How do I praxis without LARPing?

How do I praxis without LARPing?

I'm gonna make a small garden on my appartment's rooftop in spring, I'm prolepilling some of my friends and reading theory. All of this seems practical to me. (I refer to myself as a libertarian socialist like Orwell cause I'm devilish)

I have a friend who's more of a radical ACAB smashie (he doesn't read theory but he does know about bookchin) and he wants me to black bloc in antifa/anarchist/squatter movement protests. Should I join him? I'm not a smashie, but standing in lines with other black bloc members to disrupt fashie rallies seems like a good cause.

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only accept his offer if it lets you have sex with more women.
this requirement might seem strange to you, but trust me, as someone who has been doing this for a long time, this is really the best indication that it's a pragmatic investment of your time. Not because you're fucking women, it's just a correlation. this is true even if you're gay.

also don't get a felony over it.

Yes, you should join him. Don't suppose you are UK and I can join too?

other side of the pond, Netherlands.

i dream to join the smashie black bloc but i live in a shithole where the tankies are the only communists around ;-;

It's bizarre how I guessed you were in the Netherlands purely from having a rooftop garden.

Why do we have so many Dutch here?

you and your friend fancy a little holiday for some praxis? I'm not joking.

The Dutch have always been a revolutionary people.

Direct action unguided by theory is reactionary. If you do participate it would be your responsibility to try and shape policy along revolutionary lines.

Where do you live? If you know any groups try to get tankies to use black bloc tactics, I'd gladly welcome tankies by my side

Dutch are extremely overrepresented on the internet cause we're internet addicts and we prefer to participate in english-speaking communities while, idk, russians prefer their own internet communities.

Something big going on over there? I know my friend goes to Germany sometimes for protests, I guess the UK isn't too far away.

At the moment everyone's liberal as fuck. But I can see life standards, worker's rights and relative income equality eroding really quick and radicalizing people

G20 is in Hamburg this year, right next to St. Pauli a famous leftist neighborhod. Its in a city and not some secluded area where no one can protest. Far leftists from all over Europe will probably come and it could be one of the summits thats a bit hotter.

yeah, my friend's going there, he told me Hamburg has a big anarchist scene

Should I go?

No but I'm the guy from the other thread suggesting direct action. If you guys would come over we can do a thing or 2 I need some help and you sound like just the sort of people

Be more concrete. I'm not coming over just to do some smashing

If you have some big event/rally/protest coming up there's probably a lot of anarchists here that will join, just like they will go to Hamburg

I can be more concrete if you want to exchange some emails?

If you go, go earlier and leave later, make it look like you are not there for the protest

I'm gonna try and make my way to Hamburg for this

You're sounding a bit shady, comrade. I won't be blowing shit up before the revolution happens, if that's what you were hoping.

I knew that

no man, not blowing shit up at all. If you read the manifesto I wrote, it specifically covers none violence. I intend to disrupt a Trump business, not blow shit up

I'm fully serious I would throw in some cash for transport

oh, you're tonguebox user?

you freak me out tbh

Utilize the party form by either joining or creating one with a revolutionary programme.

If any serious communist movement is to take place it will without any possibility to avoid it come in the form of party politics, which will likely be accompanied by brilliant minds like Lenin. Simply going back to the proletarian party form would be a flash of genius in and of itself coming from the left, given that the left has entirely ineffectually and inoffensively done little more than peddle in activism, insurrectionism and multitude reformism for the past few decades of pseudo-activity.

The importance in stressing on
lies in the fact that any effort that avoids the use of such language in specific (calling its organizational form a party) would effectively be "building a party but not calling it one". It's the age old unbreakable wall of organization necessity which anarchists never managed to avoid, either in Spain or elsewhere.

Or just go to the nearest Ikea, purchase a cheap armchair, assemble it at home and read some pirated books.

how come?

you're planning to fuck up trump's golf range right?


that seems… illegal and dangerous

but best of luck

okay but why do I freak you out? Its not going to be dangerous, what I actually plan to do now uses two edible items.

not the action itself, but the risk of getting caught

I thought you meant just how I come across lol.

I think the risk of getting caught is extremely low also the charges would be negligible

I'm pretty sure porkies make sure their golf ranges are watched by cameras

I think you underestimate how lax things are in Scotland in terms of security

Trump has a golf range in Scotland?

is this another son of Wallace? Yeh he does.

Can you tell me more about your plan? Have you checked the place first to see if it'd be safe to fuck it up?

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You know the answer

This whole LARPing thing is just a shitty meme by butthurt commies who are jealous that anarchists are actually doing things unlike their impotent little parties.

Don't listen to the tankies and Holla Forums, go and make yourself ungovernable!

Now, before a new police prevent you.

They already said more than they should have.

I'm not going to Rojava lmao
I will definitely be reading some Bookchin soon (when I say soon I mean it, I actually spend time reading theory)

Thanks. I'll go join the black bloc in next week's action we have

Study groups mang. Start one.

Just make sure you know what you are doing.

Starting an anarchist bookclub? I know many anarchists, unfortunately none of them read. I don't really think I can get them to do so either.

Thanks user. I know I gotta blend in instead of trying to appear fashionable

Your friend probably can help you more, just don't go unprepared.

Most Dutch people speak English and are rich enough to waste a lot of time on the internet. Dutch internet spaces are utter garbage, so we just end up going to American sites.

Why do we have to share our end of the political spectrum with these idiots?

Nazis now consider themselves leftists? I thought that was just a Republican meme

The revolution could be happening outside of their doorsteps and leftcoms still wouldn't leave their armchair because it might not be 'the REAL revolution'


bump, need more praxis advice

one person isn't going to make a difference especially one who hasn't even held a gun before

thanks for your opinion, leftcom

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