Super-rich American ‘preppers’ buying in New Zealand ready for US doomsday

>One American hedge-fund manager who owns two New Zealand homes told Osnos he expected at least a decade of political turmoil in the United States. PayPal co-founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel also owns property there, and has described New Zealand as "utopia."

>Hoffman estimated that over half of the Silicon Valley insiders were into preparedness - especially since anti-elite sentiment has risen around the globe in recent years.

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Consider for a moment

That it's disconnected Silicon Valley rich fucks

Investing in things that won't pan out. It' s totally in their MO

Let's hope there's plenty of revolutionaries in New Zealand

Being in New Zealand won't save you when society breaks down or the effects of climate change hit us.

Hopefully some comrades don't let them get there.

The US spends a generous amount of their budget to prevent communism around the globe from rising.
Should the turmoils happen, those resources may be allocated. Europe and developed SEA states will be forced with dealing with Russian and Chinese sphere expansion, so this budget may only be uphold by less stable and efficient private investments.

New era soon, comrades.
Patriotic sentiments vs. capital isn't communist, tho.

Why aren't they funding communist revolutions instead?

But then they won't be rich anymore.

All the gold/bitcoin in the world won't help them after the apocalypse. Communism is the only way to ensure the human race's survival.

Because everyone in Silicon Valley is a fucking idiot and they can't invest in anything for shit

There was more of a threat the world would end several times over the last 50 years.

It's a bunch of fucking Yuppies doing what they do best.

Not to mention the impending startup bubble burst

Once interest rates are increased the bubble will pop. Can't wait until those smug labor aristocrats are back among us proles.


You know what I really fucking hate? Proponents of space colonization. Doubly so when they talk about how it's necessary because Earth is being "spent". It always smelled of the same old bullshit to me: the powerful ruin everything for profit, then saddle everyone else with the bill. Space colonization is just that writ large. They're making an entire damn planet uninhabitable, and already making plans to run away from the mess they created rather than stay and fix it. And all the while, useful idiots hail them as pioneers of mankind because of muh science or some dumb bullshit. They don't give a fuck about human progress, you cretin, they want a lifeboat.

I truly and sincerely hope all attempts at space colonization made before we fix our society and globe fail miserably.

You do know that humans are the ones doing the pollution, right user? Are you some sort of primitivist?

Porky is doing the polluting.

Anyone who owns a car, uses public transportation, or uses any type of modern transportation is polluting.

Who provides them with those cars and busses? Do workers control the means of production yet?

I wasn't around when Porky rigged local governments against me and hamstrung the effort to expand public transportation.

You have no idea about the proportions, silly user. Yes, transportation pollutes, but just take one example: Canada's tar sands. They pollute daily Canada's yearly transportation pollution. Your solidarity with the rich is self-destroying.

Maybe people just like advantages of having a car?!

Those evil capitalist bastards. The people dindu nothing.


they're sabotaging public transport because 'muh competition driving innovation' and trying to make cars more environmentally friendly isn't profitable so it doesn't happen

Wow, not one but two fucking homes in a foreign country probably empty right now.

And that doesn't include the additional homes that he owns in the US he probably has.


It's a documented fact dipshit. Read a book.

No worries. Once the revolution succeeds, just threaten to bomb New Zealand if they don't give up the porkies.

Fucking hell

Nothing is environmentally friendly. Even electric cars require extreme amounts of pollution due to lithium and other material mining.

The technology just isn't there yet.

you have invented a car that runs on water or fairy dust, please let us know.

*Cars are the best form transportation according to most people.

Here's a really good interview about the disassembly of railroad industry, Altoona, Pennsylvania:

My God, you brainwashed buffoon, the capitalists are holding back efficient transportation technology in favor of more profitable models (personal transportation):

Too bad that "most people" are not experts on the topic. Too bad that "most people's" opinions are influenced by big money interests.

You're making the efficiency argument. I'm making the convieniency argument.

If people wanted trains, they would ride trains and make it profitable to invest in public transportation. This is of course, depends on the area.

NYC public transportation is pretty good because it's more convenient to just ride the train in NYC thanks to parking/traffic limitations, and rent being 3k for a 1 bedroom. But even then, people still want cars.

Being able to go ANYWHERE, ANYTIME YOU WANT isn't corporate brainwashing. It's a luxury that most people want.

That's not how the market works, tho.

You're making the efficiency argument again. People don't want to live the way you want them to live for the sake of EFFICIENCY.

Sorry darling, but people want things that make the world inefficient. Would it be more efficient to have computer centers in every community to eliminate the need for everyone to buy computers? Yes.

But People don't want efficiency unless it's convenient.

Personal computers for everyone are perfectly feasonable and are a goal for FALC though.

Prisoner's Dilemma.

That's the whole basis of Capitalist society: even if you understand what is necessary to be done, it literally punishes you for attempting anything, but serving only your own (increasingly short-term) interests.

Then FALC would cause hyper pollution and climate change.

You don't think the billion dollar marketing industry that shoves the "personal vehicle=freedom" bullshit down our throats might be a reason why people are obsessed with owning their own vehicle?

clearly he's a victim of such propaganda and believes that wanting personal transportation = freedom = choice

You could say that about anything.

Why do you want your own stove?

Why do you want your own room?

Why do you want your own computer?

Is it all just marketing? Or does it come from us logically comparing the advantages and limitations of cars and public transportation, and then deciding for ourselves what would make us happier and be more convenient for our transportation needs and wants.

I like racing in the mountains. Can I do that with public transportation? Nope.


The advantages of a proficient public transportation sector is obvious. Why the fuck would I want a car if a bus/train/metro/tram driver can take me there cheaper, more efficiently, publicly?

You are so burger and fedora it hurts the eye.

If public transportation works for you. Then fine user. Whatever makes you happy. But some of us lives drastically different livestyles from you.

Just yesterday I went to the gym at 5am, grabbed some breakfast at McDonald's, went to a class I had in the morning, and then drove 40 minutes to a contract job i had a few cities over, picked my mom up from her doctors appointment, got some groceries, did an oilchange on my girls friends car at her house, and then I went to a friend's house to get drunk and play video games.

I could only have done that with a car. I couldn't have carried all my tools if it wasn't for my car. I would at most only be able to do half of that with only public transportation in my area.

If that makes me a burger, I'm a proud burger. *tips fedora*

Stop assuming that public transportation's infrastructure would be exatly the same in a society that didn't put a high priority on owning a personal vehicle.

Mass Public transportation is bound by timed, scheduled, pre destined routes and stops.

Individual transportation will always be superior. In any society.

if you judge everything on a scale of whether or not it fulfills your selfish desires then yeah i guess

Public transportation could also take the form of a fleet of vehicles maintained by mechanics that an individual could "rent" to go about their business and have all the "freedom" they can stomach.

Public transport is also tons and tons more energy efficient then private.

Given the limited supply of energy, the idea that everyone will have a five seater vehicle capable of going 60 mph ridiculous.

Hopefully you'll be able to have a smaller two seater vehicle with more efficiency, take the buss or rent a truck.>>1282184

But billionaires are channeling their inner Bear Grylls for a number of reasons. Hoffman told The New Yorker that some rich people fear a backlash against Silicon Valley as artificial intelligence takes away an increasing number of jobs from humans. The CEO of a large tech company cited Russian cyberattacks as evidence of risk that the US might fall into disorder.

It's habbening

The Aussies were right


Islands make for perfect gulags. Just Saiyan.

It's not, but with the world in the state that it's in, it'll have to do.

too bad everyone in new zealand is a sheltered no violence liberal.

someone please export the revolution here, the maoris would be happy to help as they harbor leftist sentiments.

t. kiwi