When you realize we already lost more than 25 years ago and the world is doomed





I kind of want to mindfuck myself into believing this for real.

I fucking wish.

More like 100

It's like you think the KGB that controls Russia all of a sudden forgot all they were taught for decades after acquiring all the assets previously held by the Plitburo

That's exactly where you belong though.

Indeed, capitalism almost achieved total victory.

However, the contradictions that govern the logic of capital reproduction will always send capitalism spiraling back into crisis. And where capitalism fails, the Left will rise. Capitalism can no more purge us than a man can purge his own shadow.

What are you talking about? We haven't seen a surge in revolutionary activity such as now since perhaps 1936.

The Rojava Revolution is the largest libertarian socialist upheaval since Revolutionary Catalonia. The news of this has caused a surge in interest in Bookchin, and it seems as though the Western left is slowly starting to turn to Bookchin more-and-more. Once Bookchin becomes popular enough that movements start to emerge here, the proverbial shit will hit the fan.

Is this happening outside /leftpol/ (where "read Bookchin" has become a meme)? A lot of the left-wing fora I've encountered, even while broadly supportive of Rojava, don't really care that much about Bookchin.

Consider this a depiction of Fascism, then.

No. There's a couple rabid Bookchin fanboys who spam him all over. I don't know anywhere outside of here and Rojava that is into Bookchin in a meaningful way.

yes let the wind blow you away user. nothing to grasp, nothing to attain.

you mean 50?

Yes. Just look at the popualarity of Bookchin groups on other websites, particularly social networking websites like Facebook or Leddit. The surge of interest in Bookchin is directly related to the increasing knowledge of Rojava.

ISE-affiliated individuals have been more active as of lately too, and different Communalist-identified groups have been popping up, at least in North America (I haven't paid attention to elsewhere).

I'm always concerned that this picture is posted here. I get the impression its the work of a conservative who believes that while the USSR fell, communism won the cultural battle hence muh big gubmint and cultural marxism.
But maybe I'm misinterpreting it.

I agree. I don't see why we should perpetuate the absolutely fucktarded idea that Putin's Russia is in any way the same entity as the USSR.


Yes, communism of the 20th century has failed.

Bookchin is the future.
fuck off, Zizek

The world has been in a neverending shitstorm since Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated.


whatever helps you sleep at night kiddo

Putin legitimately hated the old soviet union though (you can see this in the old 90s interviews he gave), and he's moving consistently towards fascistic style governance, all the while supporting far-right groups in the west.

Probably, but might as well try to fix things anyway.

sage goes in the email field, comrade.

We need more of this meme, fkin saved lol