Holla Forums, I need your help

Holla Forums, I need your help.

So comrades, do you have any experience in effectively de-spooking liberals?
Any really good tactics?
Thanks ahead of time, I really love this girl but it's kind of hard to see a future with someone so entrenched in ideology.

Have you told her about the contradictions of capitalism?

First thing, stop being ancom. Second is to become a ML. Everything else will fall in place from there on out.


Wait until she leaves the college with BFD and no professional perspectives, then when you'll both be burried in shit to the neck, she will start to listen.

Show her a bunch of anti-capitalist films. You can't just up and despook someone, you have to respook them with spooks compatible with the idea of being despooked.

Oh yes. It'll fall straight into state capitalism.

the same way the government the vanguard party sets up will somehow crumble to create actual socialism?

you have to respook them with spooks compatible with the idea of being despooked

Trying to radicalize someone right off the bat is like trying to fuck a girl right at the start of the date. You have to ease into it, warm them up. Show them that you are sympathetic to their concerns (much like taking them somewhere to eat or to have a good time). Show them that you know your way around political issues that matter to them (like being flirtatious). Build up tension by identifying the problems of capitalism but don't give in to the temptation and bring out the analysis quite yet (like doing foreplay). You want to get them so worked up with all these problems that they really just want a solution. They know there's something missing from their understanding but they don't know what. That's when you stick your dick in her tie these problems to capitalism. Not that you should be dating girls, OP. Are you some kind of normie?

introducing people to new ideas is kind of like female sexuality

Turning her anti-capitalist shouldn't be that hard. This system is legitimately insane. Point out the insanity of positing infinite growth in a finite world. Note how the climate is dying. Ask her to consider what will happen as automation increases whilst the means of production are held by a tiny elite. Point out that the rate of profit has been eternally decreasing. Note how billions live in absolutely horrid conditions and the atrocities of 19th century European capitalism have simply been moved out of view to China. Point out the constant proxy wars and imperialism in Africa which keeps an entire continent in bondage so that capital might have cheap resources. And so on, and so on.

That's the way to lose qt gf

Take her to visit informal anarchist events out of town when you have time off of school if there are any. She'll realize being more radical is nothing to be afraid of.

fuck off


Take your time and dont fall into sloganism, just talk about the irrationality of the system

Quite honestly, best way to radicalize people is through action rather than by throwing arguments & literature at them. Pick up some anarchist projects and join some groups and try to get her to tag along. Depending on your town, the IWW might be fairly active and would be a good way to meet people and find out about other projects going on.

Good luck!

That's not how human interaction works you Autistic fucktard.



At least we last longer than three years with you doing essentially the same thing than us, anarbuddy.

First you must establish your dominance. Start by slathering yourself in honey and beating your chest to demonstrate your masculinity. The rest will fall into place.

Make her watch Kapitalism101

Is she a feminist? Hit her with Rojava having the female veto and shit. Gonna have to be more specific my bro tho, tell us about the lady, we will find the loophole. Just get her an easy to access book as a random gift. Just be like 'I'm really interested in this so I thought you might be' don't get moody if she CBA to read though and only wants your man phallus



Love her just the way she is tbh

Please stop using this word to describe "things I don't like"



Go volunteer with the homeless. Once you have something resembling an idea of what you're doing, bring her along. Seeing the ugly side of Capital firsthand is the best and quickest way to radicalize people.

Bad sign IMHOFAM.

TBH I'm in the same place with my bf. He even brought up J20 with me in the context of hating the 'violence'

The liberals you are surrounded by all benefit from neoliberalism through mummy and daddy's money. And they will be up against the wall when revolution comes anyway Hang out with low income kids. At my school I found that the black athletes were actually most receptive to talking about socialism.

Date a trans woman. Problem solved.

mention news stories for awhile. talk about how capitalism isn't working. how politicians are in it for themselves. slowly go to the "acceptable' far left/right positions of socialism or civic nationalism. talk about books you've just read (reread them if necessary to give cover). when you cuddle after sex talk about how you want to build a future with them but politics are important to you and you future family. if it seems like they're not receptive then give a cold shoulder. be willing to cut your losses if it's a lost cause. Only date white. easy tips fam


Don't take dating advice from these fags.

Take her into ghetto parts of a city. If she's afraid she'll be raped by a nigger then she isn't really "liberal" and point out her hypocrisy. If she's never really seen anything like a slum then it might shock her into action.

Show her. My girlfriend swallowed the Marxist pill when she saw how refugees get imported into our country, turned into slave labor and have to live in poverty and isolation as a result of the capitalist machine.

how can you expect her to become anti-capitalist if you won't even read theory?

I second this idea.

I hate being around other people. How does communism help me get the fuck away from people? I am not sharing a room with anyone. You can sleep outside, but I would rather be executed than be anywhere near one of you.

Women can`t be radicalized since their evolutionary psychology drives them towards the center and preservation of status quo.

There is enough unused land for everyone to have their own house. Your house is personal property (not private property). Also communism is not about sharing.

Kys falseflagger


Why are women so less politically active then men
I dont say this in a sexist way Its just fascinating

I actually believe this strongly for some reason
Women rarely seem to be revoluntary in any ideologically manner
There are numerous exceptions, Id say like 85% of women are content with any seemingly centrist normal non chaotic life
Whereas males are seemingly all over the political spectrum from ancoms to fascists to ancaps to tankies

In Japan for example it's socially discouraged. Having opinions means maybe having different opinions, and difference of opinions means arguing, which is unladylike.

In the West, or at least the US, women in general have been experiencing slightly better economic conditions. Female activism is also equated with feminism, which is more unpopular with women than ever.

I'm sure there are other factors though.

because women are more drawn to sticking with the status quo because of a biological need for a safe environment in which they can raise children, while it is traditionally the man's role to seek new ways to improve life

And what evidence do you have for this aside from speculation and your confirmation bias

none, just speculation and confirmation bias.

Watch Living Utopia with her

You go to KU?


no, is that U of Kansas?