My Discord friend's Reddit experience (ranty)

So my Discord friend just told me and sent screenshots about 'lefty' shit in Reddit..

He called Richard Spencer a cunt in /r/fullcommunism, he got PERMABANNED FOR HATE for it, then he got banned for /r/shitliberalssay as they share the same mod team, I saw that his thread on /r/communism get deleted as someone reported him to the shared lead moderator.

I've been on his profile a few minutes ago and I swear at least one comment said 'pruned for violent content', like maybe he edited that in honestly but he says he's been muted by the mods and banned from commenting on leftist subreddits too.

He got the message, (he tells me from /r/fullcommunism); "you have been banned for calling someone a c-nt" from some kiddy moderator who even censored the word cunt.

Fucking hell, how fucking liberal do you have to be to not allow SWEARING against a white supremacist??

So, I'm already on here and prefer Holla Forums to even 4Chan, but should I ask my friend to come join us? Is he welcome and actually allowed to fucking swear?

Here your friend can say all the swears he wants and won't get banned so long as he doesn't bait or post cp shit.

He's going to have to hide the fact he's from reddit if he comes here m8

Reddit is cointelpro to the max. All the big subreddits are compromised with totalitarian mods, some of which are possibly even cops/FBI

serves him right

but we welcome your friend and forgive him for going on reddit

Hey dudes it's me, the guy he's talking about. I got sent a link to this thread in Discord.

Yeah I'm usually more of a Channer, I was an idiot to use Reddit leftism. For fuck sake, the site is so liberal even their leftists are liberal!
I use Reddit for the amount of content, but if you guys are okay with me actually hating Nazis then you're my crew now.

The mods cut instigating phrases out of my comments.
"[Pruned comment for violent content]"

I passive-aggressively censored 'cunt' to 'c–t' and in response they hid every post I've made in not just /r/fullcommunism (the meme shitpost one) but all the serious and linked subreddits too.
Fuuuucking hell.

You know, they're all 'BASH THE FASH' but all I had to do was insult a neonazi and I was totally exiled.

I wonder what their excuse would be…
"Using violent language makes you just as bad as them!"

You got banned from a whole cluster of subreddits for using the word 'cunt'.

Sounds like those moderators are the real Nazis here.

Didn't the mod explain why you were getting banned? They're banning you for your use of "dumb", "cunt", "stupid" … those are banned words on the socialist subreddits. Not because of your Spencer rant.

Honestly the mod teams are terrible at their jobs.

yeah reddit is a waste of your time. I was banned from r/anarchism for saying i agreed with Zizek when he said he prefered Trump over Hitler. I'm not even american.

>Holla Forums

really makes you think

Here is the direct text, I also have a cut image for photo evidence but right now I'm too lazy to blur out names. (Even the mod's name because unlike them I don't persecute)

"you got banned for calling someone a c-nt, as well as talking about "the blacks." "

then after when loading other lefty subreddits and unsubbing from that one,

"you got banned for calling someone a c-nt, as well as talking about "the blacks."
and now you're banned from here too, since we have basically the same modteam, you fucking dingus"

So I changed my original message to say "Richard Spencer is a c–t" so they set my comments to hidden.

Bloody hell

Discord is okayyyy, less Microsoft slut than Skype.
Also I call 8ch 'Holla Forums' because the other one is a fucking pretender which is probably hijacked by adware by now

… Also when I was 'talking about the blacks' literally all I said was that if you don't stop Nazis, they will just beat up black people guaranteed.

Apparently that's so sensitive that I got banned from THREE subreddits and am scared to post in like three more due to shared moderators.

Wait no CP here?#NotMyComrade

iirc they use a version of the bot developed to blacklist posters that were pro gamergate or posted on pro gamergate subs regardless of their opinion. Some inquisitors mods just troll through your history to find incriminating wrongthink though and ban you manually

ye lad it's fuckin silly, how can you claim to be ready for revolution and the shit their mods post, when a single swearing makes you triggered

I'm implying it's more sinister than that. They didn't seem all that triggered before the election. Almost like they have a vested interest in discrediting socialism and turning new people off of it

Yeah I thought that too, I literally politely told them I wasn't promoting liberalism and that it's fine if I was a mistake bot catch.

Their response? Muted me on the leftist moderator channels, and a different mod private messaged me calling me a 'clueless woman hater'

I bet they voted Hillary because they thought she was a true Stalinist.

If you got sent the link in discord then why do you have the same IP and ID as OP.

We use Epic Browser and a proxy for Holla Forums, but good catch!

I'm the second guy, he uses the in-built browser proxy but I actually use Firefox now, I'm using the same as him, BUT it should switch to Germany now?

looks like Commissar found us little bull shitter.


You're welcome here comrade. I used to be hostile to redditors coming here amd shitting up the place but with the level of sabotage going on over there, I'm happy for this place to become a haven for leftists.

Theres like four people using the same proxy IP if youre telling the truth, I dunno how to check if it actually says youre from Germany

maybe they're using the same comp? as in his friend let him on to post in the thread

No need to ask if he is welcome. We are not some secret society/cult. I would even say you should bring any other leftist friends so they can be cleansed from the plebdit liberal echo chamber.

Thanks for the assist, but it's fine. We're on seperate PCs. He's using Epic Browser with a US West Coast IP link, I'm switching between UK and the same IP as him but loaded in FireFox.

Thanks man!
I honestly knew it was going downhill with that censorship bubble from like 2015 onwards. I went back on Reddit when 4Chan went shit and Holla Forums was slow, and forgot to come back off it.
I think the fact that I was too aggressive for supposedly far left subreddits shows I'm not the stereotype. Maybe?

Thanks. A guy on Reddit asked "Wait you got banned for that? The mods are going liberal" and then the mods showed and he had to change his comment.
I might tell him about Holla Forums

this shit is pathetic. look at how he even censored the word cunt, fucking liberal

also im using epic browser too, its less than tor but more than chrome for privacy. i hope my ip is like one off of yours, mine is set on france

This is exactly why you and your ideology are going to burn.

(I'm not the actual guy)
To be fair to him, it's not his ideology. He has since got his comments edited by mods for 'violent content' and has been banned from all major leftist subs (I think that's all? I don't visit Reddit so it just sounds like all)

I think the issue is Reddit, honestly it's good the guy got out of there, what kind of leftist bans someone for swearing?
30 years ago leftists curb stomped Nazis and now it's like "hurt their feelings lads"

I think OP is hiding something from us.


He probably is.
OP, you up?

Or the 'friend' dude, screenshot evidence?

Second dude here. There's not much to tell. I'm hesitant to use screen proof so people don't find the mod, who knows with Reddit, the mods will get my entire account deleted over a single swearword escalating.