Biggest dump someone has ever taken on a political spectrum. Is this how Americans see the world?

Biggest dump someone has ever taken on a political spectrum. Is this how Americans see the world?

Also post your political spectrums. Best one I saw here was shaped like an hourglass, but I never saved it.

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Marxist-Leninism was the ultimate realization of communism apparently. Seems like the creator has more in common with Stalin than they realize, after all they're both of the opinion that after Lenin communism had been achieved.


left one is basically ´´communism is when the government does stuff´´

This thing is kinda ridiculous, but ok, here's mine



Will everyone please stop trying to reduce every political ideology to nothing in order to plot it on a 2D plane


what in the fuck is this. It's like someone fused a fucked up idea of the political spectrum with essence of autism.




These are the two best ones. The first one is the most accessible and makes fun of everyone. The second is very accurate, but it's nowhere near accessible and lacks self-deprecation which makes the left look like we can't laugh at ourselves. Combined, the two are like chocolate and peanut butter.

Political compasses are stupid though, and I worry that memeing them too hard will just reinforce the ideology that political tendencies are well-represented by a spectrum.

5th is entirely made up of Stirner's quotes right?

To be fair, there is one who isn't that bad

Bottom left is Charlie Chaplin at the end of The Great Dictator that got passed around the internet a fuckton.

That test is pretty liberalism biased

kek top left is karl fucking marx buddy

Burger here and no. This is advanced idiocy even for my countrymen.

Not using the political tetrahedron

Capitalism is not Darwinistic. Porky hides behind a state and rules to protect itself.
An unemployed autistic madman with nothing to lose can go kill a bunch of people. That's real darwinism.

I don't even know what flag to use anymore.

Get on my level



That still gets me, every single time

Don't let Alex Jones find out.

Although with this image I think "Nice try BLM" should be changed to "Nice try kikes". From looking at it I get the feeling the creator wanted to do this but didn't want to be called a meanie or whatever.

Just make it "JIDF." That's more form-consistent

English version.

And russian~

I'm pretty sure the person who drew this goes on leftypol. I've never seen classcucuck or porky memed anywhere else





Much obliged comrade


the anal fixation really gives it away



I hate liberalism.

nice try ZOG Occupied Government would make more sense



didn't know ZOG Occupied Government was wordfiltered

I left my shitposting flag on.
I thought this anarcho-authoritarian flag is a joke.


There isn't a ComFem flag.

Whew, we are getting notorious

There should be a video game set in an ancap dystopia

It's called Fallout. Or Shadowrun.

Close babby, but no cigar.

Makes sense, seeing how the red and purple quadrants don't really exist anyway.

g8 b8

Where were you when we had the vidya thread, comrade?

Only one that really matters is this one tbh:

thats a joint

That political triangle is literal trash