What the fuck is a Nazbol

What the fuck is a Nazbol

a nazi with hammer and sickle instead of a swastika on his armband

A meme ideology which achieved nothing ever. Even leftcoms got more shit done than those fuckers.

The highest form of Marxist theory and praxis.

The final form of Communism.

It's a sort of Nazism that combines socialist economics with racism and nationalism. Like Straßerism, sort of.

The edginess of unironic Stalinism combined with the edginess of Nationalism.


Someone too autistic to be a tankie.


National Socialists that are socialists for "real"…

It's mainly caused by autism.

I spoke with some nazbols from Russia, they are actually not nazis


A Nazi that replaced the swastika in his flag with a hammer and sickle.




inb4 nazbol gang

How much would it take to convince the BO to take the flag off


I want to see her dick.

I think fascists are more dangerous today than they were prior simply because fascists today do not know what they want and that's totally incompatible with the modernist drive that fascism thrives on, and all of the people who propose it as an alternative do not meet its social darwinistic standards at all.

Making any clear vision ever impossible, the right has no vision for what it would like besides what it does not like.

b-benis :DDDD



No one seems to really know, not even the people who claim they are Nazbol.

Ethnic nationalists that should be immediately discarded.


the axis of peace