Was he /ourguy/?

Was he /ourguy/?

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A former aristocrat endowed with quasi-godhood, turns servants into mindless thralls? Hmm.

His only coherent wish besides total domination is restore LORD Nerevar and himself to rightful aristocracy, harnessing his power, army of ash slaves, and Morrowind's ebony resources to dominate Tamriel.

I think not

CHIM is basically the end of history as described by Walter Benjamin.

Don't worry when the proletariat finally rises up the New Tribunal will simply vanish and give way to the dictatorship of the non-n'wah proletariat.

House Dagoth is an pure idealism, tbh. Nothing a Marxist would approve of.

Technically speaking everything in the Elder Scrolls universe is idealism because it's all a dream or some shit like that.

The ironic thing is that the Sixth House didn't even correctly interpret the Dream despite being a cult founded on mystical solipsism that went around naming their members Dreamers, Sleepers and Ascended Sleepers. Dagoth Ur managed to snatch madness from the jaws of enlightenment and completely misinterpreted reality. Instead of realizing that he was part of a dream, he concluded that the world was HIS dream, as per the "Only He is Awake! / Only He is Alive! / He is All Things!" and "THE DREAMER IS AWAKE" Sixth House teachings you can find lying around in some of their bases. So then you get the crazy corpus plan where he tries to use magical cancer to wire everyone into his weird telepathic divine oversoul.
So no, he's not /ourguy/, OP. Unless you believe the next stage in leftism is communal divine solipsism.



The main question is.
Is House Telvanni the true union of egoists?


House Telvanni are ancaps though

No, they're right wing libertarians. "Only the strong will rule the weak".

That would be the thieves guild.

The Thieves Guild reminds me too much of the typical Robinhood fairy tales. It was more obvious with its appearance in Oblivion.

No one likes Skyrim. Not even Holla Forums.

I've always seen them as people out for themselves and doing it for enjoyment.

Holla Forums and stormfront love skyrim

orcs vs humans

Why all the hate for Skyrim? Sure, it can't match Morrowind in terms of mysticism/background lore but it's a hell lot better than the garbage that was Oblivion. The only thing that really sucks in Skyrim is that the quests have been dumbed down and that you barely have diverse armor and weapon choices unless you install mods.

The dungeons (see: 90% of the game considering what they did to quests) were carbon copies of each other

That's a bit disingenuous. Really similar? Yea, but carbon copies? There were definitely differences, no 2 were EXACTLY the same

It's true, this guy has a skyrim lets play where he pretends the people he's killing are all people he doesn't like

It was a really shitty RPG. You roll up in the jarl's court and just claim you saw a dragon and then he immediately sends you off on a important mission, not knowing who you are or if you are even telling the truth. That's just off the top of my head.

It goes into the trash.

The spells are shit and it doesn't even have a spell crafting system.

The way I remember it he only sends you with his guards because you have experience with dragons since you survived Helgen.

I agree with you that it's shit in terms that you are the chosen one right from the beginning while in Morrowind you need to earn your title as Neverarine.

Why the fuck do you want to have a spell crafting system? I was so glad they removed that, what's the point in crafting some high end spells level 4 or so, I'd rather have to earn the spells throughout the game. It was a little lazy the way you can just buy spells according to your level in Skyrim, but the shout system was an improvement concerning the attainment of spells.

All Elder Scrolls have that. It's a major flaw but I think compared with Oblivion the dungeons became more diverse. I think what really rustled me was that every quest was like "go to X dungeon on the map, go to the final chamber and retrieve Y item from the boss chest". Oblivion did that better, too bad the rest of the game was utter shit.

You might be right. It's been a minute since I played it. I remember talking to the jarl, then he refers you to his court wizard who then sends you off somewhere. In a decent RPG just getting to see the jarl would be a quest in itself.

I gotta agree with you here. I like when certain areas are locked in the beginning, may it through level or quest, even when it's an open world. Too bad that Bethesda is absolutely stubborn about making everything accessible from level 1.

If everything isn't accessible then little kids and your typical bro gamer won't want to play it.

If you don't like everything in the map to be available from the start then play the Enderal mod. It is a TC and it's superior to vanilla Skyrim in terms of design.

They should just do it Morrowind style. Everything is accessible at level 1; but if you drag your level 1 ass to Red Mountain without some serious preparation / cheese, you're gonna have a real bad time.