Richard Spencer

This guy heads the National Policy Institute and put out a bounty on the comrade that punched him. Let's show him how much we appreciate that.

Richard Spencer
[email protected]/* */

Home Address:
98 Elk Highlands Drive
Whitefish, MT 59937

Alt-Right 'HQ' in Virginia:
1001 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

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Oh, Spence. Just had a google and couldn't find the page very quickly, but it's at $3K as of when they published the articles.
He's recently announced a tour, I hope the smashies make punching him a regular event, it would get funnier every time.

send him some memes

Reck Richard 2017

send him a pizza



What did you mean by this?

well according to Holla Forumstards it must be a prominent cuck. better send him as much cuck porn as possible just to be safe.

He put out a $3k reward on whoever punched him. Dunno if it's just the identity or if he wants some alt-right fuckboiis to kill them. Either way.


i tried sending him a bunch of shit but, i got a error message (he probabably changed it)


It's kind of amusing that he should advocate ethnic cleansing but get so intensely buttmad when he's confronted with the most minimal amount of violence himself.

Tito lets me out to play if I'm good every 4 months.


Do private actors have the right to put a bounty on people's head in Burgerland?

No, but officially he's just looking for information on who did it.

Whatever he implies the Hitler Youth do though…

How do people collect the reward? Do Spencer's assbuddies have to follow up or get the pigs to follow up on tips? Because if they do, the capacity for either wasting his time or making him waste theirs is great and could generate further keks. You know, send him into the middle of nowhere, make him go to Alex Jones' house or some shit like that. To my knowledge it's not illegal for us to give him fake tips. If it is I'm explicitly not advocating that.

Send literal truckloads of catalogues like they did to the Spam King. Also dragon dildos and frog merch.

We need to send him a bunch of scat porn and ask him which of the guys did it

his not the only one

They haven't caught or doxxed the comrade that punched him?

Damn I'm really worried for his safety.

most of them are looking for a dead scatporn actor
they'll get bored before they admit they were wrong

Yeah I know I was here in the beginning but I kinda missed out the last 2 days.
oh man.
may that hero be safe wherever he is.
and the mother fucker liberal that pursued him is a fucking disgrace.

He faked his death a year in advance. These are the lengths mentally ill leftists go to.

I'm more worried about the Holla Forumsyp who was familiar with a scat porn actor enough to be reminded of him after the whole debacle
Maybe leftypol was right that there's some Freudian shit going with Holla Forums's cuck obsession

Never underestimate a craft leftist.

There probably is, but in this case I imagine they used reverse image search.

I don't think that's how reverse image search works, user.


It seems more likely than them having an encyclopedic knowledge of scat cuck porn actors.
I'm too lazy to experiment with cropping the face and running it through Google.

Somebody's projecting


Really jogs the noggin

I really hope you don't like Pinochet because that comment will be very hypocritical

He's a low level troll m8.

mentally ill or mentally SUPERIOR?

watch your back smelly dumb nazi scum

well he's damn good at it.
dont you think?

kek the fact that you even bring that up makes me laugh.

I fully support working class terrorism against the ruling class and their fucking puppets.

I mean if you so desperately want to be on the side getting BTFO'd by mentally ill cucks, be my guest

I confess it was me.

Even Holla Forums doesn't like this fag

If Pinochet was mentally ill, how did he successfully identify the root of all Western decay?

At being mentally ill, like all leftists LMAO

And that's why Chile became a paradise, and not some 3rd world shithole for the majority of the cold war.

Yeah, exactly. You're okay, for a leftist.

sorry forgot to add /s

Holy fuck Ray is fucking awesome

What's /s? Salute?


Reddit autism, we've got a bad case of it recently.

seems like some "Mutualist" just got a ticket for Siberia.

Yeah sure hail trump

Why did I get so many replies?

pls no gulag these autists can't read our sarcasm

Nice song m8


because this is Holla Forums

Gotta stay faithful to board culture.

More seriously, i'm inclined to think being arguing with imageboard's Ancaps and Nazis lessen one's ability to detect trolls.

meant for

These are the mental gymnastics that schitzoids off their meds go to.

Thanks bro

I think we all know who REALLY punched Spencer


Mind if I use this song in a Youtube video?

What happens when one of his body guards shoots one of these antifa kids? Calm down buddy

If I report myself can I get the money?
If nazis show up at my house I can just shoot them because I live in Maine.

Go for it


You wake up.

do it

Do it
Shoot them with a nugget and blast the Red army is the strongest while doing it
Also record it

Call your friends and give them guns


go for it.


Richard is a cuck, we all know he's a cuck. He has bad situational awareness, chubby neck and face, bad head posture, faggot mannerisms and no backbone to speak of. Definitely closeted like most early fascist organizers are before regime gets into power and purges all obvious fun. I hope the coprophiliac gets what's coming to him for wasting such a good opportunity to scare the shit out of the far right. fucking pathetic level american political activism/radicalism has fallen to. French students shut down Paris for a week, Greeks shut down Athens, Brazilians shut down Sao Paulo and Rio, Taiwanese students shut down Taipei, Fucking chinks shut down tieaneman square but faggot aryan whites and assorted euros in america can't stand up to entrenched police/military castes might for shit. low energy and weak doesn't even begin to describe it

They can't do that when they're set on fire

Burn alive bitch

I'm more inclined on doing

Do any of you guys know how they hand the money over to you?
Do they hand it over only after they've killed the guy you tipped them off about? I want that money.

This. I use Google Image to try to look for shit but 9/10 it's garbage, and I don't think using the cropped out face, like suggests would work. Somebody from Holla Forums's anonymous HAD to have foreknowledge of Slave Ray.

I'm not saying that the person who knows about Ray has some kind of encyclopedic knowledge of scat porn, but it should speak volumes of one's porn-viewing habits if they were able to spot a (possibly photoshopped) face on that image

Yeah sure Richard's a douche but you're still autistic. Settle down

People like Spencer are why I'd have no qualms with a Stasi/Cheka style organisation.

richard got himself some new social media presence, spread the news

From now on we should start finding obscure E. European antifa pics and photoshopping scat and cuck porn stars onto them as misinfo when this happens. Really give them the memes.

Fuck Richard "POOPDICK AND JEWS ROCK" Spencer.

t. Holla Forums

Are white nationalists /ourguys/ leftypol?

No leftypol, you are /ourguys/ :^)

What. A. Pussy.

It's great to watch a movement cannibalise itself and turn into a kuru addled mess.
Not like us guys, right? Haha!

Spencer, Milo, Gavin et al are on *your* side over their fag fun alone, m8.

our side hasn't been alive for decades, you can't cannibalize what is only skin and bones


It just shows how many aut-rightists seem to like cock in the ass


Ah, Murica.

The aut-kike must be destroyed over that, among other things.

You can make him red all you want when y'all are cozy at the bottom of the bog.

Im kinda liking Richard Spencer now

Better than Tim's. Also I love your raspy southern voice, if that's you.

I laughed. Meanie.

You cannot kill what is already dead.

That's actually a good idea, If anyone on the board looks vaguely like the guy who punched Spencer is willing to give up personal information then leftypol can just nab the $3K and later admit it was a scam.
Considering /Pol fooled themselves to think that a 60 year old dead guy did it then I'm sure this plan will work.

In our quest to slay the spooks, we became the spectre.