Is it dare i say it /our drink/?

is it dare i say it /our drink/?

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Simbly bourgeois comrade.




what do i care?

It literally just involves tugging on cow nipples. How is that bourgeois?

I only drink grass-fed milk

come at me

You feed the cows, give them clean water, shelter them, etc, to gain a product that offers less value than the resources used to obtain said product. It's incredibly inefficient and milk is not even healthy for you as many studies have shown. Use the land made to produce cow feed to grow any other vegetable that supplies calcium.

Imagine any amount of crops that can be grown instead of worthless grass.

Grass is not expensive, the expense comes from paying rents and loans to survive as a farmer, compared to feeding your cows defective skittles, ground up dead sick cows, anti-biotics etc.

Studies done on free-roaming cows showed that cows with huge freedom to roam actually increase the growth of greenery, because cows are a part of the ecology.

I agree factory farming is wasteful.


Milk is the cheapest animal based protein ie complete amino acid profile containing essential amino acids bar insects.

Milk will always remain a cornerstone of the human diet until we genetically engineer ourselves to synthesise those amino acids that we can not otherwise obtain from plant products.


Not if you give the cow lots of hugs and pets as you milk it. :)

You're assuming grass is the default vegetation of an area when in most cases it isn't. I've read of forests being stripped away to grow grass to feed cows. Monoculture is common for raising cows because of just how much grass they need to eat all the time. Monoculture also has the disadvantage of lower fitness levels. It doesn't take much to eliminate an entire field of grass compared to the previous forest or even fields of mixed crops. They also leech the earth of nutrients and cause soil to become infertile compared to doing rotational agriculture. A major cause of the dustbowl in the 30's was exactly this reason, poor agriculture techniques mainly to do with monoculture.

I'm sure he'd appreciate the business.


Yeah, when I say grass I'm being dumb, any ground greens and scrub.

No doubt, but that's not what I'm advocating.

A few studies have shown that cows are actually a benefit to the growth of grazing greens when they're allowed to 'naturally' graze and move about.

I love milk products but i can't stand milk itself.
Is that just me?

You calling the USSR bourgeois?

I like it when I'm eating something sweet, but other than that, yeah, it's not great to drink on its own.

Here's another one. This makes sense to me because animals are a part of the ecosystem, plants benefit from their waste, cropping, and reducing parasites and pest plants. Giving more room to grow and easing off of the soil depleting.

either I have bread products or i have milk tea + sweets

Surprise surprise, the problem isn't cows, it's capitalism

It's not always rape. Some cows want it. because they have been breed to produce so much milk that if left unmilked, they experience severe pain and could possibly die

i was told cows are also in such bad shape nowadays if they'd be put into water their assholes are so loose they'd fill up with it.

but you google that yourself to see if that's true, i honestly don't care and didn't ask for this information…


Does this clean the cow or do they eventually dissolve?

nah. i can't stand the thought of drinking it. i wonder if i get enough calcium or if that concern is just the porky milk lobby's power of propaganda on my brain

spooky times we're living in milk health risks&btnG=&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5
It's more to do with the pasteurization process and how unpasteurized milk is even more dangerous. You can avoid drinking milk altogether and choose safer methods of obtaining nutrients. I don't see it as too useful considering modern technology and the knowledge obtained from nutritional science.

Doesn't sound very bourgeois to me.

not my comrade

Even if we're considering the grazing benefits I'm not sure that justifies drinking cow milk. Don't cows only produce milk after giving birth much like humans do? This means that we need to constantly get cows pregnant just to have access to milk. We could also be using goats for grazing instead of cows which has the added benefit of lesser methane gas emissions.

We know more today than they did back then.

I see your point, if only cows were actually treated this well for the milk we drink. In reality our demand is way too large to afford these niceties to the cows. I was talking more from a traditional almost romanticized point of view and even then it doesn't make sense. The milk would normally go to the calf, we're practically stealing that milk from them.

Yes, back then it was rarely known how pretentious and libtarded you can sound by saying "I only drink water".

Not everyone is a sedentary shut in that can't walk off a Coke.

Great, how is that at all pretentious? Are you forced to drink Coke? Coke is more expensive than water so doesn't it mean you have a more luxurious lifestyle by drinking it? Do you go to the poor and call them libtards for only drinking water?

I might sound retarded for asking this, but what happens to dairy cows in India? Indians are largely vegetarian (like 98%) and dairy is used a lot in their products - are the cows treated just as badly as everywhere else or do they actually manage to treat them relatively humane?

One cow actually produces thousands of gallons of milk each year, it would be no problem to treat them decently, but capitalism. Profit above everything else.

Yeah. Milk spoils at a predictable rate meaning a lot gets thrown out. Gotta keep the stores well stocked, and not just enough to meet demand but enough so that once demand is met the stock won't be empty which will freak the customers out. Stores lose less money by having extra food (including milk) to throw away than by not overstocking to give the appearance of plenty.

Did a google search and they're actually treated as badly there, I'm honestly surprised.

Scientists are generally trust worthy, in that they believe what they are saying, but it still gets skewed, by how funding is distributed. Usually funding is credited, so look at the funding sources whenever reading a paper.

Meat and dairy is actually bad for you (it's ok to eat a little bit of meat. Like the Japanese traditionally did. Traditionally the typical Japanese meal will be mostly rice, udon, soy and a little bit of some sort of meat. Like fish or whatever. The Japanese didn't start getting fat and sick until recently when their meat consumption has went way up).

Meat and dairy is extremely bad for the environment. An excessive amount of land use is required for livestock. An excessive amount of water is required. There is a lot of carbon released into the atmosphere. A diet of fruits and vegetables is far, far better for the environment.

But it's really difficult for me to give up meat and dairy. I don't like meat as much as I used to. But I can't give it up. I'm not too crazy about milk but I do drink it with coffee, sweets, Nutella or peanut butter sandwiches, etc. I love cheese.