The Seattle Times reports that law-enforcement officials said the shooter claims that the man he shot was “some type...

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If only Milo wasn't such a hottie I'd actually go and punch these nazis.

the fact that the shooter was an alt-right Milo supporter is completely ignored by the right wing tabloid.

really? i had no idea, source me on that

His name was Ray something.

why would you lie on the internet
he was antifa

Antifa shot its own kekworthy

Was the victim the IWW guy?

Never change leftypol.

Yeah, this is the same story I think.

You will never stop the racist, sexist and homophobic might of Holla Forums

I dont think its sexist or racist to hate that milo guy just homophobilc.

But literally no one in this thread said anything homophobic.

Except for hating a guy just because hes gay and doesnt have all the politically correct opinions that a gay person should have.

Lets put it this way if Milo was straight you guys wouldnt be so obsessed with him.

Everyone should hate Milo for being who he is.

nah we hate him because he's white obviously. this is a anuddah shoah board get with the times bro

Holla Forums pls go.
He's hated because the alt-right constantly cite him and won't shut up about him.

We would instead be obsessed with turning him gay

Did it ever cross your mind that maybe, it's possible to form oopinions of a person independently from his sexual identity or sexual preferencies?
Like being gay isn't magic making you automaticaly likable or unsufferable? Nor it doesn't prevent you to be either one or the other?


Or trans black.

Not on leftypol.

wow that's some impressive source you got there

The alt-right fucking hate him though. He's a irrelevant shiting kike faggot.

Can't wait for the police report to be release so we can bash this faggot.

God I just hate that I want daddy Milo to fuck my boi pussy.Nazi bastard needs to get the shit beat out of him but do I want to fuck him

Stopped reading right there, get this idpol shit out of here

I kind of like Milo actually. I fucking hate his fans though. The Seattle left is going to make the shootet's life a living hell once his name gets out.

the shooter turned himself in so he's probably not a "lefty"

I don't know that I would be too concerned with avenging an IWW tumblrina.

It's an act. The guy he shot was breaking a fight up.

Holy shit kill yourself faggot. The IWW has been fighting for worker's rights for over 100 years.

Yeah, a hundred years ago they were guys like Bill Haywood and Joe Hill. Now they are a bunch of pink-haired tumblrinas and FBI agents.

No, they aren't. Nice try though, COINTELPRO.
Vid related

lolno, fuck the jewish parasites that run that rag.