The Flag of Brocialism

We had a thread talking about reclaiming the term brocialist to mean something positive, and now we have a flag for us brocialists (both comrades and femrades) to rally under.

Requesting mods make this a flag.

To take this to the next level, we need brocialist memes to get our message across. It's a simple message, so it only requires simple OC. I encourage you all contribute if you have any OC making skills, or wit in general.

Why the fuck would you want to do this? It's a plainly derogatory term with false connotations of sex exclusivity. Make the plebbit left admit to their liberalism; don't make real socialism change its name.

He's a Holla Forumsack who wants to foster legitimate sexism.


No. Fuck this notion entirely.
We dont want to be the "alt" left or anything.
We are the real left. Dont let liberals force us to be some fringe group.

This isn't some kind of new ideology or something. We're still the 'real left' or whatever you wanna call yourself. This is literally just reclaiming an insult like gay people reclaimed faggot.

Why would you want to reclaim "sexist"?

By reclaiming it we change what it means. That's the whole point.

plz no

They didn't, outside of the internet. They'll still shrink if they hear it shouted behind them by someone who means it.

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This has nothing to do with the 'alt-left'.

That idea is applying a set of ideas and values to a label. This is literally just turning an insult into a compliment. It can be used on anyone, male, female, as long as they're socialist. That's the idea here at least.

Wanna try and make a better one?

Well, maybe they should then. Black people reclaimed nigger at the very least.

Is this bait?

As I kind of fucked up in assuming people had all seen the first thread I had made where I explained this concept in more detail (obviously looking back there's no reason anyone here would have, I'm just autistic), let me clarify this a bit.

This is meant the teach reddit a lesson on reclaiming terms, which they seem so opposed of. They will ban people using slurs for their own identity.

A lot of people here already use brocialism or manarchism in a positive way, in their way of saying fuck idpol, but only in the confines of the definition reddit has already given the terms - ""sexist"".

I'm saying we change it completely from the definition. This is especially easy to do because in mainstream culture 'bro' is already seen as a positive thing, so we just give brocialism the same meaning 'bro' has now - a cool guy, or whatever.

Furthermore, we can apply this to femrades as well. I mean why not?

This is not some way to separate ourselves as a different ideology from reddit. This is just literally introducing a new word with the intent that all leftists may use it, regardless of ideology or identity.

This alt-left meme needs to die.

Only if you hate either men or socialists.

You've obviously never had the pleasure of meeting a "bro". It's not complimentary.

Already did, right after the zizek interview mentioned his "kekky coat of arms."

Having a hammer and sickle + an anarchism symbol is superfluous anyway. Non-communist anarchists are not proper anarchists anyway.

I feel like leaving our anarchists kind of invalidates what is trying to be done with reclaiming the term in the first place though.

im 12 and what is dis

You're obviously new to imageboards. "Bro" has been a compliment here for a long time.

Depends on what you mean by communist. People will sometimes use "communist" to distinguish "capture the state" from the rest of the rest. Our jargon is a clusterfuck tbh.

Kel this obviously isn't about our image on a fucking chan. To people in the US "bro" has a specific connotation and it's negative. Context matters.

This is stupid. Why are we wasting time creating OC to fight other leftists instead of creating OC to bring people over to the left?




they dont care about convincing the people to come to their cause, they just want to convert the rest of their polfag friends because thats where their sympathies still lie

how about a Marxist/Socialist Feminism flag?

Also we have the Egalitarian flag already

More like

Which people? The only people I've ever heard use "bro" specifically as a pejorative were the most insufferable sort of liberals.

Kill yourself Holla Forumsscum.

Forget bro. This is about "brocialism" which is a unique insult that means nothing more than "sexist socialists" and there's no good reason we should try to "reclaim" this insult. It's a stupid idea even if it weren't a Holla Forums thread. "Hey guys we're reclaiming sexism but making it not sexist!" is going to confuse the people you want to gain the support of.

how is calling each other bros sexist? ur such an insufferable cunt.

I'm fairly confident by this point the ancom poster in this thread is COINTERPRO, honestly.

You disingenuous piece of shit. You know for a fucking fact this thread is about reclaiming

Oh yes. The guy saying we shouldn't mark ourselves as "brocialist" (an insult that means sexist socialist) just to get Holla Forums's support.

Calm down. What's wrong with turning and insult into something good? Blacks in the US changed the word Nigger. Just chill fam

Reclaiming "brocialist" is about as ass backwards retarded as reclaiming "SJW".
It's a pointless move that only serves to harm us, and make us look like idiots.
Blacks could reclaim nigger because it was an insult based on race, "brocialist" is an insult based on attitude. I'm not going to chill until we stop trying to shoot ourselves in the foot to make Holla Forums happy.

There's two of us.

You do know that slaves didn't go around calling each other my nigga before the word was "reclaimed" right?

my world is rocked tbh.

And Holla Forums doesn't go around calling each other "brocialist" either. Never fucking happened.
"bro" is different and if you refuse to acknowledge that I'm going to have to assume you in here with dishonest intentions.


Yes we do. I dont have them on hand now but there are lots of memes we have about it.

No we fucking don't. There are memes that make fun of SJWs for calling us brocialist, but none that take pride in the word.

Yeah, not until people reclaim it.

I could just be a fucking idiot. How is "bro" different? "Nigger" and "faggot" are tainted with all kinds of suggestions of a poison on society. What is the difference you speak of between calling someone a bigot and calling someone a degenerate or a subhuman?

Which I sincerely hope doesn't happen because it'd isolate us even further from the rest of the left and do the opposite of helping our current reputation.

You can't help being a "nigger". You can't change your race. You can help having a shitty attitude or being a bigot of some sort, so reclaiming an insult that identifies the insulted as prejudiced against a certain sex, is retarded. We don't have to identify with that. There's no benefit.

Bigot is an insult based on belief.
Degenerate is an insult based on actions that (supposedly) harm society.
Subhuman is an insult based on race but can apply to any race.
None of those are things we should be identifying ourselves as.

Also for the love of god stop falsely equating "bro" with "brocialist" they're different words with different meanings.

Our reputation with whom, the people who slap bro- and man- on things to make slurs?

You can't change being male either, but for a black person or a man you can be one of the "good ones."

Uh huh.
What, like bigotry?

Every leftist except the 1000 people here. They'd see us "reclaim" an insult meaning sexist an immediately assume we're just sexist and not trying to reform an insult that means sexist into something else, because nobody would assume that. It's counter-intuitive. The word gives us no benefits either.

I said stop falsely equating "brocialism" and "bro". We both know they're different things.

Well usually the people who use "degenerate" and the people who use "bigot" are different people.

Wow when did the left get so unified?

Or they are among the many reasonable people who realize that prefixing a word with bro- to turn it into a slur is asinine and they'd be curious about leftists who reject such ideas. It would be a pretty effective filter on the people who come here.

I'm not equating the two. I'm saying nigger is to brocialist as black person is to male socialist. Nigger means more than just "a black person" same as "brocialist" means more than just "a male socialist." They both are used to categorize people by whether they act appropriately for their identity group.

All I know is trying to reclaim something that means "sexism" is not going to help us. There's no upside. It's a massive risk for no reason.

Why would anybody be curious about people reclaiming a word that means nothing except sexist?

You were going on like saying "bro" was similar. It's not.

It doesn't even mean male socialist. It means sexist socialist.

Wait you weren't going on like that, it was a poster without a flag.

It's a show of solidarity with the other leftists who are sick of being called sexist despite not being sexist.

Brocialist means more than just "sexist." As you say, "It means sexist socialist," but it means more than that. It means a socialist who is sexist by a particular standard. Plenty of people know what that standard is and disagree. This standard does a great deal to scare people away from the left, as you will see if you ever look at what rightists and centrists have to say about "the far left". They equate us with liberals throwing hissy fits over safe spaces. Casting ourselves in opposition to that means that we could draw more people into leftism who otherwise would disregard us for being idpol. All of these words and ideas exist in a particular context. Nobody is some god on high who hands down the infallibly correct definitions.

So it's a show of solidarity with ourselves?

Embracing idpol will not make people think we disregard idpol. If we want to oppose the SJW left, as we already have been doing, we should continue in the same anti-idpol way, not appealing to the opposite end of the spectrum and trying to get people who are tired of being called sexist on our side. Not saying we should abandon them but going with the "Tired of everyone thinking you're a sexist? Come here to the [insult for sexist] board!" strategy is just going to alienate people.

The far right will equate anything that isn't a safe space of their own with a safe space for somebody else. Unless they can censor people they'll always think we're censoring them.

How is reclaiming "brocialist" embracing idpol? We're saying "if you're going to call us this for something we're not, we're going to take it and use it as we see fit."

The point is they already are on our side but they aren't aware there are places to discuss leftism that are not infested with identitarians.

More like "Here's a place full of people who got called this name just like you."

I don't care about bringing the far right here. You keep doing this thing where you ignore that not every leftist who doesn't like idpol comes to Holla Forums. It's not about converting anyone, just pointing out that there's a place people can go where they don't have to walk on eggshells or be told they're a bigot.

Because sexism is idpol. You're embracing a term that insults people based on their idpol.

And we can make them aware without intentionally branding ourselves as "brocialists". In fact it's probably the only way they'll come here because using a term that means sexist to describe ourselves just makes us look just as knee deep in identity politics.

You're trying to appeal to people who get called sexists pretty much at the exclusion of everybody else. It's a bad idea.

Well those are the only people you're going to be bringing here with this strategy.

"not liking idpol" and "intentionally associating yourselves with sexist idpol" are different.

We already do that. Branding ourselves with "brocialist" on purpose is counter productive.

What the hell, ancoms, chill.

We've called ourselves brocialists manarchists on Holla Forums since the beginning. Complain all you want about how much of an insult it's supposed to be, it's an ineffective one spouted exclusively by a particular kind of sectarians against anyone who isn't them.

While it's silly to bring that niche word to the wider audience without context, it's equally silly to think it's in any way harmful.

I'm in complete agreement, I'm just the type to drag out this kind of conversation to make someone like this show as much of their ideas as possible.


Not every adversarial relationship is two sides of the same coin. Nobody actually believes this, right?

Which is anyone who's not an identitarian.


/r/socialism mods have well demonstrated that if there are in fact a significant number of sexists in the left, they are dwarfed by the people who get frivolously accused of being sexists.

Go be a youtube atheist, it'll be much easier for you

Honestly I always thought this attitude was uniquely reddit in culture, you'll never find a site more committed to splitting hairs.

It's an insult made of two words that are innocuous. If you think bro, man, or a similar word is insulting, you have a problem with men. If you think socialist is an insult you're probably spooked but maybe just have a problem with leftists. It's not complicated and insults don't change anything.

Use it as a noun and term of endearment, rather than as an adjective. So, don't describe things as "being brocialist," but instead say, "Well done, brocialist!"
Make it ours.

The mark of the liberal feminist is policing ideas with false or even real claims of sexism. This is false.

I don't see a single comment that's even remotely sexist except for the feminist bigots implying that the word 'bro' denotes some kind of crypto-sexist undertones. Probably because they're the ones who invented it as a slur.

Yes, this is what I've been trying to say.

Words are tools, not things.

Nice right wing idpol you're defending.

Again. Not "bro". "Brocialism", an insult specifically designed to call somebody sexist. You have to accept this fact.

No. We. Have. Not.


It's not an opinion. I've seen ironic "lel they call us manarchists because we're not SJWs" posting, but never, never seen "we are manarchists this is a manarchist board".
So kill yourself liar.

Well, I have, so your're wrong.



Well they were clearly Holla Forumsacks because Holla Forums is anti-idpol, not pro-idpol and defining our politics by our sex and/or our supposed sexism, is definitely idpol.

Here's an old one for you. The "manarchist" part was written in by the original SJW author, then kept in to show the silliness of the claim when contrasted with the added parts of our representation having real theory. This image would have never been made had we accepted the term manarchist and its implications.

It's not like we can ever agree on anything and as such some people will reclaim the word and others will criticise its usage, which may actually be the best way to go with it.


take your meds

Maybe maybe maybe. I still think it's a bad idea. It's like trying to "take back tankie". Even if you could, why would you want to?

Because it disarms thoes who use it against us now.

I think a better term for anti-idpol leftism is "radical."As radical comes the term for "root" it emphasizes that we address the root causes of oppression, whereas "brocialist" emphasizes the gender wars element, which is a mistake.

Got a flag right here for you, famalam.

On a related note, does anyone here have the anti-sjw version of the not my comrade meme? I would certainly love that.