What the hell is wrong with modern feminists?

"feminists on the anti-Trump protest in Berlin are shouting Allah Akbar" twitter.com/tvjihad/status/823971911310999552

I…..I don't understand

Edgy little liberals

take a guess

i wonder how immense the rage that screeching Holla Forums autists feel watching that

some things in life are great

Is this a specifically German thing? German 'leftists' seem to like psychotically masochistic slogans like 'Bomber Harris do it again'.

these retards just don't get that they're guaranteeing trump's reelection with every thing they do

It's ideological, OP.
The point is to trigger Trump with the ALLAH AKBAR, it's not that hard to understand.

If you adopt reactionary language to trigger your opponents you're degrading yourself and normalizing that language. It's a terrible thing to do no matter the motives.


"If I shout at him from the other side of the ocean, this avowed isolationist will surely change his actions!"

Germans are a disgusting race of self-hating little worms. Stalin should have wiped them all out.

Identity politics deviationists belong in the gulag.

This. either Germany ceases to exist and returns to being a bunch of irrelavant small countries and city states or they must be wiped out.
Having them wandering around is far too dangerous.

Easily fixable

That's exactly why I hate the "SJW" culture: They said they are progressives but they act as if they were reactionaries.


The third Reich was a cry for help, one which Stalin would have answered had the West not interfered.

Maybe it's just a good joke. It'll certainly, and ironically, trigger the right.

Ossis should build a fucking wall.

I still don't know what to make of this honestly.

The remnants of the German race are adopting Islam so they can go back to openly hating Jews.

Saudis have a lot of propagandists on college campuses. They are ones pushing the "Islam is liberal" meme.

Lol no, saudis are the ones pushing salafi garbage and sperging out over progressive strands of islam

They can do both you know?
Machiavelli motherfuckers.

This meme is about 12-16 years old, how do you not notice this shit?

Wherever there are pro Islam agitators the Saudis or Qataris are never far away. Islam is a progressive religion of peace and tolerance™ in the first world, murderous Salafism in the third world.

Humans vs Orcs.