Four years



Unless liberals get a clue (lolno) or there's a revolution (comparatively quite reasonable), Trump will get 8 years.

Death to reformists.

yeah, nah

He's playing 64 dimensional starcraft

Reminder that Bernie PERSONALLY murdered Rosa

no, bernie is too soft and will be told by his corrupted party too fuck off.

You're a pathetic excuse for a leftist thing you have no idea how politics works in America. Bernie didn't sell out to shit. He conceded to maintain his committee seat and to do what he thought was best to beat Trump (tremp). Do you really think him conceding to Hillary Clinton nullified 40 years of his career? Go back to Pol you fucking retard.


It's basically going to be "whichever Dem in congress/governor/particularly important mayor/etc makes the biggest name for themselves telling Trump to fuck off". If the Dems have learned anything from this election, Corey Booker SHOULD be totally disqualified from the running because of the voting against importing drugs from Canada thing, but knowing the Dems they haven't learned shit and he'll be the nominee for sure unless we get some activist/protest leader who makes a big enough name for themselves.

it'll be corey booker

Apologise first.

The Dems are should be abandoned, and destroyed if necessary. They proved that they've already been bought out and refused a shot in the arm that could've revitalize them(say what you want about Bernie, but he DID have a bigger and stronger backing) in exchange for a blank corporate whore that couldn't even win with the entire media under her belt.

Bernie should do everything within his power to tank Booker then.

Basically. I get the vague hope people have that the Dems can be Tea Partied into becoming a leftist populist party and we'll be able to put their influence/infrastructure/money/etc to work for at least something resembling leftist causes, but the only reason this worked for the Tea Party is because capitalism doesn't mind (and in fact rather likes) right wing populism merged with "small government" austerity fetishism. Any genuine leftist movement within the Dems will only be coopted or crushed with greater ferocity than the Dems will ever show towards the Republicans.

Like if the Dems even moved as "left" as Bernie, I'll happily eat crow and call it progress, but anything more radically left than Scandinavian Social Democracy is never happening out of the current parties.

The democratic party's donor class is completely opposed to basically every kind of leftist project with the exception of (moderate) progressive tax reform. They are the reason why the Dems won't change any of their losing strategies. The democrats would rather lose elections (and then get comfortable jobs in corporate offices) than win without the aid of these corporate liberals.

2020 is going to be gigantic clusterfuck for the Dems.

Remember how the Republicans had 10 fucking assholes running for the nomination? That's going to be the next Democratic primary. Everyone and their grandmother will be trying to take out Trump.

The Neoliberals will not help matters at all since I'm certain they'll be fighting against the Progressives, again, despite losing most of the state parties to Sanderistas.

I'm pessimistic enough about the future of the Dems that I honestly expect the DNC to try to make Zuckerberg the Dem Trump and basically let him rewrite the entire party platform as soon as he tells the Dems he's interested. The only silver lining there for me is it gives a party like PSL or SAlt or some new leftist party room to at least establish a proper foothold in a state or two.

Makes me sick, to be honest.

No, I think it nullified his political future

"Bernie would've won"-faggots are delusional tbh.
He doesn't have a fifth of the balls that Trump has to go around chasing companies one by one and doing a "job inspection" like Trump did even before getting into office.
He always had a very pragmatic "govt will take care of it if we just let it", he had ambitious talking points, sure, but no real promisses like Trump did regarding specific policy for jobs.
As well as that fact that even if he tried to run a class-focused champaign the Dems, BLM, and Libs would've gotten him to moan about their pet issues, even if less divisively than Hill did. You have to remember that the South has been bombarded by Bootstrap Ideology since the 80s, their unions are gone and their economic prospects have been stagnant if not worse since '08. They're not city-dwellers angry at fatcats, they dearly miss the bourgs who shipped their jobs to China, and they've been taught that people like Bernie are the very reason it happened (which is true but they forgot to tell the part that if weren't the evil gubnmt they'd live like the Chinese too)

It didn't. He'll be the Martyr of SocDems for the next 10 years at least. Only anti-system hippies and puritan commies will mind that he jumped in her boat against literally Hitler.

Ask any Normie left or right they'll tell you the same thing. Hillary at the DNC screwed Bernie out of the nomination. People have profound respect for Bernie and the fact that he's still fighting while Hilary is doing jack shit but tweeting inspirational quotes like a justgirlthings blog.