Most of the poc protesting 2016 election are not neoliberals but disgusted by a president who believes "kek a mexican...


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Would they be disgusted by HRC?

Have a (You)

That's about all, peace out.

Hi Reddit.

mfw they called out her super predator bullshit.

mfw they wanted bernie

u mean the commodification and sale of the black urban youth identity? because that's all that's left of their culture

hi former polfag

You need to go back to Reddit

For once I agree with the leftcom.

u mean the fact that when black people do something you boil it down to le rap music makes me feel uncomfortable

That judge was affiliated with La Raza though. Bourgeois ethnic nationalism is not a good thing.


anyone who fights class struggle while not challenging the creation of white ethno state is an enemy yes

If you're spewing retarded bullshit and get mistaken for pol the problem is you.

Fuck off back to reddit

thats not a refutation or really any sort of response at all

americans, white or black, have no culture

Anyone who does not advocate an alternate economic system is in essence a liberal as it means they accept the status quo.

This is so nazbol

Race is a spook.


implying they arent just because the voices media chooses to focus on our bourgeois white women who are nonsensically screaming about their pussies

Trump works for me now. He will carry out the master plan.

Prove yourselves worthy living on this planet, or be purged.

One of the best memes I've seen here. Saved. Any more by this user?

Zizek made this joke too

No one here thinks this is a bad thing
You're either an idiot or Holla Forums bait

Kek. Thanks, that was an enjoyable watch.


tumblr are the real porkies if you know what i mean XDDDD