Was Holla Forums right to demonize Anthony Burch?

Was Holla Forums right to demonize Anthony Burch?

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He tried the whole "open relationship" meme in order to cheat on his wife. He deserved what he got.

who is this clown and why has he never done a single pushup in his life

Thats his head photoshopped onto a womans body

After you google Murrary Bookchin, google Anthony Burch.

No that's him.

Literally, who?

Maybe not demonize, per se, but he's still a worthless cunt.


who is he and why should I care

Is there nothing better to discuss?



I thought the opposite happened? His wife pressured him into it and he agreed, then he had like some kind of breakdown or something?

Nope. He pressured it and his wife agreed and she of course went out and fucked tons of men while he couldn't get any.

He's an idiot.

Most women (and people in general) don't take kindly to someone casually throwing away your relationship over something as common as casual sex.

Homeworld Remastered was good but yes they did not even make that but made Aliens Coloniel Marines, Duke Nukem Forever, and Battleborn. Pretty much the only game companies worse than Gearbox are Eutechnyx, EA, and Activision

Opposing Force is the only good game gearbox ever made

And then she divorced him

Yes. Remember, no matter how dire and upsetting things seem, at least you're not Anthony Burch.


Worst idea ever, give a woman free license to disrespect you and your relationship and like magic, he's alone and a wreck and she sells herself on the internet.

IDPOL, not even once.

Okay, I never followed GamerGate since it is a retard shit fight. I wanted to find out about this guy just now, please tell me if this is correct:

SJW who worked on Borderlands 2 and wrote some shitty lines that completely broke immersion ("check your muh privilege!" style) and framed a literal tweet by Feminist Frequency? He then came out as a "diet bisexual", pressured his unwilling wife into an open relationship, proceeded to not be able to get any pussy or dick, his wife left him for another man, stole his Wii U and now he is outspokenly heterosexual?

If yes then that's the most pathetic thing I have ever seen

All you said is true. However, he also spent the entire time of his "open relationship" crying about it online and trying to take it back when he realized nobody wants to fuck an ugly, politically retarded, annoying, literal cuckold.

Second rule of Burch: No matter how pathetic you think he is, he's always more.

he documented it all online too. Truly a great example of where liberalism wants to lead us

Isn't his whole act actually mocking actual bisexuals?

I don't even have a single problem with open relationships (poly myself) but forcing someone into it and then bitching you can't get any but your partner can is the epitome of retardation. Pro tip of you suggest that you both can have sex with other people ASSUME THEY WILL USE IT. godamn people are retarded.

Are you a sad cuckold or a sociopath?

Poly is not the same as an open relationship by the way

I'm jealous, but at least I'm not Anthony Burch.

I'm sorry fam but yeah at least you're not that idiot

If he weren't such a sex obsessed loser none of this would have happened.

Isn't that a standalone expansion/ DLC ?

That's what probably happened, but:
is what is now claimed by Burch.

You got it all wrong.

Anthony Burch's wife was cheating on him but he didn't want to to think of himself as a cuck, so he begged his wife to be in an "open relationship" so he could lie to himself and pretend it was a mutual agreement, she agreed; but his twitter followers didn't believe him when they found out. In order to avoid being called a cuck by them, he had to fuck another woman, problem was, nobody wanted his ugly ass. BUT, someone finally took up his relationship offer, problem was, the person who did it was a man. So now Burch had to lie and say he was bisexual instead of hetero; unfortunately, his new partner wanted to take things further, but when the time came, Burch had to cut and run because he wasn't about to have gay sex. He cleaned out his twitter but it was too late, people already found out and were calling him a cuck left and right, so now he blocks anyone who mentions the word.

Seen his wedding? Sad shit…

If this version is true then he's still a retard for not just divorcing her

I can't decide which of the two stories is worse.

Laughing at him is more than enough.