarians aren't focused on apologizing for enabling dictators and war all over the world they enjoy claiming that capitalist failures were the fault of socialism.

Meanwhile the entire "libertarian" ideology vanished into authoritarian Trump support.

I inb4'd that here retard

In the long term that is demonstrably true even if it sounds stupid to plebs like you. Look at china

can you not read? "Treating your workers like human beings" (lmao) is not something capitalists do. Literally the ONLY way india superpower 2050 happens is if they are able to underbid china

India needs to harden up, root our corruption, and implement a few five year plans.

800 millions in misery, great model to emulate.

China doesn't have a free market.

China has most banks and heavy industry in the hands of the state.
Yes, labour regulation hinders industrial growth, obviously.

with more and more coming up to the middle class every day. gotta start somewhere

alright, you are correct. However as i'm aware the state doesn't mess with the ability of capitalists to do what they like

The state has always propped up capitalism.

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No, you're not allowed to say that! He said you're not allowed to use that as an example so it's not an argument!


The only state with 1/3 of its GDP coming from repatriation, yeah. Imagine if you had that much extra GDP coming in, you could certainly fund those social programs


even has its own Wikipedia article, ┬┤┬┤repatriations┬┤┬┤ are not among the reasons listed. And if you look it up foreign remittances make up about 15-20% of Kerala's GDP, hardly 1/3rd

Or, you could efficiently allocate what little resources you have. The US has the highest GDP per capita in the world and yet it does a poorer job of providing social services than Kerala. Really makes you think.

According to IMF, Nepal has 31.8% of GDP as personal remittances. And I hear it's on the brink of collapse.

should be

The point still stands.

the fuck
Yeah, send that money to Washington, it will definetely be better spent than local community management, no risk of corruption at all.

This whole thing is Pinochet-tier (privatized yet compulsory Social Security), fuck you OP.

What the fuck, why is Ireland there?

Tax haven.

Okay then.

Okay, so United States has the highest GDP per capita doing something more or less legit and actually working.

How was it again Imperial Britain caused 30 million Indians to starve to death?

Yeah suppressing wages pushes up purifies and then investment and growth.
Propertarians don't see this as why capitalism is an evil system that creates and perpetuates misery and poverty



Holy shit if you think China's industrialization was a result of the free market, you need to read a damn history book. It was a state-capitalist endeavor. Many of china's politically important industries are still nationalized. You are citing a success of low-wage driven state-capitalism in China as a reason why we need more neoliberalism in India. The two are not as similar as you think they are.

Because lowering wages and workers rights will certainly have the exact same effect in modern 2017 India as it did in 1970s China, right? India's current population is almost 50% bigger than that of China in the 1970s. I could go on for days about how radically different the economic conditions currently are in India than they were in 1970s China. But I doubt that would change your religious conviction that stripping workers of their wages and rights is the only solution for India.