Daily News Thread 1/24

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will kill more than 43,000 people annually

The impact of Republicans' war on Obamacare is likely to be worse than anyone expects.

‘Brexit’ Talks Can’t Start Without Parliament, U.K. Supreme Court Rules

Prime Minister Theresa May must secure the approval of Parliament before she can begin the process of taking Britain out of the European Union, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.

City devastated by OxyContin use sues Purdue Pharma, claims drugmaker put profits over citizens

A Washington city devastated by black-market OxyContin filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit against the painkillers' manufacturer Thursday, alleging the company turned a blind eye to criminal trafficking of its pills to "reap large and obscene profits" and demanding it foot the bill for widespread opioid addiction in the community.

Lawmakers in Eight States Have Proposed Laws Criminalizing Peaceful Protest

In states home to dozens of Saturday’s demonstrations, Republican lawmakers are moving to criminalize and increase penalties on peaceful protesting. Such efforts were afoot in five states: In Minnesota, Washington state, Michigan, and Iowa, Republican lawmakers have proposed an array of anti-protesting laws that center on stiffening penalties for demonstrators who block traffic; in North Dakota, conservatives are even pushing a bill that would allow motorists to run over and kill protesters so long as the collision was accidental. Similarly, Republicans in Indiana last week prompted uproar over a proposed law that would instruct police to use “any means necessary” to clear protesters off a roadway.

German officials demand aggressive response to Trump’s inaugural address

The coming to power of Donald Trump has led to fierce reactions in Berlin. German politicians, business leaders and the media are increasingly realizing that the new US president regards Europe, and above all Germany, as economic and political rivals. In response, they are formulating their own economic and geopolitical aspirations with increased aggressiveness.

When Their Shifts End, Uber Drivers Set Up Camp in Parking Lots Across the U.S.

The vast majority of Uber’s full-time drivers return home to their beds at the end of a day’s work. But all over the country, there are many who don’t. These drivers live near, but not in, expensive cities where they can tap higher fares, ferrying wealthier, white-collar workers to their jobs and out to dinner—but where they can’t make enough money to get by, even with longer hours. To maximize their time, drivers find supermarket parking lots, airports and hostels where they catch several hours of sleep after taking riders home from bars and before starting the morning commute.

Exxon Mobil Told To Hand Over Decades Of Climate Documents In Major Legal Blow

The ruling represents a huge win for the state’s attorney general Maura Healey, who is investigating how much Exxon Mobil knew about the link between fossil fuels and climate change and if it intentionally hid such information from the public.

Higher Rates Of Hate Crimes Are Tied To Income Inequality

An analysis of FBI and Southern Poverty Law Center data revealed one factor that stood out as a predictor of hate crimes and hate incidents in a given state: income inequality.

In Its Third Month, India’s Cash Shortage Begins to Bite

While the full impact is still difficult to discern, there is little doubt who is suffering the most. “This has actually hurt the poor enormously,” said Nasser Munjee, chairman of DCB Bank and a company director at HDFC and Tata Motors.

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The article only talks about protesters who obstruct shit. I'm perfectly fine with criminalizing "peaceful" protests if it is those people.

I can't take this seriously unfortunately since it is a known fact that minorities don't generally get charged with hate crimes.

I wouldn't quantify 43,000 impoverished laborers dying "good" by any stretch. Neither is acceptable. Healthcare in America either way is not acceptable.

only on Holla Forums

Peaceful assemblies literally do nothing. It's important for road blocking to remain legal, unless you want industrial sabotage to make a comeback.


He's obviously from Holla Forums. No leftist would agree with poor people dying.

Healthcare in America will never be acceptable because Americans are a special kind of retarded but maybe if a lot of people die they will finally realize how fucking stupid they are and try to fix their shit.

Road blocking is annoying as all fuck and any protest that obstructs streets I immediately hate. I don't want to work all fucking day for a slave wage just not be able to get home because of some fucking assholes.

I'm an accelerationist.

I don't know how to feel about the 43k deaths

On the one hand, accelerationism. On the other, more unnecessary death and despair for the working class.

socdems please do something for once

Not only will that not happen, but you'll discourage everyone from ever fucking joining up with you if you parade the deaths of people they know who could be effected in poverty, eg the elderly, who make up a significant portion of this population

Cold day in hell before I use my elders as a bargaining chip

Accelerationism is a meme. It has never worked in reality. Workers become even more docile and obey hierarchies.

Are they trying to force people into a revolt?

Capital only thinks like 4 months ahead at most these days.

Liberal dipshits chanting in the street and preventing ordinary proles getting to and from work isn't going to make them like us.
Quite the opposite in fact.

That's not what those laws are trying to stop. They are attempting to prevent more DAPL like protests.

kys CIA shill

Can you point to actual examples of acclerationism or is it just a mantra at this point?

You're the shill, CIA hates Trump

do you really think there is revolutionary potential in the first world right now?

Well, that is different then.

Looks like industrial action might make a comeback after all.
If people can't protest peacefully, there will always be those who will be ok with that, and will take alternative measures.
Sounds like porky wants a war, they might just get it.

I hope there's a revolution, the conditions are right, we're here at the tail end of a 40 year long stagnation of wages. Yet, I don't see anyone revolting. There is no class consciousness, instead there's just reactionary nativism.

but Americans love doing this

Can we start banning these retarded ancoms that only contribute youtube tier comments?

No that poster, but no. Not yet. I would think the situation in the first world would have to become materially much worse for the average person to consider a revolution worth the risk to their quality of life. People won't truly revolt in the first world countries on the basis of principles, or anything they aren't directly experiencing in an obvious day-to-day way.
I think the health care situation in the US is bad enough that people should be fucking shit up in the streets daily, but since it doesn't effect people so much (i.e. it isn't actively crushing their whole ability to live as normal) unless they have a chronic condition or have a health emergencies (and aren't wealthy) it just doesn't matter enough to do anything drastic about.


If you're expecting a revolution to spontaneously erupt, you'll see the heat death of the universe before it happens.
Most people simply are (relatively speaking, of course) too comfortable or have too much to lose to be willing to throw it away on a gamble.
It isn't going to start on it's own, I am convinced that if it does happen, it will be after someone steps forward and leads it from the front.
But nobody's willing to step up.
Sure, it's easy to say you want a revolution, but I don't see anyone picking up guns and actually doing it.

the point I was making is that people don't automatically revolt when in dire situations, their consciousness needs to be raised by revolutionaries.

Fair. I don't think either revolutionaries or dire situations are enough on their own.

Then you're a dipshit and not my comrade.

It won't make a comeback of laws like that continue to pass. They do not want more direct action. They want to limit the proles to impotent marches and demonstrations.

it's like there's no vanguards or revolutionary structure in place or something :^)

India is probably going to implode in the next 20 years, they can't survive as a united political bloc

India has a federal structure, and a good national parliamentary system. It won't implode for political reasons. Unless someone fucks up the economy *cough* Modi *cough*.

It still baffles me that there are people who still think it isn't real when we have shit like this. Of course though, Infowars are Ted Turner shills.

Dumbing down education does wonders, though I wouldn't be surprised it's the only thing.

Most people don't think about protest.

Even less actually do it.

They're literally incapable of thinking past next quarter

South Dakota lawmakers declare state of ’emergency’ to force repeal of voter-imposed ethics law

“In an unprecedented maneuver, state lawmakers are planning to declare a state of emergency so their repeal of the Anti-Corruption Act would take effect immediately, and deny voters their right to another vote on the measure through a veto referendum,” the statement explained. “The bill guts all of the Act’s provisions, including creation of an independent ethics commission, limits on lobbyists gifts to politicians, tougher penalties for bribery, stronger transparency, and a two-year ban on politicians becoming lobbyists when they leave office.”


They will just make people who start shit disappear.

Israel Says It Will Build 2,500 New Settlement Homes In The West Bank


this attitude and the fact that those who will die are proles is why liberals are winning

ahahahha holy fuck

Thanks based OP, these updates are always welcome. Have a bump.

The impact of Republicans' war on Obamacare is likely to be worse than anyone expects.

WaPo is owned by the cunt who made Amazon, iirc, and he is a lolbert.

As mentioned, it's owned by Bezos, a libertarian/neoliberal (when it suits him apparently.)

Every libertarian is a libertarian when it suits them, and a fascist when fighting for "property" they never owned or stole in the first place.

It really depends what mood I'm in. Right now I wouldn't be particularly upset by a few million idiots dropping dead.

Trump: FCC Pick To Abolish Net Neutrality


Looks like neoliberalism is still underway.

The BBC set up a similar "fact check" blog. No surprise that literally the first target they go after is Jeremy Corbyn. This seems to be the latest propaganda move by the intelligence agencies.

dementia man is particularly addled this evening :(

Well at least he acknowledged the problem unlike a certain other president.

fear porn propogated by insurance companies
more fear porn
I hate rich people too
bit me. another reason why capitalism is bad

What the fuck lmao. Even poor people who work 14 hours a day and sleep in parking lots really believe the job creator meme. How is it possible to be so classcucked? How are we even supposed to fight like this?

Kanye had a meeting with him earlier about Chicago crime.

I have no idea if he means he'll send the FBI to basically come down and be as incompetent as the CPD or if he means he wants to deploy the US army to the Loop but either way I want to see this happen just to watch the stupidity up close.

How is it "fear porn" when these are verifiable actions being taken by lawmakers? Are you fucking 13?

kanye a fucking snitch i swear to god

If he's that butthurt libertarian he probably wishes he was.

3 months. They're only allowed to care about quarterly figures.

43,000 people annually is chump change. Some 5,000 people die every week due to hospital mishaps.