Supreme court rules government cannot trigger article 50 without act of parliament

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So how likely is it that Parliament will vote against activating Article 50? I voted Leave but I think a foiled or delayed Brexit could be the best possible outcome in terms of exposing the inadequacy of the political system.

the parliament is against brexiting like 66% against.

but it remains to be seen. some mps may feel that they need go with the "will of the people".

So Britbong comrades, how likely do you think Corbyn will win next election ?

I'm expecting most to, but May is handling this really badly and it would be easy for MPs to argue that they have a right to delay Brexit until the government looks like it has a plan.


As much as the Brits hate the concept of being faced with everything they've wanted from a politician for years, they will likely have little choice but to vote for him in 2020. If they don't it's their own retarded fault.

most proles here are close to lumpen. Corbyn is being attacked by the media almost as much as trump was,even when he won the popular vote to be elected leader of the Labour party and then defeated a challange on the leadership the media,and lots of the party, just said "yeah well it was all Trot entryists anyways" considering they had already band any new members from voting based on 'muh trots' it was clear as day Labour members DO want him as leader.At the end of the the day he is a democratic socialist who wants to re nationalise industries and have genuinely progressive social stances that we had in the Labour golden days of post ww2 and the 60s.Presonally I think he is a Marxist but knows he must hide his power level to get support from libbies weened on cold war propaganda.
Will he win a general election?No,people here voted against our referendum on AV to keep FPP because there were posters that said it was a waste of money, and that money could fund the NHS,which of course it didn't,let alone the anti intellectual and reactionary ideology that propelled the Brexit vote.People here like to be told what to do,like to be angry but not do anything,like institutions that have been around for ages based not on their merits but simply their age,.The riled up proles are angry reactionary loud fucks,the liberals and dem socs are middle class city liberals who don't want to step on any toes and the young are loud vaguely leftist but still ain't gonna do more than vote Corbyn and wear a Palestine pin

Highly unlikely. Labour is still blamed for the shitty state of our economy and for mass immigration. I think that the Tories will lose votes to UKIP and the Lib Dems, not to Labour.

I'm still mad about that, even though it would have been a laughably trivial reform. The British people are retards and not to be trusted with any important decision.

I really like Corbyn, its a shame he's probably not going to be PM

Nobody voted for it because Clegg was being his usual spineless faggot self and made huge concessions in the reform, meaning that the few people that did give a shit didn't vote on principle.
Also reminder to punch anyone that believed the £350m NHS bus bullshit in the face in the street, these people cannot be reasoned with and force must be used against them.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man

I read this in the voice of a famous crossdressing cottaging war monger.

There's more to it than that.See the EU is the last thing defending us from full on deregulated capitalism.British politics from 1982,when Thatcher knew she could do anything after she barged the Argies, it was anti union crush the workers sell off the British public institutions for more 'competitive'' system of corporations,still ongoing now look up the slow privatisation of the NHS and the recent selling off of Royal mail and shares of Royal Bank of Scotland.I'm sure you know of our overnments attempts to make 1984 look like childs play with all their spying via data collection and slow outlawing of anything that could do any potential harm to anybody ever,you can literally be arrested walking home with packaged kitchen knives if you forgot or didn't get a recipt.This compounded with may openly saying we need to scrap the EU conventions on human rights is why the alternative can be seen as worse than staying in the EU.

This doesn't even begin to go into the econmics where we have no local industry,import much more than we export, have no plans for an economy outside of the EU,sabre rattling nationalism of everybody will just want to buy British goods because we are just so fucking awesome and general loonesy that we totally aren't fucked more out of the EU economically than in.People honestly have been saying that the fall of the pound is great because now it'll be cheaper to export goods,BTW like I said before we import more than we export so we now have inflation on food products especially further hitting the poorest.

Then you have the association with anti EU rhetoric. Anti Eu rhetoric has always been Nationalist,jingoist and openly reactionary in the public discotheque main party wanting us out the UK Independence Party led by my Farage are scum,and have always been scum.

I don't like the EU,but I don't like the alternative even more

I hate that face so much.

Tony'45 minutes' Blair.Cunt probably will never get charged with the law crimes he committed

well it's basically May's election to lose. We'll see if the international anti-establishment mood keeps rolling and she predictably makes everyone hate her or if it dies down and he goes down in flames

not completely out of the question though

B-but everything is black and white and it's cools to edgily be against whatever has support from liberals on /leftypol.
R-right guys?

The whole point is that the full force of "unregulated capitalism" will be the only thing to potentially propel class consciousness and set up the material conditions for socialism in the west.

We're not ignorant of the possible downsides we're saying that bandaging and maintaining the global capitalist is the worse long term deicision

then we get another neo-liberal.The party aren't loyal to May,they'd eat her alive if they had a chance at an election and that's partly why she wont set a general election date.she's a wanna be Thatcher that will be the scapegoat when Brexit fucks the poor

Fuck off.

…I'm still not seeing the downside here. Just need to make sure the real left is there to capitalize on it when it happens

I guess Lenin was a liberal then? It weakens Western imperialism and as long as the proletariat is on guard from any imperialism from the East (such as China) then I say it enhances the chances for successful revolution.

'real left'.what 'real left' do we have? Corbyn is the 'left' right now and they are publishing shit like state controlled GFs in the Daily Mail about him,and thats when he isn't even currently campaigning for an election.

The left is fractured between Greens Lib Dems,I know they are centrists but left liberals support them,Labour and the SNP,with other home rule parties sprinkled in.Best we can hope for is a coalition between SNP and Labour. Short of Corbyn outright supporting an indie ref two Labour will never win back the Scots

The state issued gfs thing was a shoop

don't read the mail so I didn't know that but honestly with the shit they publish over there I wouldn't put it past them

It wasn't a shop. Corbyn's just in touch with his voter base.

I mean that's exactly the point isn't it? We aren't going to win under current conditions, conditions need to change to shift the tide. And Brexit under tory leadership will be an unmitigated disaster and no amount of throwing May under the bus will quell the fallout

aren't elected representatives supposed to?

the "will of the people" bit is what anti EU people have been chanting after Leave won the referendum.However British democracy governs via Parliament,not a referendum and not Theresa May,not yet thank fuck anyways, so although that unelected bitch want to invoke art 50 to leave the EU she can't without a parliamentary vote on it.However each MP is an individual voted to only represent his/her constitunecies and decide,on their own, what is best for their constituents they don't have to listened to the referendum,which is legally nonbinding and just an opinion poll essentially, and can just say no we are staying in the EU

Speaking of Corbyn. I noticed during his Fabian speech, he mentioned some CBI members will be attending a socialist summit with him. Must be a cold day in hell that the capitalists are warming up to the actual socialist

Why do people constantly play this card and the NHS still doesn't get funded.

because our politicaians know that no matter what they say they have more or less no accountability unless it's an election year.and even then they just make shit up about why they can't as of late it's been austerity but no doubt it'll be the fallout from Brexit.People here fucking love the NHS and it;s a great source of national pride so it's a good way to drum up support

This post is so fucking liberal.

British 'democracy' is a joke and clearly less democratic than a referendum.

This. EU is also creating a huge post national population and smoothes out development in Europe a bit.

Why do you guys celebrate this?


I used to be a fan of him but the lack of action he has taken over the last few months has made me a bit annoyed with him. The amount of people pissed off about May and her handling of brexit is growing and he spent half of it sat on a train.

yes he was

Nationalism is the ultimate bandaid of capitalism. Its their last and most powerful fallback option that allways has worked till now.

I take it you don't put to much faith in any kind of democratic system after the revolution then?

He should refine his wage cap idea then take it to social media. A lot of us would enjoy kicking sand in the elite's eyes, even to our own detriment.

I'm gald to see somebody else knows of Charles 'Miranda' Lynton's past.

Anti brexit sentiment has collapsed in parliament.

Its just the SNP and Lib Dems who are against. Even Corby has suggested he might force his MPs to vote for Brexit because otherwise there would be a general election that would wipe out whats left of the party.

Even the house of lords wont go against the people because there has been lots of talk recently about getting rid of the house of lords for being undemocratic. The people pushing for brexit are the same people who defend the house of lords from being dissolved.

But then Wayne Rooney will move to china.

Lol capitalist democracy. Interesting how difficult it is to do something that might harm the wealthy.

because Nigel Farage has a punchable face, but mostly because he's the pied piper leading the working class to the service of the exploiters.

You shut your mouth


Nigel is a cunt

Listen I'm as left as it can get but he's a lovely guy and I love listening to him. I'm not even british.

*a cunt

Right but what of Brexit? Do you see continued membership of a belligerent capitalist bloc as more progressive?

For what it's worth, I support this going before parliament. IF for nothing else cause I'm compiling a list for Rope Day™

why? Man U (or whoever) can still pay him 50 million a year. It just means the cleaning lady will be on 200k.

I realise I am talking about the ratio here but that is covered by the blanket 'maximum wage' idea

actually listen to his speeches once

Delaying it longer will only continue to polarize the country and damage the support base of pro-EU parties.

actually read their party's manifesto for once

All politicians are cunts and if you put faith in them to be good people based on speeches you get infected and become a cunt

wrong, first of all. And if you'll focus on what harms the politicians you hate more rather than what's good for yourself and your co-people, you can only be a cunt.


That is actually pretty awesome since my friend is a part time marshal at Man United.

Right now they pay him minimum wage to basically watch live football.
So it would be awesome for him to get paid a kings ransom to do that.