Why does Putin hate lenin? He is incredibly anti-lenin but why

Why does Putin hate lenin? He is incredibly anti-lenin but why

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He was part of the Pro-Gorbachev "reformists" on last days of SU, so it should be no surprise that he has no love for Marxism-Leninism.

Because he's a reactionary.

Samurai Putin

topknot putin


the top dog with a topknot

Lenin created a USSR based on autonomous national republics coming together in a union of (theoretical) equals. In the end, the federated nature of the USSR made it easy for leaders like Yeltsin to just pull their part of the federation out of the Union and collapse the whole thing. You can see why a Russian nationalist would be butthurt about that.

How many filthy peasants do you think Samurai Putin could take out before they overcame him?

Putin suggested that Lenin's ideology was like an "atom bomb" that eventually led to the fall of the Soviet Union. He said Lenin was wrong in his dispute with Josef Stalin, who advocated for a unitary state model while Lenin gave the republics the right to leave the USSR.
Putin denounced Lenin and his government for brutally executing Russia's last czar along with all his family and servants, as well as killing thousands of priests and members of the bourgeoisie.
“That right [to secession] was the delayed action mine planted under our statehood. This is what caused the country’s eventual breakup," Putin said.

Putin is right about this one. Giving a socialist stronghold the right to secede and divide itself is literally throwing the nation to bourgeois wolves that will ALWAYS take advantage of the opportunity.

Fuck self determination, it was Lenin's weakest most reactionary idea. Socialism needs to be unified and international, not the other way around.

FUCK anyone's "right" to opt out of socialism.

He stole his name

Honestly the more I talk with liberals the more I want to just put them all to the wall and create a militant socialist state with world domination as its aim.

Looks more like Hillary Putin.

pretending that it was internationalism and not russian chauvinism that influenced unitary state model

Stop analyzing people who never gave a fuck about you and never will.

If you know what somebody looks like and you've never seen them they arent your friend.

Please stop even aknowledging that these people exist and then something will happen. Everyone agrees that the 5000 richest people need brutally murdered. Lets focus on whatever gets us there. Accept that we are gonna have to save ourselves and create new systems. It doesnt matter what system we use yet. Time to start uniting the "99%" (wow their social engineering is so good I feel like a faggot for saying 99%) so these people are cornered. We are almost there but the inbred christian rednecks betrayed us (WOW WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED LEAVING THESE PEOPLE UNCHECKED WOULD LEAD TO THIS???)

This world is getting way too disgusting. If I see one more rich or happy person I'm fucking killing myself. There is work that needs done so lets fucking do something. I already destroyed my "reputation", credit, body, and ego to tell these people to go fuck themselves. I'm now at a crossroads where I either kill myself or build a new just world. If you keep participating in this, great, have fun, but you know you are just delaying the inevitable.

Start fighting the fuck back even if it kills you. If you aren't willing to go that far then quit fucking roleplaying and go kiss Trump's disgusting foot.

why are good comrades always so hard to come by?

lenin made russia great again


Putin is a completely unprincipled imperialist nationalist. He sees nothing wrong the entente's imperialist policy of encircling and destroying Germany and taking its colonies and territories for themselves. He is disappointed that they couldn't conquer Constantinople or other territory in the war. That it would be conquered imperialistically by an absolute monarchy doesn't matter because he doesn't have any principles that matter. In this sense Lenin is a 'traitor' who prevented the tsar from imperialistically gaining territory.

He doesn't want workers to own the means of production.

Because Lenin was a revisionist. Putin is an orthodox Marxist who hides his power level.

what has Putin done that is imperialist?

is this bait

nope. his foreign policy is superb and a good counter to the NATO terrorists

No, nazbols think this is Holla Forums

No, nazbols are actually fucking stupid

All his foreign policy is imperialist and unprincipled. He doesn't care to oppose imperialism, he would probably have Russia join NATO if he could to be a junior partner in imperialism to the west, or alternatively have the west step aside and have Russia take over as the primary imperialist power. Russian imperialism isn't and wouldn't be any better then Western imperialism though.

go ahead let the NATO terrorists go around freely and start wars and kill off anybdy that challenge their world domination.
fucking retards

if he wanted he would have done it already
probably buy that haven't happend yet thought.

Please explain how having an unprincipled imperialist strong man like Putin go around freely and start wars and kill of anybody that poses a challenge is any better.

but he haven't done that

Man I really wish nazbols weren't allowed here, they belong to Holla Forums when they support imperialism and nationalistic autism

I never supported imperialism here thought

I don't really understand this western liberal propaganda, how is russia imperialistic?


Putin's Russia is more like Tsardom of Russia than Bolshevik Russia…

He is just an eastern capitalist-imperialist.

Because they exist and don't do what the US tells them

so basically supporting countries in middle east which has been marked to be destroyed by nato?

Oh yeah I forgot, Russia has never partaken in an offensive imperialistic war since Puting took over

Let me just get this RT cock back in my mouth

maybe they did, I do not know. Can you provide some example?

Those territories are exclusively made up by ethnic russians though. It's just a quirk of how the USSR split that they weren't accounted for.

Chechnya and Crimea.

islamists that sperged out and attacked civilians
populated by ethnic russians that wanted to be part of russia instead of the russophobic NATO-puppet nazi government that is todays ukraine

I'll look at Chechnya, but Crimea was simply autonomous republic which democratically decided to be part of Russian federation. Isn't direct democracy praised here quite a lot?

That was an internal, separatist war.
Hardly a fucking war when there was no local resistance and there was a referendum afterwards.

Georgia on the other hand… But, to be fair, Saakashvili started it, the slimy guy.


this first worldist apathic aproach of refusing to agnowledge the lesser evil and instead call anybody doing resistance to NATO also imperialist, is whats allows the western world to exploit africa and mass murder middle easterners.

Even so, pretend youre Fidel Castro just after capturing the government. Would you give every differnent ethnic or religious minority group the right to secede from Cuba so as not to be "chauvinist"?

Id prefer any day a unified but "chauvinist" union of socialist states than giving every minority group the suicidal right to opt out of the country and be used by the bourgeois governemnts to sabatoge the rest of Cuba. How do you not see that this has nothing to do with national chauvinism, only basic survival.

holy shit tank you for reminding me of this


Timothy Snyder says he likes en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Ilyin
I have no idea how credible Snyder is.