Images of so-called anti-Trump rioters breaking Starbucks' windows, busting trash cans...

Flow my tears.

Suck my dick.

Who cares? Rich Muslims deserve scrutiny too.

kill em all

yeah no

No sympathy for petit bourgeois dealing in bourgeois luxuries.
same thing who gives a fuck

All capitalists deserve to be killed or gulaged regardless of their race,ethnicity or sexuality.

you're telling me this person doesn't have insurance? fuck off, he's fine


That poor capitalist ;~;
He didn' have nuthin but his money and capital ;~;
We need to protect him cause he's a muslin ;~;

The alt-left is NazBols.

It was an honest mistake.

Muslim or not Muslim we don't want to attack mama and papa businesses.

I like how Holla Forums is sperging out over this as if we care about some businessman just because he's a minority

so are you a Holla Forumstard or just some Cenk-tier faggot?

Capitalism is hell enough already. I don't see why further ruining everything for working class folk on the bottom of it all is a functional of good thing to do. It hold back the cause, makes people hate us, and it really fucked over some random guy. This is bad thing. I can't see how this is anything but a bad thing.

If only he had $71.000 so he could have bought the limo and insurance

Fuck Porky big and small
Bring guillotines to kill 'em all

leftypol: haha idpol is so stupid


you cant make this shit up



Deep stuff bud

I am going to make fucking sure Tom Hanks is not killed in the revolution. So fuck you Holla Forums.

As a proud transwealthy person, it's my due to get 1 million$ on my account.

guess why?
no insurance is going to pay a dumbfuck parking a limo next to anarkiddy rioters

i don't give a fuck as long as i got my riot porn




class is an identity


Lol at any business that's even capable of facing 70000 losses being "small." It might be small under a nonsense government definition but it's not what literally anyone thinks of when they think of a small business.

Tom Hanks is a prole. The Surplus Value of his acting is extracted by film studios in order to make a profit.

"Small" business is a meme.

Yeah, as far as I'm concerned if porky doesn't know every employee by name it's not a small business.


No it is not.

Oops meant

Lol cry more liberals

Nice one, boss!

this is the problem with the modern left, it's full of retards

All businesses are the problem


If anything they should be applauded for their equal opportunity violence

Deserve to die for different reasons tbh