Social Democracy > everything

No starvation and Denmark is the happiest country in the world.
Always famine and starvation in USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, DPRK and People's Republic of China

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ahh, the danes.

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Yet the lifestyle that it affords you is built off the backs of the third world proletariat. I'm sure they're thrilled that a bunch of Danes are working 30 hour weeks while they slave away in sweat shops and mines.

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Just look at China, those "exploited" countries eventually develope

When there are no other countries to exploite left we can have FALC


Not Denmark fault that other countries hires slavery.

if they have it so nice why are they so racist?

the guy was trying to make you understand that denmark is a first-second wolrd country thus their development is due to superexploitating third world countries instead of their supposedly perfect economic system.

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yeah, because china is powerful enough not to let the mainstream first world countries sabotage their economy and thus, they're cappable to develope industries, in the other hand, the rest of third world countries aren't cappable to develope industrialization due to the eventual embargo it will mean, so they're doomed to keep being raw material productor countries.

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If those first world countries were social democrat they wouldn't.

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Right. Denmark has a gun to it's head that forces it to enter into lopsided trade agreements with no or very little labor protections and invest in companies that exploit the vulnerable workers of the third world. I totally forgot Denmark has no agency. I also forgot that the first world uses predatory economic and diplomatic practices to leverage developing countries into opening up their labor markets to first world exploitation.

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hey, Germany and the Netherlands have a decent ancom scene

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I support Nicola Sturgeon.


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A gilded cage is still a cage

wtf is wrong with france and norway

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I dont think their system is bad but it's not as good as it could be. Actually Denmark has unusually high amounts of anti-depressant use. Norway actually has the best living conditions of any planet in the world. I heard from a Swede the Socialist run portions of the country are shitholes basically. Someone needs to teach Swedes how to not be retarded about how they do Socialism since it makes it look bad to others.

Actually, its more like this:

No part of Sweden, Denmark, or Norway are socialist. They are capitalist social democracies. Public services are not socialism.

And the only reason Norway can afford these intensive social programs anyways is because they are limited to a small population of Norwegians and funded by huge natural resources.

like taiwan, south korea, singapore, malaysia, japan and most other newly developed countries.

That's becuase Denmark is really, really white

kind of this, the area of capitalist expansion is not infinite


reminder that if we reach space before reaching socialism markets will expand to no end and we will live in nightmare space neoliberalism.

Capitalist exploitation build on the backs of exploited workers abroad.

If you're okay with this, why not just advocate fascism?


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