I'm currently studying Law and Economics at a Scottish University...

I'm currently studying Law and Economics at a Scottish University. I started my course before I became a leftist and now I'm wondering if I can be a leftist whilst also studying for this degree. Am I doomed to end up a capitalist?

No wonder you`re Marxist.

I studied space law, and am not yet an astronaut. Don't worry too much.

Watch out for spooks though.

No Richard D Wolff and Yanis Varifaukus managed to be leftist and they have an economic degree

I used to be a liberal SocDem too. Then I grew a brain

If you had a brain, you would not go to Scottish Uni.

Are they state funded?

Are English colleges?

Yank here, what's wrong with Scottish universities? Scotland produced some of the greatest thinkers of the Enlightenment era.

Don't post Honoka socdem scum.


Salty because I don't have to pay tuition fees? Edinburgh is the sixth best university in Europe and 16th best university in the world for humanities

Probably a Salty Englishman.Scots have state funded unti we southern fucks got cucked and have to pay an arm and a leg,although we did have some cool riots over it

maybe define your version of leftism first?

Workers are entitled to wages equal to the value of what they produce, coupled with a democratic, planned economy

Depends. Do you intent to take the neoliberal ideology your professors will present you with as gospel truth? Assuming you can think for yourself, I see no issue. I did not become a liberal because my education included a compulsory gender studies course.

You're just mad that all of your people look like human jackasses with asymmetrical teeth while the Scots and Irish actually look like human beings


I could find fuck ugly people from anywhere in the world.Not all of us are inbreeds,apart from people in Norfolk.and the dental meme needs to stop,free dentistry for all kids pham,granted adults do pay and so teeth might be over looked but it's no like people lack dental hygiene here

You may not agree with him but you must admit he was a great thinker

You responded to the wrong post


See this thread

nah, i myself is studying economics.

i still stand by my politcal belifes, they more change when i read theory.

As far as Hitchens goes that is just what happens when you Smoke.

You're in the road to become a cradre or a politician for a leftist party.
Keep up with it OP

When you are in Glasgow, you can meet Paul Cockshott, the most knowledgeable person on socialist economic planning (sadly that doesn't say much as there is little competition).

Interesting. It may be possible that I will go to his lectures in the future if he still runs Advanced Programming.