Private gun ownership is good

Private gun ownership is good.

Prove me wrong.

Yes, and?

wrong board, bucko

Yeah, but we refer to it as 'personal gun ownership' ;)

You're entirely correct.

It's only good when proles own them, not when porky, police, or military own them.


In other words, fuck off, we're not liberals

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skewed priorities



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Personal gun ownership is better

Personal* and yes it is.

Damn straight, buying 2 more crates of 7n6 once my Soros paycheck comes through

Gotcu comrade

*gains assloads of dosh from extracting the surplus value of gun factory workers*
ah yes, private ownership of guns sure is great, good workers!

Meant for


Is there a non capitalist method you can suggest where I may get my guns from?
Im not robbing a gun store, I value my life.

read theory you dumb reddit fucks reeee


Buy a lathe and a mill. Start a gunsmith cooperative business.


Why would I want to do that, OP? Any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated.

Gotchya covered famr8.

Back to reddit.

That sounds pricier than a gun.

If you;re gonna shit post do it with some fucking effort man don't 'reee' you fucking 'REEEEEEEE NORIMES BTFO'

If the current state of the world is any indication, democracy is a shitty system.
That said, there's nothing wrong with owning guns.

thanx disenfranchised liberal.We advocate the ultimate democratisation of everything here though even the workplace

You mean personal.


If you don't have a gun you're an idiot. Everyone should be armed and have proficiency in their weapon of choice.

I always recommend you buy a rifle of any kind and practice with it as often as possible.

The trick with modern 'democracy' is as follows. The very bottom elects the very top. At this scale, you ensure that the only people that can win an election will be rich or serve interests of the rich (Trump vs Hillary). Then they are free to put all their rich buddies in government, the president chooses the middle men between him and the people who elected him.

You need proper bottom-up democracy that gradually scales up. Apartment block to neighbourhood to city to province/state to country.

Praise bookchin



hand guns are outlawed here and you have to give a reason as to why to want each firearm when you register it with the piggies.They can just say no you don't need a gun,and that's it no gun for you.And speaking of weapons bad you can even get done here for walking home with a newly bought set of packaged kitchen kives



Fuck off liberal

I can't.

i agree


even spooked af reddit-tier socialists are pro-gun

wtf strawman are you fighting against?

the world would've been easier to conquer if only the state which wouldve been owned by us had guns and shot anyone who opposed. obama fucked up.

hi Holla Forums

why are liberals so fucking stupid. oh well at least I can have some guns (rural cunt)


I don't think anyone here would disagree with you

I disagree, public gun ownership is better.

Guns are unnecessary in the first world, prove me wrong.

Lets call it personal and we will have no problem what so ever.
but nah call it what ever you want the workers must always be armed to guarantee their individual/collective freedom.

I found the liberal.