The Western Way of Life

Let us assume everyone in the world was more-or-less equal to his neighbor — working more-or-less the same time, enjoying more-or-less the same social conditions and earning more-or-less the same amount of access to goods ans resources.

Would the lifestyle of developed nations be economically maintainable and sustainable? Isn't the "Western Way of Life" we currently enjoy not almost entirely based on the sine qua non condition of the ruthless exploitation of a large part of the globe i.e. destitute Third World dwellers?

I'm not even talking about the environment here, though it's also worth addressing. I'm simply asking: can the world afford it?

No, it's not sustainable and will have to face serious adjustments one way or another.

As-is, the western way of life is to no small degree intentionally wasteful. There is no way it's sustainable.

That isn't the same as saying a high QoL for everyone is unsustainable though.

That's what I think too. But what kind of adjustments exactly would be the most relevant? And how are people in the West going to react to a potential decrease in their well-being?

Poorly, but it cannot be helped. Either they scale it down themselves or have it scaled down for them when the climate and capitalism collapse under the pressure.

What aspect of Western life do you think would have to be done-away-with to make human civilization sustainable?

Waste for the sake of wasting. Stop buying excess just because and end up throwing most of it away. Shopping culture is cancer and anyone who lists it as a hobby should be shot.

I'm a bit worried about it too. There's environmental issues and the fact we're exploiting third world countries.

We all need to read more Bookchin.


This meme needs to die. Underdeveloped economies become developing economies that will reach developed economies by 2050 by all estimates. This is supported by the general drop in global population that will start on that year.

Everyone can't have a new smartphone every year for one. I would imagine there being a necessity to shift resources from personal entertainment centers and big screen tvs to more communal entertainment. Arcades instead of Playstations, theaters instead of big screens, for example.

If anything I think it could be a positive change. Maybe it's just a meme, but the impression I have is that things like rationing in WW2 tended to bring people together as they tried to make due. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part though.

Without the technology generated by this way of life, there would be a lot less third world dwellers though. And they would still be as destitute.

No more planned obsoletion. Literally every product nowadays is made to break and either need to be replaced or repaired shortly after the warranty.

There are many, many things that are unsustainable about western life. However these issues come more about due to the current socio-economic status quo (Capitalism). Having a high standard of living, literacy, enough food to eat every night, electricity/power, all are sustainable for all.

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No. The carbon footprint and waste is insane.

We need eco-socialism. A planned, high tech, green economy.

Considering the sheer volume of waste that results from planned obsolescence, we probably could exceed western standards if we restructured everything to be efficient (as in you get the most use possible out of the input labor) and responsible (as in we do minimal damage to the environment and actively try to heal it).

Hell no. One of the first things that come to mind is the limited energy supplies we have. We need to go renewable so we can all live like fat amaricans wrapping LED lights around everything.

Burger way of life? No. Sweden way of life? Maybe.
The problem isn't technology, it's consumerism (something that even Alt-rightists and Lolbergs now agree on for different reasons, lol)
If you actually look at the advancement that's being made in energy, reciclying and water usage you can see that it's mostly fear-mongering.

What's the difference between the "American" and "Swedish" ways of life?

Swedes tend to be more collectivist and egalitarian in outlook, although they're still prone to liberal individualism and chauvinism

This is a retarded thing to focus on. You can easily fix this by eliminating planned obsolescence.

those disgusting roadways would have to go. consumer throwaway cycles would have to go. divorce and casual sex would have to be largely poo-pooed to encourage social stability (families and friend groups are basis of society this is fact NazBols agree with me here). NASA faggotry would have to be brought to a halt. No more vidya-porn escapism. Some form of spirituality would he needed without porn-consumerism-vidya-hollyweird manufacturing a secular religion. We can definitely afford it

What are you waiting for user? Accelerationism is the way forward