Tfw reading Homage to Catalonia


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Good book, but why live in the past?

Holla Forums the post

I'm not living in, or glorifying the past. I just feel disilussioned sometimes.

tankies, what the fuck were you thinking?

What's wrong with it? Sobbing over the corpses of failed projects does nothing.

Per usual, they weren't.

it confirms that tankies really don't care about actual justice and development, they just like power and LARPing in uniform with red stars on them.


The P.S.U.C. ‘line’ which was preached in the Communist and pro-Communist press
throughout the world, was approximately this:
‘At present nothing matters except winning the war; without victory in the war all else is
meaningless. Therefore this is not the moment to talk of pressing forward with the revolution.
We can't afford to alienate the peasants by forcing Collectivization upon them, and we can't
afford to frighten away the middle classes who were fighting on our side. Above all for the
sake of efficiency we must do away with revolutionary chaos. We must have a strong central
government in place of local committees, and we must have a properly trained and fully
militarized army under a unified command. Clinging on to fragments of workers’ control and
parroting revolutionary phrases is worse than useless; it is not merely obstructive, but even
counterrevolutionary, because it leads to divisions which can be used against us by the
Fascists. At this stage we are not fighting for the dictatorship of the proletariat, we are
fighting for parliamentary democracy. Whoever tries to turn the civil war into a social
revolution is playing into the hands of the Fascists and is in effect, if not in intention, a
The P.O.U.M. ‘line’ differed from this on every point except, of course, the importance of
winning the war. The P.O.U.M. (Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista) was one of those
dissident Communist parties which have appeared in many countries in the last few years as a
result of the opposition to ‘Stalinism’; i.e. to the change, real or apparent, in Communist
policy. It was made up partly of ex-Communists and partly of an earlier party, the Workers'
and Peasants' Bloc. Numerically it was a small party(6). with not much influence outside
Catalonia, and chiefly important because it contained an unusually high proportion of
politically conscious members. In Catalonia its chief stronghold was Lerida. It did not
represent any block of trade unions. The P.O.U.M. militiamen were mostly C.N.T. members,
but the actual party-members generally belonged to the U.G.T. It was, however, only in the
C.N.T. that the P.O.U.M. had any influence. The P.O.U.M. ‘line’ was approximately this:
‘It is nonsense to talk of opposing Fascism by bourgeois "democracy". Bourgeois
"democracy" is only another name for capitalism, and so is Fascism; to fight against Fascism
on behalf of "democracy" is to fight against one form of capitalism on behalf of a second
which is liable to turn into the first at any moment. The only real alternative to Fascism is
workers’ control. If you set up any less goal than this, you will either hand the victory to
Franco, or, at best, let in Fascism by the back door. Meanwhile the workers must cling to
every scrap of what they have won; if they yield anything to the semi-bourgeois Government
they can depend upon being cheated. The workers’ militias and police-forces must be
preserved in their present form and every effort to "bourgeoisify" them must be resisted. If
the workers do not control the armed forces, the armed forces will control the workers. The
war and the revolution are inseparable.’

Never read it, can't stand Orwell

Fuck,this is good bait pol/ senpai,you nearly got me there

Reading that book just made me depressed.

sell me on the Rojova will they surivive with no coast,constant regional opposition and they aren't even explicitly that Marxist despite the amount people seem to bring up democratic confederalism. how will they survive long term with Turk-roaches on their border?

More importantly what can I a young man,who has very little to offer Rojova, even do to help them there? I have no higher education to a be useful civilian and I'm a pussy who so so clumsy Id be a liability to my comrades.

also how the fuck do you even get there? I'm a useless NEET who can't afford plane tickets

Nothing gets past you.

I thought they were former ML?

The party was, but they've been Anarchist-Lite for a quite a while now.


Just give our Rojava thread a scroll my man

I have 1984, I just wasn't blown away or anything. Nothing in it is particularly special. I've read Road to Wigan Pier and Animal Farm and Orwell comes across as the typical bourgeois "socialist" sneering at the working class. He was a nationalist little fuck and an apologist for the empire.

Plus that list of communists he gave to the state on his death. Fuck him.

Men are flawed,and he did some bad things yes,and no man is inexcusable. But I do think he was /oneofus/ and wrote some good interesting books.

I would probably read a lot more about the subject, even reading the wikipedia article would do to get a rough outline.
The official way to join the YPG is through an organisation called YPGinternational (their website is down atm so I'd wait a bit).
Also, despite what some people say, the YPG is actually looking for western politically motivated ideologues so you are not entirely "useless".

A guy from PKK/YPG I talked to said most volunteers were useless and that they don't want to learn the language but that there were some Germans(likely anarchists he said) that were actually usefull

that just means he's /ourguy/

oh good, it was about time for this thread to derail

They wont.
Disregarding all other factors; They will not survive simply because Turkey would never allow an independent Kurdish state.

Turkey has already all-but announced its intentions to invade northern Syria and hit the YPG in their backs.
Once Turkey has control of Northern Syria, I would not put it past them to start ethnically cleansing the area of Kurds.

The days of Rojova is numbered.
While Turkey remains a member of NATO, there will never be a Kurdish state.

Probably right but END THE FUCKING MEME THAT THEY WANT AN INDEPENDENT STATE they are aiming for federalism. They have come this far through pragmatism not through blindly chasing after nationalist spooks.

Anarchists: what were you thinking?


The Kurds having such a degree of autonomy that they are defacto independent, if not necessarily de-jure independent; Is more then enough for the Turks to invade them.

YPG are being supported by Israel. Even if they win, they'll become Zionist puppets.

Turkey can't get it's shit together to even begin to seriously challenge the YPG. They've tried taking Al-Bab like a dozen times now and they've failed to every time. SDF is far more formidable in comparison
also this

A distinction without a difference.

They aren't Marxist. They're an off shoot of Bookchin's Communalism, or perhaps better put Bookchin's Communalism faced with the reality of necessary pragmatism.

It's very different, though. The structure is decentralized and bottom-up while a Nation-State is centralized and top-to-bottom


fuck off, tankie apologist

you ruined the civil war by teaming up with the conservatives, liberals and 'socialists' (socdems)

you denied the anarchists their revolution so that you could 'win the war' and ended up losing both

Turkey won't invade now. They've acknowledged that the facts on the ground have changed. Assad stays and so will the territorial integrity of Syria. The best the Kurds can hope for is federalisation in Syria.

Turkey has one of the biggest armies in NATO,who's to say what about in 5 years? 8? 10? will they still let Rojava exist?Operation Euphrates Shield is obviously a shit show,but this isn't the full strength of the Turkish state

It is. The Turkish state is gonna collapse, mark my words.

plenty of liberals also fought for the republicans

doesn't make them special

the republicans were cucks though, and so are liberals

There is literally nothing wrong with snitching on Stalinist traitors. Use statepower when possible against your enemy, or are you sad when the state gets active against Nazis?

Catalonia was a socialist state alongside Free Territory.

Fuck off kulak.

Tankies harm the march of communism just as much as fascist


You are very misinformed, maybe even completely uninformed. He also snitched on people for being "anti-white", and for other retarded reasons. His words, not mine.

By that you must mean sabotaging the bolsheviks by siding with rebelling food producers wanting to keep workers starving while the bolsheviks do all the work by fighting the fucking war and feeding the starving workers.

Do you read your history ever, faggot?

The Communists fucked the Anarcho-Syndicalists over.

Because the anarcho-syndicalists never chose a side in the war and chose to fuck over all sides. Shoulda fought alongside the communists against the fascists.

I can forgive spooked commies from the past tbh, I wouldnt forgive being a traitor though.

Tankies are the only ones without a track record of establishing and defending socialism.

Not an argument

reminder that the tankies unironically believed that what they were doing was communist

hanlon's razor dictates that they are not opportunists but simply too stupid to separate their biases from reality


pls don't let it be true


it all makes sense now

>damn tankies whatever that means
>nevermind that SU at the time was struggling with industrialization and was still in the process of rearming its armed forces SU was still rearming when Germany invaded
must feel really good to always have a scapegoat

the tankies were supporting the liberal bourgs instead of the anarchist proles

really gets the noggin joggin

so fuck the Republic?
also nevermind that anarchists as allies benefited from soviet help too

Yes, fuck the republic.


and anarchists sided with the fascists on occasion

good luck beating fascists with such attitude
>at least they died ideologically pure except they didn't


1984 is safe tier liberal trash. There's nothing special about it. It's prolefeed - an irony almost certainly lost on Orwell.