Conspiracy Theories

I'm interested, in what conspiracies does Holla Forums believe in?

Doesn't have to be reasonable, just post things that you have always suspected, /x/ tier stuff is welcome as well.

I believe that the 20 richest people of the world are all in contact with each other not just on a friendly basis, but to discuss geopolitics and the future of humanity with each other. I don't know if that's even a conspiracy even more.

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we live in a dystopic police state with deep social stratification based on educating proles through social engineering

I believe that the 20 richest people of the world are all in contact with each other not just on a friendly basis, but to discuss geopolitics and the future of humanity with each other. I don't know if that's even a conspiracy even more.
Isn't what the Bliderberg conferency is about?

Holla Forums is Illuminati.

There's a good thread on conspiracies here in case you haven't read it OP:

Somebody posted a link a while back from someone claiming to be illuminati and she was talking about what it was like and it sounded pretty based tbh

We have this wild theory about rich people using their wealth to stay wealthy, and making deals that continually rip of people below them to stay that way

The US government is putting fluoride in the water supply as an excuse to not to improve healthcare and as a way to profit off the waste product from fertilizer production (this is pretty much true though).

This is pretty much true:

That is more of a self help group than anything. If you are part of a minority that only has 20 members, you might want some solidarity from the other 19. Rich people have a bunch of psychological issues, you can't fall in love well for example, because anyone could be a golddigger, trying to stab you in the back. All of your "friends" just want to stab you in the back as well, the only people you can really trust are those that don't need your money.

Fluoride is harmless, you are being silly.

watching anyone talk about conspiracies beyond a point after 2007 is fucking embarrassing. It's all dead.

How anyone doesn't believe in conspiracies post-Snowden/Wikileaks is beyond me.

how anyone believes in anything on the internet after snowden wikileaks is beyond me

Conspiracy theories is something simpletons usually use to explain the complex world and simplify, it is Holla Forums's thing, not the left's

That comeback doesn't really make sense.

yes. we call it Davos.

I believe that the same people you refer to and other global power players are planning a global 'socialist' or liberal revolution to usher in a one world government with themselves in charge.

Yes this is the oldest one going and yes I believe it.

Further I beleive that the 'socialism' they have in mind is what you guys will call a state capitalism (I think), that is no ownership of productive, private or personal property for the masses of humanity. This will be justified on economic and ecological grounds as there will be 'too many people'. In practice, this model will resemble more serfdom than any kind of socialism this board longs for, with individuals who didn't make the cut and get their way into the elite (inner party) being almost the state's property. You house, your car, your PC. These are all owned by your boss. You work for him and he provides you these things.

Finally, some on the left support this if not in as many words yet.

The fact that there's nothing stopping conspiracy theories from being distraction bullshit that comes from no material fact, related to what we already know.

It's blind speculation, in fact the internet has somehow gotten worse with age.

Bullshit. 'Conspiracy theory' today is a term used to paint people as crazy. In 2000 I was crazy for talking about Echelon. 2002 I was crazy for saying Bush and Blair were lying. 2011 I was crazy for saying Libya and Syria were part of a deeper agenda that the US was deeply involved in.

Fuck you friend.

Just because some can be considered distractions doesn't mean they all are.

And as for it being related on what we already know (I have a hard time squaring this with your previous statement that it's based on no material facts) just because you know it doesn't mean everyone does. "Everyone already knows that!" Is actually a known go-to disinfo strategy when trying to get dissuade public interest in a breaking story.

Hahaha you are out of your mind, no way that's happening

Echelon? Wasn't that the proto Palantir or something like that?

Go play through Deus Ex again.

I haven't been on Holla Forums as much as I used to, partly because I think it's too infested with Holla Forumsyps who might, ironically enough, sliding and shitposting and pretending to be (what they view as) leftists. Obviously, they were easy to spot, since they've only seen tumblr feminists and Hillary supporters. But then there's the possibility of ones growing new tactics. Whenever I see a post that looks like it belongs more on reddit, newfaggy, or just plain shitposting that doesn't know what it's talking about, I think it might be some Holla Forumsyp bait, that other Holla Forumsyps bite.
But that's just imageboards I guess. There aren't a lot of Holla Forums replacements out there anyway

All presidential elections are rituals

going to a major bank's atm is paying tribute to a blood god

communism was created by esoteric religious cults in West Asia during antiquity

Donald Trump is part of the Right Wing deepstate and always has been

Literal Nazis have extreme influence over Military Industrial complex

MKULTRA and COINTELPRO created hippy movement

LSD is destructive to your mind no matter what and was designed to slowly cause derangement

Fabian society are statist socialist mystery religion NWO'ist paneuropist practicioners of welfare magick

Welfare is a form of buying a piece of someone's mind

You shouldn't touch people with evil energies especially women and old people

Humans are vaguely different subspecies but within racial castes and not between races. There is a race of ruler warriors who inhabit every society and are revealed by their physiognomy

Eugenics is evil but there are valuable lessons to learn from it and it was partially covered up so big pharma and biotech could profit off of DIY eugenics which are not harmful nor require a state to do violence to people

Children are always tripping and they lose the ability to pick up on subtle energies once puberty and sexual development begins. This is why pedophilia and hormones that induce early puberty in young girls are so evil and repugnant

Materialism kills your soul and will literally render you a philosophical zombie

religion is evil, any codified religion is a parasite energy cult for stealing people's emotional energy

FDR was a socialist sleeper

JFK was more evil than Nixon

Space Program is a lie but humans have been to the moon

Capitalism is extension of cult of mammon, apocalyptic scripture is vaguely reliable and valid lens for examining current events

NazBols are special touched group of high power level esoteric T-Cells deployed by species hive mind to salvage society so we don't have to hit the reset button (they are doomed to fail tho)

Tankies are fascists who think fascism is gay (which it is)

Fascism, alt right and military are all extremely homosexual because of worship of male energy and they always will be giant fags

Economics isn't a science and people who take it more seriously than astrology are debased mental midgets

Most of the people on this board are useful idiots or liberals

There are spooks all over /r/conspiracy who helped stormfront push propaganda to convert the fringe subs

Holla Forums was never an ironic joke and was always meant to be a launching pad for neo-nazi ideology

Fascism will be normalized and made socially acceptable among the youth in the next 10 years

Jews helped plot Holocaust but sacrificed millions of peasants for Israel's founding

Great britain is still the most powerful national interest on earth and orchestrated the events of WW2

David Icke is a fabian deep undercover psyop

Russians created the UFO hysteria in mid 20th century america

Most anti-jewish propaganda is just Tsarist and ultranationalist sperging from late 19th and early 20th

The Talmud is a codex of meme ideologies and allows Jews to maintain mental superiority over more physically eugenic races

Aryans are naturally autistic and this is why they are not master race

Sometimes I see this several times a day, pretty funny.

Nothing too kooky like the moon being a projection or the earth being flat for me.
Was 9/11 an inside job done to rally US support for a "war on terror" for oil and profit? Is there a cure for cancer that is withheld for donation money because it's such a lucrative business to prey on people's morality? In my opinion, yes.

I'm pretty damn sure the Government killed JFK

No that's a lie to make people think that based comrades can't get shit done on their own.

here, agreed

How would that stay secret? Some people would have to know what was up and eventually someone they know will get cancer (or they will).
Not even a theory, you can look up all the coups done by the CIA against any communist or even slightly leftist government, and then installing a worse leaders. Researching Iran-Contra and the Sandinistas made me first open my eyes to this, but of course there's Operation Condor.

And these two, of course.
The CIA doing illegal experiments on US citizens by drugging them without their knowledge. They're the first guys to give LSD to universities and that's a fact, and makes the "crazier" theories, like the CIA creating crack and AIDS and releasing them to the ghettos, more plausible.
COINTELPRO is another truth that the FBI admits, infiltrating black civil rights movements and causing in-fighting, sabotage, and out-right assassinating Huey P. Lewis. I have little doubt they assassinated MLK, since they already admit to trying to blackmail him into suicide.
I think some of them started out as being ironic, but pic related
very related to

Oh yeah, an Operation Northwoods where they seriously had to think about about causing false flags so they can have an excuse to go to war with Cuba.
I think the leftist has much more to worry about than the right-winger, who thinks too many black people on TV is a sign of genocide against whites.

did you post this OP?

funny that they had a really good deal going with the "food for oil" program and that big oil was actually lobbying against Iraq to an extent during the buildup…

look, most of you guys would probably fucking roast me on theory, but geopolitically a lot of you are woefully retarded, scusi for using you as an example here

The false intelligence and all the policy papers that set the iraq war into motion, all the shit that came afterwards it all came from ONE place for the most part, it wasnt "the gubberment", it was the office of special plans, an unsanctioned group of neocons operating from within the pentagon. They masterminded almost all of this shit, including falsifying evidence about wmds and the supposed meeting in prague with al-qaeda. they were not very good at covering their tracks either, this was not a case of "blowback" there is actual verifiable falsified "evidence" to underline thesse claims

oh also anthrax, everybody forgets anthrax

pic related is the only decent 911 documentary, half of the damn movie is spent debunking all the bullshit theories about missiles and building 7

some cunt released a very similar sounding documentary to undermine dawsons work, its complete garbage

if you actually want to know what in the fuck happened over the past 15 years, I would suggest you watch this film, its badly edited but absolutely seminal in terms of actual investigative content

it gets even worse muchacho, feebs D&Cing the BPs is basically admitted at this point, but heres a "theory" for you:

Pretty much every major serial killer of the past 30-40 years has had strange ties to military intelligence, along with much of the "counterculture" movement of the time which was quickly depoliticized; funny how all these psychos started popping up after the ameriKans launched the nastiest psyop campaign in their sordid history in indochina, operation phoenix

Do the neocons have a name or did they opt for being one of the rare groups of people that don't fall for the branding meme?

Redpill me on serial killers and Operation Phoenix, I've never heard this connection made before.

Operation phoenix was basically a torture program applied to the Vietnamese.

I mean the fact it got leaked seems pretty damning to the fact that anything more sinister would be able to stay under wraps for long before somebody would blow the whistle on it.

What if Snowden and Wikileaks are controlled opposition, or actually are Russian intelligence assets?


Not impossible. Wikileaks always seemed to have an anti-western bias.
But them being English language would probably attract english language submissions, and Assange could easily just hate America with no Russian backing.

What if you're a Russian intelligence asset and you didn't even realize it until this very moment.

The current NHS crisis is manufactured by the conservatives to make the private healthcare services look so advertising, in comparison to the free services, that the public want some one like Branson and Virgin to swoop in and takeover the front-line services.

Funny thing is, this is considered a conspiracy theory in the UK.

I mean wikileaks doesn't even have to be a russian intelligence asset to be used by them or any other intelligence agency. It could easily just be a dumping ground for data that they don't have any real use for but would ruffle some feathers if it got released so they just dump it there instead of letting it sit in some file unused forever.

porky hideing behind a post.jpg


they had a few names, the actual dissemination of false intelligence was coordinated by the "Office of Special Plans", headed up by everyones favorite neocon wolfowitz, they were the administrative arm so to speak. Even the wiki on them will make anyone that is paying attention raise an eyebrow:

The strategy for all this shit was drawn up by a menagerie of think tanks well beforehand, the most famous one of course being PNAC, they were the guys that said "we need a new pearl harbor" but you can find plenty of much more direct incriminating circumstantial evidence in all the garbage they spread, they basically laid out the entire plan for rubbelizing the middle east well in advance, going back to Clean Break and a few other notorious publications from the same crowd

This was all pushed by presstitute harpies like Judith Miller of the weekly standard or shitbirds like Kagan, a lot of people played their part but you can very much go back and put the pieces together, they bumbled throughout the entire op.

Dawson called pretty much everything that we know so far about the "28 pages" well beforehand, Saudi involvement was an open secret before we had any access to the(heavily redacted) 28, but the real biggie is what a lot of peeps in the "intelligence community" have taken to calling "Foreign Country A"

im not even gonna say it, im sure you can put two and two together, Dawson is not some stormfag, hes a little autistic and hes a libertard but his film will blow your fucking mind if you can get over the presentation, its not your typical conspiritard piece, it actually resembles an investigation and it has fuck all to do with nanothermite or beam weapons, just the facts maam.

it amazing how much trash they have rolled out in terms of red herrings about 911, you bring this shit up and people look at you like you are talking about repitilians, despite the fact that a joint senate/house report already confirms half the fucking onspiracy

here I am getting all worked up again hue, im gonna have to give you a raincheck on the serial killers, that is some outlandish fucking shit but theres something there too, should be a pdf of the book i posted floating around, its pretty solid, the guy that wrote it was a relatively mainstream journalist until he started going down the rabbit hole

yeah this, really creepy shit they pulled off on that one, from almost harmless shit like trying to convince charlie he is being haunted by his ancestors to dicing niggers up and stringing their bits from the trees, rape, collective killings etc p.p. Probably not too much of a suprise for any anons that have bothered to look into the fucking CIA and friends but they took it to even deeper depths in indochina because they were getting btfo so badly

Part of the claim in mcgowens book is that ROTC or whatever the spook equivalent was at the time was recruiting young mentally ill psychopaths for conditioning and training for Phoenix, and that they eventually set them loose on the US as well. It runs even thicker than that, really crazy shit but he too is not a kook as far as I can tell.

There is a really long youtube series on this that is a lot more kooky than the book by the same title, dont watch that shit at night im tellin ya man

Neat, thanks for the summary I'll give it a watch.
Ha, I remember this. The PA systems and the spooky tapes.

I wouldn't use that line of logic to feel comfort.

Many things in DC (and the world stage) are done verbally.

They probably set up "talking points" at places like Davos and Bilderberg.

There are probably multiple competing factions, rather than one grand conspiracy.

Holla Forums has been infiltrated by Holla Forumsyps since its inception, but does anyone fear that actual COINTELPRO shills have started being involved as well?

They've been aware and have been planning operations regarding Holla Forums since Holla Forums became well known on /r/socialism. The feds on your board probably hate you unlike the ones on ours who will help us bring about a new tomorrow.


If /r/socialism is cointelpro you can bet your bippy that there are spies and such here, official and unofficial.

No, their real we've had posters admit to practically being CIA or some other alphabet here shilling. We also get JIDF coming round to thought police people who criticize Israel too harshly–they didn't even deny it when they were called out on it.

Yes, the Nazi is correct.
I doubt the feds have any love for them though, I see this said a lot by Holla Forums types and it always makes me wonder what they're actually up to.

Shout outs and thanks for having a sense of humor.

I work for the CIA too btw. You're all under arrest

How? Not only we're on the internet, we're on an anonymous imageboard, people say a lot on here.

Not this time pal, this is an FBI gig.

It's hard to explain they don't really act like normal posters, their usually quite erratic. And whenever you call them out they often don't deny it, they don't respond, most leftists worth their salt would deny it or turn it into a joke. They often seem to bring up the same topics over and over and over in various threads completely out of context when their pushing an angle to disrupt or try to convince lurkers.

For instance, one poster got called out as JIDF and his response was basically "ya so?only Holla Forumslacks believe in JIDF"–they seem to be people who are neither say anything shitposters, nor people interested in srs discussions.

Memes are probably the most powerful thing in the world. And an image board is incredibly resistant to subversion unlike other avenues where there are weak points to target. /r/socialism becoming a bastion of idpol isn't a mistake. iirc one of the mods there even threatened a mentally ill trannie mod that if he didn't step down then all of his secrets would be revealed. You think a normal fucking person does that? Especially one who considers himself a sjw socialist?

It's a shame for you guys that your memes are so shitty besides the spooky one. We got 300k people on the_donald to post our memes constantly everyday. Now that's dangerous

wew, I can see why you like reddit so much Nazi-kun

Awww poor porkies, it must be hard owning as much money as an entire third world country ;_;

Holla Forums has literally been successfully targeted and subverted by Stormfront years ago

I've noticed this too, just didn't know how to put it to words. They seem to be dedicated to bumping the most shitposty threads, dedicated to focusing attention to the weakest posts, trying to steer things away from actual discussion. But I've only thought of it as clever Holla Forumsacks.
That, or I'm just getting paranoid after reading much about COINTELPRO and CIA coups. the first sentence of this post points says it. Most people are focused on simple shitposting rather than heavy discussion(me including). But it also reminds you that memes can be a Pied Piper, leading people to their demise. Think of the possibility of astroturfing through memes.

Shit I meant the first sentence of

Why do stormfags always sound so melodramatic?

There were stormfags on /n/ but back then they were laughed at for taking it so seriously. iirc stormfront even implements a no cussing so no not really dude. stormfront today is mostly old dudes who use it as a form of therapy. god knows what it must be like to remember an America before the poz and to have done so little to stop it. fuck them

Of course I go to reddit dude. I was one of the early posters on /r/the_donald. I've gone through a couple of accounts though as we've moderated the racism and antisemitism stuff though. That is a huge audience and numbers are incredibly important for the future. You don't effect change by posting on a forum with a few hundred dudes.

Dude, posting memes on reddit does not "effect change".

really makes me think

woooo saved myself at the last minute there. Please keep thinking that actually.

I don't think racism is necessarily inherent besides some obvious in group preferences. If you're raised in a middle to upper class environment with little interaction with other races and the ones you do interact with are the top 1-5% coupled together with an education and media landscape that promotes politically correct ideas like racism is bad then yeah you probably aren't "racist". Though according to most educated coloreds I know if you're white you are inherently racist so there is that. But yeah accepting that race is real and not a social construct doesn't happen out of no where nowadays. Takes work deprogramming a few decades of indoctrination.

Maybe if you changed racism with socialism in your argument you might understand what I'm saying.

lel, okay whatever

so you just know the one trick huh. That's spooky ;)

There is no trick here. You're ideology has so many obvious contradictions that it would take more than a parlour show to bring them all out.

Oh yeah, don't forget how fucking everyone on here is so eager to bite the most obvious bait that never adds to the thread.

definitely this, its not some grand roundtable its a bunch of roundtables, you dont have to actively conspire if your interests align for the most part

That being said there are some big fucking conspiracies that are historical fact, and there is a pecking order of sorts, the global financial cabal seems to sit at the pinnacle of the pyramid as far as I can tell, they are the closest thing to an all encompassing conspiracy that dwarfs all the other conspiracies

it should also be pointed out that as powerful as some of these people and their organizations are, they are not infallible or even particularly intelligent, they constantly fuck up and overreact