Anybody here prolife in regards to abortion?

Anybody here prolife in regards to abortion?

The majority is pro-life leaning

Are you high mate?

I'm pro abortion since banning abortion would mean more low Autism Level people (nigs mainly) being born.

I'd be okay with abortion if children were conscious in the womb.

I'm pro-death, we're living in a time where the population exceeds the planet's carrying capacity due to excess consumption. Trying to create more life just so we can fight over increasingly scarce natural resources is simply illogical.

I don't give a fuck. Womans body, she can do with it as she pleases. She wants to keep the child? Let her? Abort the child, let her.

It's not my concern.

i am conscious of the fact that the wealthy have used birth control and pro choice as a way to control the reproduction of proles


I sincerely doubt it there are no real good reasons to be pro-life except wanting to punish women for having sex.
The bible even treats "deliberately causing a miscarriage" as more of a property than anything else, not even as severe as manslaughter.

We've had these threads before, most agree that abortion is a tool of porky to cull our numbers. It's not the high born being aborted it's the proletariat.

Third trimester abortion is iffy, might as well legalize infanticide and not consider a baby a person until its second year of life as the ancients did.

It's not the high born being aborted primarily because they're more likely to be using non-abortion birth control already?

Abortion should be legal up to the 75th trimester.

More people means more supply of workers, more competition among workers, and lower wages for all. Simple supply and demand where price decreases as supply increases. I'd argue porky wants more workers: see Republicans.

This. Literally don't care.

Couple points on that. Just some detail to add.

1. Back then infant mortality was very high, because

2. Humans are all preemies. If we stayed in the womb until fully developed, we'd gestate for like a year or so. We get expelled at 9 months because it's the balance evolution found between maximizing time in the womb and minimized deaths from massive baby heads annihilating birth canals. Incidentally, humans have the biggest dicks among our primate relatives probably because we needed them to please the cavernous vaginas needed to birth our massive heads. Basically, our brains evolved really fast and the rest of biology is playing catchup while also being bottlenecked by things like structural constraints (at a certain hip width you can't fucking walk).


^this, they only care about the bab until it's born, from then on out you are on your own

Abortion should be legal at any age.

Any age.

This. Anyone who wavers that long should just go ahead and Fuckin have the baby anyway. I personally do not give a shit if people get aborted, noy a christfag, but I know that aborting a kid that ready to pop out is murder.

Banning abortion is like banning spawn camping

u just do it cuz u mad

You cannot be """pro-life""" and leftist. Sorry you just can't.

Why? In a classless society the fetus is not any less valuable than any other person.

I am not pro-choice, I am pro-abortion.

More dead babies the better, that way there's more wealth to go around for everybody.

If our population were under carrying capacity you would be singing a different tune. Imagine 10 people living on the planet with easily sustainable lives. There would be no harm in adding more.

I think abortion is great! Remember, if you have any leftist tendencies, please remember to abort your children to keep them out of the pool hehehe I mean to empower women! Remember, antinatalism is the ultimate redpill!

All those patriarchal right wingers having three children hehehe ignore them they are harmless heh

Pro-life is stupid. I can put a pine cone in my living room and decorate it, that doesn't make it a fucking christmas tree. Eating sunflower seeds doesn't mean I'm annihilating flower beds. Can you argue about an arbitrary cut-off date? Yes, but "pro-life" is some of the stupidest bullshit imaginable.

The fetus is not, in fact, a person. So, if there is any particular value to personhood, there isn't to the fetus, ergo yes the fetus is less valuable than any given person.

I'm against abortion after 20 weeks except medical exception. At that point they should be allowed to induce labour though giving a premature birth. 20 weeks is when the thalamus is formed so it should be concious at that point but not before.

Until the fetus becomes an in-womb human baby.

For the darker continents, yes. They will be cracking open our brains and feasting on the delicious goo without some drastic cull.

As if the right teach their kids any family values that stick, I'm willing to bet your own parents weren't Nazi.


Mormonism is practically state custody of children with the degree their church continues to follow and demand a presence in the kids lives.

No, fuck your anti-individual shit. You must be one of those who talk about "bourgeois individualism" as if it is all individualism.
Anti-abortion is anti-individual as long as pregnancy restricts the livelyhood of the mother as it does.
I could accept arguments against it much closer to birth but its stupid to flat out ban it. Do you then start accepting semen as human life? Or is the cutoff when the egg is fertilized? That's ridiculous.

In America, this is quite the opposite. Lower income women face the most obstacles to getting reproductive healthcare, including abortion. Laws restricting abortion literally affect only the people who can't sidestep those laws like the rich can.

You know what else inhibits the individual woman? Needy children.

kill em all

Majority (as can be seen here) aren't but I am.

What's your response to the bible treating the low tech equivalent as a property crime against the woman's husband?

Make abortion illegal except medical exception.
Punishment for having illegal abortion would be icepick
Uncle Joe banned it and so can you.

his country was reeling from a massive number of war deaths when he banned it

and when he died, they got rid of the ban

and when he died, they got rid of the ban

So it wasn't based on the number of dead then, but whether or not he was there to reinforce it. Which makes sense given his familial conservate views and anti-gay.

forgot my memes arrows

He wasn't anti-gay and anti-abortion at the start, these were results of the population decrease.

no they got rid of it because it did nothing to stop the grand russian tradition of back alley abortions

the law was never really enforced

Negative utilitarianism is the way forward. Sterilize all humans to save the children from existence.

I have no idea why someone would ever be against abortion.
I seriously don't get it, i can't understand the mental process that ends in your brain forming such an opinion in the end.

Look at Holla Forums, give a single look to that board and seriously tell me, with a straight face, that the world wouldn't be one million times better if most of the people posting there were aborted.

I'd sterilize all human beings at birth with a reverseable method, then have each couple that wants to have a baby undergo a test, where they're analyzed and made sure they can economically support a child, and that they're sound of mind and body.

That's it.
It would be a pretty lax test, most people would be able to have children if they wanted to, it would simply force people to be sane and responsable.

Euthanize Holla Forumsbabies

Exodus 21:22-25?

If the child is killed or injured the person who hit the women gets the death penalty or is injured in the exact same way. That's not exactly lenient.

I'd make them pass an IQ test. Only the top 10% would be deemed able to consent to sex. They would be paid to reproduce.

This is a dumb argument and a gross oversimplification.

Life itself has no meaning or importance except that which we give it. I think abortion should be judged by that metric. If you balace that with the amount of harm that could come from not aborting it I think you arrive at the most "moral" answer. So at the risk of being an edgelord I would have to agree with

High Autism Level doesn't automatically mean they'd work for the improvement and benefit of mankind.
High Autism Level only means just that, high Autism Level.
A person with extremely high Autism Level could as well just give a fuck exclusively about themselves and fuck everyone else over (in fact, that's usually what happens).
Thus your logic is flawed.

What the fuck actually happened in this board if you had to wordfilter -that-?
What did you fucks do to warrant this, of all things?

Fucking everyone else over would still be better than fucking everyone including themselves over. If this board is right, they'd ultimately recognize communism as the optimal solution for their own self-interest.

I think that was from Holla Forums endlessly shitposting about the relative IQs of different races.

I don't want a world where in the end it's just hyper smart adam and eve and everyone else is either dead, or a slave cleaning their golden toilets.
Sounds boring and edgy as shit.

regression toward the mean
I guess it might be could so you couldn't reproduce

Just let people do whatever the fuck they want, honestly.

Yep. There was even a discussion between Anons and BO about it. Consider yourselves lucky, it could have been "good boy points"

Replace slave with pet, and I think that's the only likely outcome. Adam and Eve won't be human though.

Good boy points was the superior candidate. RIP.

I don't want to reproduce, and it definitely would put a strong evolutionary upward pressure on IQ. The only question is whether it takes us long enough to develop AI or human genetic engineering for that evolutionary pressure to do anything.

Many of the top 10% are porky. Would you really let people without empathy breed simply because they are good reasoning?

I think its perfectly fine to euthanize 2 year olds (with the consent of the community of course)

This is why anprims are retarded.

Being anti-abortion is the surest-fire way to prove you’ve never fucked.

The best way to convince someone to support abortion? Get them laid.

Pro-lifers want back alley abortions.
Pro-choosers want hospital abortions.


The reproduction of capital is the reproduction of human life itself, we need to abolish human life, capitalism is humanist, communism is anti-humanist

Why stop there? That baby is a parasite leaching of its mother for the first two years of its life.

Im pro-abortion because it's volountary enthusia.
If it wheren't for that i wouldn't care at all

Yes. I'd take a clever porky over a stupid revolutionary. The biggest problem facing humanity is that humans are fucking stupid.