Revolutionary Alliance of Men That Women Are Not Attracted To

How close are we to reaching critical mass in Japan, comrades?

What is the best way to use this potential of Brocalism to infiltrate and create anew grassroots political parties for the left?

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They should harness the Japanese robot industry to arm the revolutionaries of the world.

The AK of the 21st century will be Nipponese!

Japan isn't up for a revolution until all the old people dies and that will take a while

Don't worry, 5th column feminists will soon demand to join on threat of sexism, from their the left will become useless idpol garbage ruled over by the incompetent, classcucked but muh privileged female liberal.

Japan ain't US m8.

This sounds like shit-tier identity politics

They're all going to be gone by like 2050.

Yuh, the whole point is saying it will go the same way it went here. Japanese feminists are already focused on pointless content bans on anime they don't even watch similar to the liberal 'culture-critic' style of feminist 'progressivism' here.

We need to swoop in and impregnate their women, raise them on class consciousness.

Is this a literal beta uprising?

Look at the bottom right, anime poses, hygene, kigurumi. cosplay.. Can you even bring yourself to say it isn't?

Reminder the Japanese red army was hardcore as fuck

Beta communists seizing the means of reproduction?

This. Someone get in contact with them and link catgrill's site. They will love it.

I mean they wont be able to understand it but, still.

What did he mean by this?


Why I feel like this is a group only against "SJW" shits?
SJW is shit, but don't put Feminism and women in the same bag then them pleaseā€¦

The meek shall inherit the dirt.

Kindly stop jumping into the bag like a deranged cat.

why the fuck does getting girls have anything to do with organizing or ideology.

the last thing you want is a fucking girl if you are a communist. trust me its fucking pointless, every single girl ive ever been with has been a giant shit eating reactionary. even the cutetest socdems. you are wasting your breathe over absolutely nothing

What about Rosa?

PM me your killcount brah, I can't believe I haven't been assisting your noble people's conflict.

It has everything to with everything. young men are driven entirely by pussy. go look at the alt-reich, they are driven entirely by a demand for white women that don't want them

Whoever seizes the means of pussy controls the world, that's why the frigid left is powerless and weak.


Don't get a liberal girlfriend then. My girlfriend is a socialist and fights for refugee's rights and against their economic exploitation through the capitalist system.

it is

never have kids with her because the minute that happens, she'll be a mainstream conservative for life

so what. my last girlfriend phone banked for bernie sanders and was a so called "socialist" and was as reactionary as they come.

if you are a communist worrying about "girls" you are practically a counter revolutionary and are probably just a dumb virgin who was never able to realize how truly goofy stressing over girls is

Robo gfs when?

Try not being American

But I am not worrying over girls, user, I am enjoying my healthy long-term relationship.


le feminist idpol strikes again, I can't wait until talking about economics is "not my comrade" style sexism!

Personally my gf is really apolitical and I think that's fine
She's just trying to survive right now and I love her because she's genuinely a sweet person who cares about me even if she hasn't read marx.


that could be the problem.


Teenage boys are the lowest form of lumpen


You're a fucking retard. SYRIZA and the like have consistently demonstrated that the moment any "radical" leftist gets to power through bourgeois politics, they are immediately hamstrung by the system and turn into SocDems.

Wow one more news article and the US MAFIA will be destroyed!

That's the idea.