Holodomor denial should be illegal just like Holocaust denial tbh fam

Holodomor denial should be illegal just like Holocaust denial tbh fam.

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Making it illegal will just make them doubt it more. Just make the evidence easily available and let anal people angrily correct the deniers when the subject comes up.

Kulaks deserved worse tbh.

There shouldn't be any laws. And certainly not laws based on faulty Nazi propaganda. Is this really a Communist board?

Neither should be
Although holodomor has dramatically less evidence than Holocaust, with virtually no evidence it was intentional

This. All prohibition has done is gaslight people.

Holodomor is a meme perpetuated by Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists

Both deserved it.

Let me guess, you also shill for Putin as anti-imperialist struggle for invading Ukraine?

You should be ostracized or ridiculed for denying either the Holodomer or the Holocaust both of which happened and were heinous crimes against the species



Not even fuckin USA recognizes the holodomor as a real genocide. fuck off

Not disputing you on that.

You don't need to ban denial of genocides that actually happened, only made up ones. That's why holohoax denial is illegal.


Why do many former Soviet countries recognize it as genocide than?

I sure love tankies who eats shit from every Soviet propaganda.

not even illegal in most places, where the fuck are you?

The Holodomor was a Nazi fabrication.

The Holocaust was a Stalinist and Anglo American fabrication.

Both were blunt propaganda tools to demonize the enemy. WWII was an inter imperialist war without any 'good guys'. As Lenin said, communists take no sides in inter imperialist conflicts. As Marxists and as communists we rebuke both sides fairy tales and lies.

Maybe in fuckin' Hungary. Here holocaust denial means serious punishment. Just as using hammer and sickle as a symbol. Ridiculous laws.

like pottery

not that I agree, but then it seems to me the kind of places where holocaust denial is illegal are already the kind of places where holodomor denial is illegal

Denying other historical topics that are considered to be established facts is not punished. I think this is double standard, appeal to "muh feels".

i figured if hammer and sickle was also banned then it would also be on the list of non-discussed topics. seems pretty garbage either way sorry bro

The Holocaust and Holodomor are both quite clearly hoaxes.

Along with the Armenian "Genocide" and the Nanking "Massacre".


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