Center for a stateless society

These guys are kind of interesting, to my plebeian mind at least.
Why aren't the ancaps this uncucked?

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cute. just wait until you find out about mutualism.

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pls no bully.

Ancapism stems from lack of empathy center develolment in Thalamus region and neocortex

Highly developed motor-language-visuo processing centers, atrophied or nonexistent oxytocin-seratonin production which is why they fear women and poor people. probably extremely high level of repulsion and rejection of anything scary, psychopaths tend to have overdeveloped amygdala

Is "psychopath" synonymous with "sociopath"?

Recently it has been declared to be so.

Didn't they also decide that asperger's is just autism too?

I think so. What do you make of it?

it's ok. but seriously, check out mutualism

I'm not qualified to have an opinion, but I once read part of what seemed like a credible book which suggested to me that they really aren't the same.
I think it was this one:

Proudhon pls.

Totally /ourguy/.

Because Ancaps are the result of taking Econ 101 and only Econ 101 combined with internet autism. These fags aren't much better tbh, market socialism or mutualism is a transitory stage at best.

to what?

Planned socialism or Communism

fucking statist GET OUT

Planning doesn't require a state m8.

ancaps are the ultimate cucks though, they fell for the "american dream" and other western propaganda so hard they legitimately based their whole self-identity around it

it would seem to require some sort of hierarchy though

ancaps are 100% cucked I'm not sure what's surprising you here

If Ancaps are the scum of the earth and C4SS's primary theorist doesn't mind AnCaps as per , doesn't that mean we shouldn't consider these twats to be on our side?

It's not that we don't mind, we think they're useful idiots

He'd call most of them 'vulgar libertarians'.

What are they useful for? Their ideology would create a corporate feudal dystopia.

If you put them to work instead of just letting them complain on the internet like they usually do, they could help us smash the state, which destroys the framework upon which capitalism rests. Also, I can tell you from personal experience (including that of yours truly) that it's way easier to convert an ancap to anarchism than it is converting a tankie or even most state socialists for that matter.

I feel uneasy trusting someone who unironically upholds Austrian economics to be a leftist.

Been reading this guy for the past 3 months.
good stuff there m8


Austrianism and Marxism aren't really incompatible, Mises said for example that in a free market Profit would tend towards zero because of competition. Mises was just a moralist aristocratic sperg who got his panties in a bunch because of Marx's dismissal of Academicism and bourgeois society and support for working-class revolt.

normalfag lolberts maybe, but once they get into Hoppe or Rand they're pretty much gone and only healed through hard labour.

We really need a Marxist who knows his shit to dig through Mises and Hayek and maybe Rothbard and try to get something of worth from them like we did with Heidegger.

The physical removal goons who support Hoppe definitely won't take kindly to what they perceive to be an "immoral" system. And if you agree with Rand, that automatically makes you a statist and edgy neoliberal and not an ancap. They're mutually exclusive


C4SS is pretty great.

Not really though.